How To Spot A Karmic Catalyst

Karmic Catalysts are exactly what they sound like: soulmates who bring both karmic soul experiences and lessons as well as assist in igniting the soul evolution and awakening process. Karmic Catalysts can present in the lives and in the journeys of Twin Flames as well as in the lives of anyone at all. Due to the intensity of the soul connection, these types of soulmates can often be mistaken for other types of soul connections. Here's how to effectively spot and handle them when they present in your life.

As you likely already know, we are all soulmates for one another and everyone you happen across - however briefly - is a soulmate for you in one way or another. For example, I'm even a teaching soulmate for you in this particular situation because I'm teaching you something. While everyone is a soulmate for one another, it's the type of soulmate that makes all of the difference in the connection. Karmic catalysts are soulmates like any other; typically companion or romantic soulmates, who bring with them both karmic and catalyst qualities to the connection.

Example of a Catalyst Soulmate:

"I met who I believe is my match made in heaven! It's just amazing. We have so much in common. We first connected about three months ago. We've only seen each other a few times so far because he has a busy schedule, and I always seem to be the one to reach out first and am always the one making all the plans. Actually, he doesn't always respond when I text. Days go by in between. Well, he hasn't actually responded to me in over a week now and I can't figure out why. I barely know him and he's already pulling away, but I feel like I've known him my entire life, we have this amazing, deep soul connection! I also recently went through this amazing awakening and I've been seeing signs and synchronicity - most relating to him - ever since we connected! I'm going through this miraculous awakening! And, I always feel his energy! I can't get him off my mind! It's like an obsession or something because he is always on my mind and syncs are everywhere! But I can't figure out why he's pulling away from such an intense connection. Doesn't he feel it too? Is he going through the same thing? Why is he running? Is he scared?"

While there's certainly a Runner and Chaser Dynamic in every soulmate connection (look carefully and you'll notice this is very true - from very barely-there mild to extreme) and there's certainly one present in the Twin Flame connection, running that doesn't seem to have an end or unrequited love (or obsession) is one telltale sign of a catalyst / karmic connection. 

Karmic Catalysts have certain signs and symptoms...

  • Persistent Runner / Chaser Cycle. The running doesn't seem to have an end, or, the feelings are seemingly unrequited. In a Twin Flame or Ideal Romantic Soulmate connection the Runner/Chaser Dynamic exists, however it exists in stages, and does eventually end. One runs while the other feels compelled to chase. Then, the energy shifts and the runner begins to chase and the chaser takes his role as the runner. This happens so that both souls can experience both aspects of being the runner as well as being the chaser during their journey to union. With Karmic Catalysts it will seem as though you're always waiting, chasing.
  • Awakening or Renewed Awakening. This type of soulmate brings a wonderful awakening, or the acceleration or renewal of your awakening. They can add something to your already awakened soul. Or, they can assist in the onset of your initial soul awakening and illumination. They can also accelerate your ascension process. Many already-awakened and illuminated souls also experience their onset of Kundalini Awakening via a Karmic Catalyst.
  • Signs & Synchronicity. During our lives, we all receive the messages from the Higher Power through the Universe intended to help guide us. It's only after awakening begins and our ascension process pushes forward that we can really start to see them as clearly as intended. Seeing the syncs and messages from the Universe has less to do with a connection and more to do with your Awakening. However, you'll likely see many syncs all around you, guiding you. These can be names, words, numbers, songs or even smells. These syncs always bring with them the signs. It's the signs that are the actual messages from the Universe. For example, if we see 11:11 which is the universal sync meaning "pay attention" and symbolizes everything from manifestation to awakening to ascension, and we see it on the clock, we know this refers to "clock = timing." Signs such as this regarding timing usually refers to Divine Timing. If we see this particular sync while driving on the road, we know this refers to "driving = traveling" and "road = path we're currently on." In this scenario, the message is: "Pay attention to Divine Timing regarding the road you've chosen to travel in your Life Path." Syncs and signs and the messages they bring can literally guide you like a personal GPS if you let them! 
  • Intense & Unexplainable Connection. This can also present in other types of soul connections but the purpose of this particular deep, unexplainable rock-me-to-my-soul connection that not even you, the one experiencing it can put into words, is in place for good reason. For one, it guarantees you'll remain connected, typically at the chakra, for the duration until the necessary learning, karma cycle and soul evolution are complete. Which chakra cords? Well, literally any or all of them, because telepathy often exists through the crown chakra and the list goes on. Kundalini Awakening is another culprit. Another reason for the intensity of this type of connection is that believe it or not, we also receive valuable lessons from the connection's intensity. Again, we learn to receive intensity, evaluate, balance and compartmentalize through the energy exchange. You're being prepared for something great!
  • Sense Of Knowing Something Is Important. Just as you know the way home, you feel somehow "drawn in" by this person. You can't explain it, let alone put it into words. There's a sense of knowing that you've been connected for some good reason, although you may not be able to quite put your finger on it. You will develop a sense of purpose and knowing as the connection progresses. You have this sense of knowing because yes, this is truly an important connection. After all, your ascension, karma, learning and soul evolution are important. 
  • Doubts About The Relationship. While you feel that rock-me-to-my-soul connection that can literally bring you to your knees like a child, you have doubts. You can't quite put your finger on it, but it's there, like an elephant in the corner of the room quietly sitting there waiting for the other shoe to drop. "It would be the perfect connection if only they would..." and enter whatever change that needs to be made here. There will be some kind of doubt present. In Twin Flame, no doubt exists because Twin Flame In Ideal Romantic Soulmates which are exactly like Twin Flame except for the divided soul being and specific mission, there's no doubt. Of course we are all human and with human brains, we question everything, but at a soul level, we either possess doubt, or not. 
  • Twin Flame Awakening. While many Twin Flames awaken in tandem with their respective Twin counterpart, most awaken with the assistance of their Karmic Catalyst or Counterfeit Twin. I've noticed most awaken with their Counterfeit Twin, which is a form of a Catalyst soulmate. I have, however, also seen many Twin Flame individuals awaken to the idea of the Twin Flame concept through an initial connection with a karmic Catalyst as well. However the Universe and God sees fit to awaken us, we should always receive and accept these awakenings openly. 
  • Unspeakable Painful Void. Do you experience a painful void in their absence, just as intense as the positive of when you were together? Does their absence make you feel as though nothing can possibly fill it like they could? You'll never find "another them?" And you experience a fear that this pain will never cease and that this void will remain? These are telltale signs. In other types of soul connections, certainly a void in their absence is reasonable but in positive soul connections, you still have that sense of knowing that "all is well" and the void doesn't render you depressed or worse yet, obsessed.

Here are the definitions of the types of soulmates...

Catalyst Soulmate: Someone who awakens you in some way, acting as a catalyst to one's soul awakening or soul evolution. These awakenings can range from mild to intense and vary greatly in duration. We usually think of a catalyst as being somehow stressful and while many are, most are not. Most don't realize they're connected with a catalyst when they are, particularly when the awakening is a positive experience. Some catalyst connections can be extremely stressful and painful and render the person on the receiving end of that awakening very confused. About a third of the people who find themselves somehow stagnated in a confusing and painful (yet surprisingly awakened - at least on their part) soul connection is in a catalyst soulmate situation. 

Karmic Soulmate: Someone who is typically a companion or romantic soulmate (such as a friend, workmate or a romantic partner) who brings karma to the connection. This karma can be from previous incarnation or present incarnation - whether or not you've known them before. This karma can be both positive and negative and always results in higher soul learning and evolution, although we don't always know it at the time. We usually think of karmic soulmates as negative; however, more often than not, karmic connections are positive. It's just that we don't focus so much on the dynamic of our great connections with our friends because they're going well; we oftentimes focus more on the stressful or painful connections which we feel need remedy in some way. 

Karmic Catalyst Soulmates: In these connections, the process is never one-sided, though it may seem that way at the time much as the Karmic soulmate can. In other words, the connection exists specifically for both to give and receive certain required soul awakening, learning and soul evolution. Both souls both give - and receive - something from that important connection. However, the frustrating pain and stress resulting from the connection can seem one-sided and is often more intense for one than the other. 

Why am I in so much pain, then? Since Karmic Catalysts are a combination of both karmic and catalyst qualities, these soul connections can be quite intense and leave an indelible mark on one's soul. This is actually a good thing though, as this is one of the ways our soul can learn and advance. One of the best attributes they possess is the ability to prepare us for our destiny.

In painful connections, we learn to register that pain in our soul and balance it, preparing us for future connections, equipping us with valuable skills: energetic, spiritual, mental and emotional. Our destiny can mean our life purpose, our mission, other soul connections or even our Ideal Romantic Soulmate or Twin Flame. 

If you find yourself with a Karmic Catalyst for any reason at all, it's important to remember that the connection is in place for good reason. It is a door to your future, your destiny, that must be opened. If you remove a specific soulmate for the pain or frustration they cause, and oftentimes this is the healthy decision to make, especially when our soul feels it's received what it needed, that connection will end. If the course has not yet completed, another may come in to take his or her place so that you can complete your learning with them, instead. 

While some Karmic Catalysts can be easy, uplifting and enlightening, some can be frustrating during the time receiving the soul education. It's vital to allow any karmic cycle to run its course and to allow your soul to open to the acceptance of these important soul lessons. The faster we do this, the faster we achieve our ascension and achieve fulfillment. Trust that any pain or frustration you experience now will be relieved once you've completed your cycle and / or you have removed them from your life. It may take some time for that void which their absence has left to heal fully, but trust that it absolutely will. 



Ok, so im in this situation. Met a girl last November, she lives 200 km away, shes got a 3 yo kid and she is single. We met thru tinder, but it happened that i knew her sister quite well. All the syncrocities were there.

The connection was instant. Something I have never have experienced in my life. I had a small illness that became visible because of her, and I opened her emotionally.

Anyway just before the covid outbreak I went to visit her in her town and all of a sudden she built an emotional wall and started to run.

After that weekend we havent seen eachother since then. She said that she doesnt know why but she cant go into this relationship, and its very painfull for her. It went like that for 3 months.

Im going thru shadow, inner child, heart work. I start to understand the laws of the universe and how the energy works.

Right now we have less contact than before but whenever I am on a verge and cant take it anymore and want to get her off my mind she contacts me and I get back to think that maybe I should not give up on a connection.

What do you think?


Hello, I’ve been feeling at lost lately and wondering what is going to happen if I have not payed attention to the signs I may have encountered. In mid 2010, I met a person whom I thought was my soulmate, we were in a in & out relation ship and I have never ever suffered so much in my life.For many years there were repeating cycles (getting back together, finding him with another woman, seperating and restart) but I am stuborn and hang on, whenever I was strong enough to leave, I would leave, but he would be the one coming back to chase me. This lasted 5 years!! And, after 5 years, he was the one more interested in me than me. But at one moment, we were “in love” at the same time. Anyways, fast forward 10 years, we have 2 magnificent twins together. 3 years ago, he proposed to me, something I have always wanted, or so I thought, I had a gut feeling telling me “no”, but I said “yes”. Even though, I said yes, we are only still engaged. And up to this day, I do not feel connected, nor understood or listened. But we have2 magnificent children of 2 years old. I’ve read very little articles but I read that “usually if parents aren’t soulmates, often children are?”? I’m feeling very lost, I feel like I’m not supposed to be with him but at the same time I do not want to hurt our children.


For me, meeting my karmic soul catalyst has been a complete miracle. I believe with all my being that our connection was what my soul needed to heal so I can continue my journey without having so many painful blockages.
He says he felt a soul connection but would never discuss it and fits the “False Twin” criteria almost to T…
As of today, I believe that I have learned all that I needed from our connection and hopefully he learned whatever was needed on his end. I will always have a pure love him and wish him nothing less than the best.
He will always be my miracle because he literally helped me pull my soul out from the bottom of a lost and found box.


Thanks! I already have a confirmed TF currently in Surrender but my inquiry was a very strong soul connection I was experiencing with someone I only met once in a different state. The connection didn’t happen until we actual touched one another not in a sexual way but in soothing nurturing (massage like) touches. We both felt it and still do. Per my empathic experience with my Awakening and TF journey I am very intuitive to connections but had never experienced a soulmate connection in this magnitude (other than my TF). We both are catalyst for his awakening and my ascension in preparation for my TF mission. It actually all makes sense and I remember asking the Universe what do I do, what do I need to learn while moving towards divine timing. I had even questioned if this person was a fake Twin. Thanks Spiritual Guides for guiding me to this article.

Alyssa Davis

This was extremely helpful thankyou. I thought i had met my twin, the heart chakras and telepathy, remote sexual experiences, past life De ja vu from looking into one another’s eyes, and our birthdays added together via numerology are 11/11/11. But the connection has become toxic, I’m an empath and he is a narcissist. He became comfortably aggressive wth me, gaslighting, projecting, constantly creating chaos with head games. I know that he loves me, but I know his love is unhealthy. What has kept me tied into the connection was the intense spiritual bond that we share, that yes, tips into obsession. Literally i just made the decision concrete to leave him after reading your article. The last few weeks its been on my mind, but this was the confirmation i needed. Thankyou and GOD bless.

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