How To: Understand & Manipulate Your Energy

You may have noticed that of late, there have been a couple of earthquakes, a tsunami, the shift in power here in the United States at the Oval Office, and so on. There are shifts all over the globe, especially at present during the month of November. This month of November also marked a higher than usual number of Twin Flames coming into union (Blessed Be -whew!) and many other incidents, both great and small, to count.

My mother used to complain of headaches and dizziness whenever the barometer dropped. She'd say, "It's going to rain at 3:30, I have my headache! it's proof!" And as usual, she'd be, as they say, right as rain. Mother's headaches were never wrong. We would even map our beach trips by her headaches. "The weather channel says sunny and it's bright outside right now," she'd say, "but come 3:00 there will be storms so we'll need to depart soon." Her incredible combo of sinuses and intuition made for forecasts that were always spot on. Always.

Just as Mother is a sensitive (most women are, but mother was particularly so) Mother Earth is also equally sensitive. There are billions of human beings roaming this planet, all emitting a frequency through their energies. All living things including plants and animals all emit a frequency. Our planet is constantly rotating on its axis and is emitting a frequency. All that energy combined equates to shifts.

I'm not saying that because it's November, the 11th month, which is a month that many practice energy work is the cause of the recent events depicted on the seismograph. Much like my mother and her barometer headaches though, is part of the reason why many are feeling the recent shifts in energy. There are shifts and these shifts can impact the way you feel.

Energy can impact all living things (and not.) Have you ever found an old wrist watch in your case and held it...said to yourself, "this old thing stopped working," then you hold it a moment, and your mind travels back to the time that you recall when it did work. You remember strapping it on your wrist each morning before heading out, you remember how the arms looked when they moved. Suddenly, you see the swing arm start to slowly make its way around the face. You chalk it up to the internal battery warming in your hands. But was that the case? Or, was it your energy and focus that manifested? You decide to test your theory. You pick that dead watch up the next day and focus your energy. After a few minutes the second hand begin to turn, just as it did before.

While it could reasonably be a glitch, a coincidence or just a warmed battery, you made it happen. Energy, though we can't necessarily see it, is always present and always at work.

The components were present: The article (the watch), the energy source (the person holding the watch) and the effect (the hand moved.) The 2 components of the energy source were also present: 1. The energy generated from the person. 2. The energy from the concept of belief of manifestation.

The person is made up of energy and focused his or her energy to the subject while the manifestation took place from the brain, the belief. Thus, the transfer of energy took place.

There is no reason why any person can't focus their energy to create a change, possibly even an improvement. Energy is constant, fluid and is all around us. It radiates from within and from the planet. We can borrow energy from others or from the earth.

You'll see a bird sense your presence and fly away seconds before being hit by a moving object such as a car. He's always in the road, yet he seems to be able to fly away to safety every single time. Just a lucky bird? The bird angel spends all his time watching over that particular Robbin? His red breast is a secret special protective shield? No, none of the above. The bird can feel the presence, and sense the vibration -comprised of energy. Your car produces energy as does the body of the pedestrian approaching, and this creates a vibration the bird can sense. The energy of the movement creates the vibration which the bird can sense, and he flies away to safety.

Humans can also sense energy in the form of a vibration. People can also learn to manipulate that energy. The more practiced can manipulate the energy in the cause and effect that they desire. What do you desire? Manipulate the energy to your advantage. We can sense energy (ex., Mother's barometer headache) so it stands to reason that we can also manipulate it, use it and for the greater good. An example would be the Reiki masters who use their ability to manipulate the energy for the benefit of healing others, but there are many examples to list ranging from putting certain positive thoughts in someone's mind to using the energy to read their thoughts that reside within their mind. Energy is a form of a miracle, so do use it wisely. And, always for the greater good.

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