Is it true that Twin Flames, Lightworkers & Starseeds are born into families that have intense karma?

Thanks for requesting my response to your question. Because there are many schools of thought on this, please remember you’ll probably receive many types of answers from varying perspectives.

I’m going to respond based on my personal views and the personal experiences I’ve had, including the experiences of knowing others. Please remember it’s always important to be respectful of everyone’s views and opinions.

It’s my opinion that karmic situations are a personal matter and there’s never been a link between “karma” and “twin flames” that I’ve ever heard of.

Who exactly defines karma and what type of karma are we talking about, exactly?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that sometimes karma is noticeable, and sometimes karmic exchanges go unnoticed all together.

It sounds like a justification. “Even though my twin flame rejected me, they don’t really mean that, they (or I/we) just have some karma to settle, then we can be together.”

In my mind that kind of thinking sounds dangerous.

Let’s discuss the subject of karma for a moment…

While you might feel as though a certain exchange with say, a friend, a co-worker or even as you mentioned, a family member or relative is innocuous and random, it’s said that everything transpires for good reason, including seemingly random experiences and experiences we share with other people.

There’s also a certain level of karmic exchange that occurs within every connection, albeit we may not notice it. That said, it’s difficult to refer to a specific person as “exclusively a karmic partner” for this reason.

There’s also a school of thought (if you subscribe to the concept of reincarnation) that we as soul beings do bring the knowledge, understanding and wisdom we have gleaned from our previous lives with us into this life. This includes the experiences that might be referred to as karmic.

Additionally, it’s also said we bring certain knowledge, wisdom and understanding from our previous existences into this lifetime as well. In other words, the intuition we have is said to stem in part from our previous lives.

I’ll share an example of this type of school of thought:

Have you ever had an intuitive pull for no specific reason? For example, have you ever say, been gardening and saw a beautiful, delicious looking berry and decided to eat it, and then at the last moment you decided not to - because you had a seemingly random feeling that sort of “instructed” you not to eat it?

Or perhaps you walked through a trail and as you were following it, you decided not to go the rest of the way just because you had one of your pulls or feelings? Often these may be totally wrong, but they’re just as often spot on too. And then later on, you look that berry up in the encyclopedia and find it’s poisonous? Or you return to the hiking camp and the ranger tells you there’d been a snake spotted in the exact space you were supposed to walk, so it’s a good thing you went the other direction?

There’s a lot of speculation that our previous life experiences as well as our knowledge and wisdom from our ancestors is passed down through the generations.

Now, whether or not this is accurate is still out for debate as there’s no definite proof of this, only experiences that others have shared to this effect. Often these types of experiences are so profound and moving when they’re shared. So could this stuff actually be true? Again, we can’t speak for the Divine, only speculate about what might be going on in a situation such as this one.

So when we say something like twin flames and light workers are born into families with heavy karma is strictly speculation.

That kind of a statement also sounds as though we’re putting a justification as to why some people who view themselves as twin flames and light workers tend to have difficult lives.

So, let’s consider this line of thinking for a moment…

When most people discuss the subject of karma, usually it’s in a negative context as though such karma is a difficult thing that rears its ugly head during one’s lofty, special lightworker or twin flame path.

If twin flames and light workers are such lofty souls upon whom special lightworker gifts are bestowed, and I mean special, magical abilities that are over and above what everyone already has in the first place, then wouldn’t they have the knowledge, wisdom and the all around wherewithal to avoid said negative “karmic” situations? And people for that matter?

To me, that is like saying, “In order to be a lightworker, or even a twin flame, there’s miserable karma to be suffered through and that’s why I’m so miserable.”

I could be wrong here but to me, that sounds like a justification or self-made excuse for personal struggles, or excuse making for a relationship that has gone south.

This is of course only my opinion and I could be wrong as I am far from perfect. So how/why do I say what I’m saying?

Well, first of all, when I read the Galactic Universe Record which is housed in 7-D at the Divine Akashic Library, there was no mention of any connection between twin flames and lightworkers being connected.

Do you hear how ridiculous I sound right now?

I’m not saying that I don’t believe in lightworkers. Or star seeds which is another term often used for the same. I believe that we all possess certain wonderful gifts and abilities, and it’s further been my experience that these gifts and abilities are usually realized sometime during one’s personal spiritual path, whatever that path may be.

Let’s use the Clair as an example. Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and so on…

These abilities stem from our intuitive process, yes?

It’s my understanding and it’s been my experience that literally everyone on this planet has intuitive abilities, it’s just a matter of whether or not / how one develops, uses or even acknowledges them. Don’t you have a certain intuitive ability that comes up within you at sometime or another? Perhaps you tend to ignore it, or perhaps you use your intuition on the regular.

Everyone’s different, so the way one acknowledges, uses or even decides to strengthen and practice their gifts and abilities is always unique to them.

Everyone is gifted and has their own unique abilities they’re able to use in their own right. For example, I can’t even begin to tell you how many clients I have who tell me things like, “I have a strong sense of Clair ___ and I do use it intuitively to my highest good, but I just need some clarity and advice on a few things.”

I am not saying that lightworkers and twin flame doesn’t exist. I’m saying that I’ve never heard of a correlation between the two (Twin Flame → Lightworkers) outside of about a handful of people who use the terms, “Twin Flame,” or “Lightworker” or even “Star Seed” to define and justify their sense of self-identity.

Lightworker and twin flame should in my mind at least, not be an “identity.”

In other words, “I am Twin Flame” or “I am a Lightworker” to me sounds like it’s being used as an identity.

That said, I am not saying that this is what you’re doing yourself, I’m just letting you know that it’s in my mind, important to allow yourself a firm sense of self-identity and purpose above and beyond “twin flame” and “lightworker.”

For one thing, “Twin Flame” isn’t an identity. It’s not a club, it doesn’t define who or what a human being is. To say it is would be like saying, “I’m in a special club that not everyone can be in. I am Twin Flame! I am a “chosen” one because Twin Flames are special! I am in that special club!” To me that sounds like a lack of self-identity and purpose within.

Is “twin flame” your sole identity and the reason you exist in the first place? I certainly hope not! I hope you have a strong, firm and solid sense of self-identity and that you understand that you have many purposes in your life, all which are extremely valuable and important apart from having met a certain person or being in a certain relationship.

We all have gifts and abilities which are unique to us. If someone is a lightworker, then that’s awesome! People call me that too. But it shouldn’t solely define who or what a person is. At least that’s my personal opinion.

I’ll explain in more detail…

Let’s consider the term “light worker.”

I happen to do work at a certain place on some weekends but it doesn’t define my identity, for example. I’m not my volunteer job on weekends, I am not my abilities.

Just because we happen to have certain abilities doesn’t mean that we’re defined by those abilities, light worker abilities or not.

For example:

I can breathe; that’s an ability, but I’m not “Breathing Helena.” Breathing isn’t my day job. It isn’t who I am. It’s simply an ability.

Just because we can do something as an ability, that ability doesn’t define our identity. Just because we’ve met our twin flame doesn’t mean that “twin flame” defines our identity.

It’s my belief that EVERYONE has unique gifts and abilities and has an important purpose in life, often many purposes, and this goes way above and beyond any romantic relationship or soul connections we might have along our paths in our life.

But what about breaking karmic cycles?

I don’t believe that we come into this lifetime with horribly miserable karmic cycles that is up to us to break otherwise we don’t get to be with our twin flame. I do believe that karma exists, certainly, but I don’t believe that solving (karmic situations, soul contracts, etc.) is some prerequisite to being with the person we love / are meant to be with.

Do you really think the powers that be planted you here on earth and left you with miserable karmic issues and said, “Good luck to you, bye.” I don’t think so.

Maybe this could be used as a justification in someone’s mind like…

I’m a lightworker so this means I’ve got a special purpose in life that’s more important than anyone else’s purpose! So I’m important! I’ve always known I was special, so this must be the reason! I’m in the “lightworker club” so this gives my life meaning and purpose.”


“I’m a Twin Flame so this means I’m not outed from the Twin Flame Club! Twin flames are special, you see. Only special lofty souls get to be in the Twin Flame Club! Not everyone is a true twin flame! I’m a true twin flame! I’m in the Twin Flame Club!”


“My situations / relationship sucks, so it must suck because I’ve got so much karma to deal with but I’m such a great person, so it must be from past life karma leaking into this life so it’s not actually my real-self’s fault. I’ll just go ahead and solve the karma stuff and then I can finally be happy.”


“The person I’ve decided is my twin flame isn’t interested in a relationship with me, so it must not be that they’re not interested, that’s impossible. We’re a perfect match and I KNOW we’re a perfect match because I’m a lightworker/twin flame/whatever. So it be karma’s fault or it’s that one of us / both of us still have special “healing work” or some type of work to do before I can finally have a turn at happiness.”


“I’m not with my twin flame yet so it must be MY FAULT because there’s stuff I have to heal in myself and once I do that, then my twin flame will magically heal too and be ready to be in a relationship together.”


“My twin flame doesn’t want to be. This isn’t really true, they secretly love me. I or we just have special work to do and it can’t possibly be because they’re just not interested. it’s because of special magical healing we have to somehow accomplish before we can finally be together.”


“My partner treats me horribly and most people would say that this is a toxic relationship, but I feel the way I feel for them and I can feel an intense connectedness so it must mean we’re twin flames and if we’re twin flames, then even though I’m being treated poorly I should remain in this toxic relationship.”


“My partner treats me horribly and I know this relationship is toxic, but I believe we’re twin flames so if I just hang in there, eventually they’ll change because they / we / I will do some magical twin flame evolution stuff and realize how wonderful our relationship is someday.”

While all souls in general can evolve, grow, develop, etc., I don’t feel like making excuses for rejection or toxicity is a healthy thing to do at all.

We are who and what we are at the core, and that aspect of us doesn’t change. people can learn of course to change certain behaviors, but living in a deluded mindset and tolerating mistreatment, especially in a toxic relationship is not healthy for anyone.

One of the worst things I’ve heard has been, “If I just wait long enough, or if I do ___ something about them or about the relationship will eventually change.” I say this because I’ve seen people actually believe that if they DO SOMETHING on their part or just wait long enough, then they can finally have a turn at happiness.

Happiness in my mind should come from within and the right relationship can be wonderful, but shouldn’t be a toxic one and definitely shouldn’t define a person.

The above is particularly dangerous in my mind because I’ve seen some folks literally project fault back onto themselves when there’s no fault at all. It’s simply that the other person isn’t interested, or maybe isn’t the right match for them. I’d think that if someone wasn’t interested, that would be a good indicator that maybe the relationship wasn’t meant to be, at least at that point in time.

I’m not saying that in relationships breakups that are temporary don’t happen, or that there’s not a possibility someone might realize they actually do want a relationship later on.

I’m saying I feel it’s dangerous to delude one’s self into thinking a relationship is meant to be if it isn’t meant to be, or to potentially put one’s self in a toxic situation potentially tolerating being treated poorly or maybe even remain stuck in a relationship that might be toxic.

I realize you didn’t ask about toxicity in relationships when you posed this question, however the lines of thinking described in my response can sometimes go along with the lines of thinking that tolerating unhealthy situations is somehow an aspect of the journey. There’s NO evidence that misery and pain is or should ever be an aspect of a relationship path.

I’m not saying all relationships are some walk in the park, but if you ask someone who’s miserable or suffering like that if they’re happy you’ll probably get a flat no, likely accompanied by “…but I’m doing so much inner work…”

And struggling along that so-called path of “inner healing,” are you actually with the person you’ve decided is right for you yet? Are you with your twin flame who’s rejected the relationship? In some situations you’ll hear no…

So then you can ask…

If they are a light worker, inquire as to why they’ve not yet used their magical light worker skills to be with their beloved yet.

What magical thinking will you receive then?

“Oh, you don’t understand twin flames then, you must not be a TRUE twin flame if you don’t understand, it doesn’t work that way.”


“You can’t use your light worker skills for personal gain.”


“I’m still doing inner healing and special twin flame work on myself, my twin flame will decide to be with me once I’m done with it all.”

Okay, so if you’re able to raise the vibration of the whole entire world wait, the whole entire universe as a collective twin flame lightworker group, then why not ask everyone to raise the vibration of just ONE certain relationship so you can be together?

“But then I wouldn’t receive all of the lessons the divine is trying to teach me. It’s all about inner healing, remember?”

My point is, there’ll be an answer for literally everything.

It makes one ponder the level of denial of true reality and the ability to apply simple logic to situations.

Again, I’m not saying that twin flames don’t exist, I’ve met my beloved and we’ve been together in our union for quite sometime. But it really depends on people’s personal views about the subject of twin flames.

Personally, I don’t see any logic behind remaining in a toxic relationship at all, regardless of what label a person decides to apply to it - twin flame or not. It doesn’t matter what karma, healing or what have you that someone believes they need to address. What matters in my mind is that people choose a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP versus a toxic one. I have seen no evidence that twin flame relationships are required to be toxic or even remotely painful.

I’m not saying light workers, star seeds, etc., don’t exist. I’m very familiar with Dolores Cannon’s work and her books about the new earth. Where did the terms like star seed first show up? It was the 1976 book by Brad Steiger entitled ‘Gods & Aquarius’ where it first originated. These are all said to be interesting reads.

I am confident many types of people exist. But there’s no evidence that there’s a correlation between light workers, star seeds or twin flames. Even everything about the star seeds, light workers and twin flame information is rooted in various philosophies.

And none of the above should define someone’s sense of identity. And I say this because I’ve seen a lot of people define their identity as such, as though being Mary Smith or Joe Jones just isn’t enough.

We ALL have unique gifts and abilities. Labeling yourself is going to accomplish what? I too could claim I’m a “light worker” but that will change what? What will this accomplish, exactly?

Personally, I view each individual soul being, each person as being special and unique in their own right. And if all souls are supposedly created EQUALLY to say that one has a more important existence than a neighboring soul in my thought isn’t right. Everyone is equally important.

I'm sure some twin flames might be lightworkers or starseeds, and I'm sure some starseeds or lightworkers might be twin flames. Is this true? That isn't for us to say. Are certain people born into families of heavy karma? Again, anything is possible but is not for us to say. 

Please note: EVERYONE is equally important. Please be yourself, allow WHO you are to be your identity, not some label that looked appealing on the internet.

I hope this helps you! Blessings xo

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