How To Tell A Twin Flame From A Karmic Soulmate

The counterfeit twin / false twin is oftentimes one that comes in the form of a karmic soulmate. The relationship with the counterfeit twin is actually necessary to the twin flame journey which leads to union.

During this relationship, it's often impossible to convince someone that it's a false aka counterfeit twin versus a true twin flame because the person must process and come to this realization on their own as part of their journey.

The false twin is confusing for many and I know of people who have wasted years in stagnation with false twins. The problem is, all the signs and symptoms and syncs in false twins are identical to the true twin, so it can create a lot of confusion and wasted time.

There's a long path and a short path to twin flame union. I always recommend the short path. Personally, I got stuck for the better part of a year with my own false twin so had I known then what I know now, I would have elected the short path. That's one of the reasons I do not recommend getting info from anyone unless they've gone through this journey themselves and actually are in union with their twin. Unless you've actually experienced it, it's impossible to understand the process.

The aspects that really set a counterfeit twin apart from the true twin flame are most commonly:

  1. The Divine Mission is absent. In twin flames, the mission will reveal it's self which is the reason twins exist at all. The mission raises the universal vibration. In false twin relationships, there will be an absence of the twin flame mission.
  2. Ascension seems stagnant. In twin flames, ascension is key and the twins process through ascension. If you feel like Ascension has begun but you're stuck and stagnated in confusion, it might be due to the false twin.
  3. Signs and syncs appear to be chasing you. In twin flames, the signs and syncs are present to guide you. They will appear to chase you around when you're on the wrong path in an attempt to get you crossed over to the right path. Then, the syncs will lessen and stop chasing once you receive the message they're sending. Many think they see certain signs or syncs when they're on the right path. The universe doesn't have that luxury of time just to send confirmations or to say hello. The universe sends you signs and syncs to get you to follow them — to your correct path. If you're being inundated with these, try going in a different or opposite direction. Once you're headed in the right direction, they should stop harassing you.
  4. You feel like there's definite purpose to your connection and relationship, yet the relationship is miserable or unrequited. There is purpose to the false twin relationship, definitely! It's necessary to your journey. But if you're in a situation that's somehow unrequited, or there's apparently no means to a conclusion or proactive effort on either part, then it could possibly be a false twin.
  5. You notice that you feel deeply connected to the person like no other before, but you can't seem to enjoy a real, mutual, happy relationship with them on all possible levels. This is another very annoying but accurate aspect of the false twin. You're perpetually waiting for something to happen. It feels like “hurry up and wait.”
  6. An overwhelming feeling of not being able to get the thoughts of them out of your mind, accompanied with a feeling of fear or doubt. Any fear or doubt is a telltale sign along with “who are they talking to? What are they doing? Am I going to be replaced? Will this separation ever end? Why can't I stop looking at them on the internet? Are they thinking of me?” Twin Flames kind of intuitively already know the answers to these kinds of things.

Whatever your situation is with a false twin, it's always confusing and somehow unfulfilling — yet you feel an unexplainable soul connection and unconditional love for them. This makes ending the false twin relationship very difficult. Obsessive thoughts is another telltale sign.

I hope this helps you and I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

Blessings xo



Jeez! I knew, but now…im pretty sure the person is a karmic one…its really so hard to cut it off, because as you have said…i cant get this person out of my head, im still on the obssesing part…but il get around it soooon😉


Yes I was convinced he was mine for 2 years. But in the end he wasn’t, and nobody could have convinced me he was false for so long because I didn’t want to see it, but we do need to believe they are to heal the traumas they come into our life for, it was confusing and he would come say he was ready then disappear. It felt anxious and uneasy. One aspect was this feels sooo right and the other was but I trust him to stay. He wasn’t the real one. Most are stuck on the false for a long time, even decades. It’s very scary. It took me 2 years to see the truth. So it can really keep people stuck for a long time.


I’ve just came out of an experience/relationship with my false twin and found this article whilst searchign the Internet for answers.
Of course I didn’t find it by chance and what you say makes total sense. It is my relatiosnhips explained.
I have been on a spiritual awakening journey and divorced from my ex 3 years ago. I have found many info about twin flames and see the numbers 11:11 constantly, so yes I thought that this guy was my twin flame because the dynamics between us resembled the twin flame dynamic.
He was a past boyfriend of 13 years ago, we had a brief thing at the time and I ended things with him but we never completely lost contact. Last summer he contacted me and BAM the connection was instant and intense.
We now live in different countries, and have many synchronicities and signs similar to twin flames.
I have never had such a deep connection with a man in my entire life before, but somehow I always felt something was wrong, or off.
We were together 2 times when I visited for holidays and when he visited and there were red flags everywhere.
There was chemistry and connection between us, but a total lack of compatibility.
There was also this one time when we were sleeping together and I dreamed I was marrying a guy I have felt attracted for over 2 years (nothing happened between us besides a coffee), and also one time I was having sex with him and that other guy just ramdomly appeared in my mind.
I felt if this is my “the one”, I shouldn’t be thinking or dreaming about other guy, right!?
I also always felt that there wasn’t really any relationship as we weren’t creating anything together. We just wanted to be together and were focused on that, no divine purpose or mission there.
I decided to end things a month ago and it was a painful decision, but I felt it was the right one. I had doubts about him the entire him and when I ended things I was still questioning if he was my twin flame.
It was hard to disconnect and stop talking to someone with whom I feel unconditional love and such a deep connection, but I feel it was the right decision, because self-love and my well-being comes first at all times.
I have released many old behavioural patterns in the relationship with him, and I feel stronger now. I feel I don’t need a relationship and being happy with myself is the most important thing.
It is still hard because it was only a month ago and I feel I am still healing and processing everything. And it was hard especially because he contacted me several times and didn’t want to end things.
When I found your article about the false twin (and other articles on this topic you ave written), it totally clicked.
It was like the purpose of the relationship was revealed to me.
I don’t think I have met my real twin flame yet or if I am going to (it would make sense), but for now I just need to be on my own because that experience was emotionally draining and exhausting.
But I am glad I found this article because now I understand it better and it helps me to to move on.
Thank you so much!


So how does one end a “false-twin” connection, in order to unite with the real twin flame?


Wow thank you!! I needed this message! xo

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