How To Know When You're Dealing With Something "Safe" Versus "Unsafe" In Today's World?

In this "new age," there's an awful lot of new, strange ideas and lots of divination. People like to use things like oracles and so on. As a matter of fact, we tend to believe that as long as we keep G-d or Jesus in our hearts, then "all is perfectly okay" and as long as we "remain in the light in the positive," then we're also going to be "all perfectly okay." Well... this is kind of true because yes, G-d is present and G-d exists, but some things really are not safe. I'll explain...

First, why don't you type out G-d's proper name, Helena? Don't you praise Him? Don't you praise His name? 

First, you're going to ask why I write the name of G-d missing the "O" in the middle. There's a good reason. When you realize everything and have the epiphany I believe you'll have once you've read this article, you'll probably say "O" (Oh) yourself. Basically, The Holy scripture tells us to "praise His name." We absolutely do. Yet, in all encounters with Jews, we seem to make a point of not mentioning His name. Instead, we vaguely refer to Him as “the Almighty,” “the One Above,” "The Creator," or as Hashem,” which I understand to be Hebrew for “the name.”

We avoid spelling or saying His name because is classically interpreted as referring to a senseless oath using G‑d’s name, the avoidance of saying G‑d’s name extends to all expressions, except prayer and Torah study. In the words of Maimonides, the great Jewish codifier:

"It is not only a false oath that is forbidden. Instead, it is forbidden to mention even one of the names designated for G‑d in vain, although one does not take an oath. For the verse commands us, saying: “To fear the glorious and awesome name.” Included in fearing it is not to mention it in vain.

Therefore if because of a slip of the tongue, one mentions [G‑d’s] name in vain, he should immediately hurry to praise, glorify and venerate it, so that it will not have been mentioned in vain. What is implied? If he mentions G‑d’s name, he should say: “Blessed be He for all eternity,” “He is great and exceedingly praiseworthy,” or the like, so that it will not have been [mentioned entirely] in vain."

This is why we do not write G-d's name with the "O" and when we do, we do so this way: G-d. 

Why don't you "tell fortunes" or sell spells and such?

I am a spiritual counselor and relationship coach. Yes, I had jobs at top networks and my jobs there were interesting, but I left those jobs. Not only were they charging clients way too much in my opinion but it was my opinion that they were intentionally leading some astray. I didn't want to be told what to advise, for how long or be told that people had to pay $14.99/per minute for my advice. I wanted to be authentic.

So, why do I feel that spells, witchcraft, and such are "bad?" Basically and in short, due to Deceptions (because G-d clearly and unequivocally says that devils and demons will masquerade as angels in light) and Deuteronomy 18:10. Unless you read religious texts, this probably doesn't mean much to you so I'll explain.

While I am Jewish and this religion is deeply rooted in mysticism, there are no "fortune tellers" in the Jewish religion. While I am Jewish, I also believe that Jesus Christ was of G-d. We are all brothers and sisters. The word of Christ is not unimportant. Please understand that I am not trying to sell anyone on some sort of religious conversion or to pressure you in any way. Rather, I'm hoping to enlighten you. 

I used to work on a "psychic hotline." Ask Now was one and I was absolutely a top network and I was their Master Elite. So, why not do fortune telling? Why not sell spells? There's lots of money in it, right? 

Let me show you what Deuteronomy 18:10 actually says: 

"There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee."

People see what they want to see. I've even had some people look at my name and think "Sage" means "sage as in fortune teller" and it actually refers to the plant in my garden (as described on my site.) G-d says we should test messages we receive to make sure what we receive is actually from G-d and not from something masquerading as "angels in light." 

The devil is extremely tricky, and we learn this in classic religious teachings. The darkness can actually mask itself as light. One can reasonably receive something from G-d and the next second, receive a trick from the darkness. 

How do you know the difference? How do you know the difference between what is safe versus what is not safe?

1. G-d is consistent. Truth is eternal. G-d will never, ever say something to you that contradicts His word. Truth is eternal. If He said something 5,000 years ago, it is still true today. The earth will pass away but His words will remain in truth. Science changes, opinions change, people change but G-d's word never changes and remains TRUTH. If G-d says it, that's it. So the first thing you do is you ask yourself, "is what I am receiving the word of G-d or does it contradict His word?" If it contradicts G-d, it's not safe. Even if some angel shows up and offers some "new and revised" ideas, it says "Let G-d's curse fall on anyone who preaches any other message than G-d's word." 

2. Ask yourself, does this idea or thing make me closer to G-d or not? In other words, G-d's purpose is to teach us. Life is a practice. Otherwise, G-d would've made us and taken us straight to heaven. But this life, this is out process to test each thought and each action. Jesus is a sort of model by standard that we can look at for example. James Ch. 3 gives us some things to look at. "If you harbor bitter envy/selfish wisdom," this isn't of G-d. Anything motivated by selfishness, envy or retaliation, is not of G-d. That would be a "dark" idea. "if it's motivated by selfish ambition" it didn't come from G-d. G-d didn't place us on earth for selfish ambition. Ideas from G-d are peaceful, promoting harmony, loving, pure, sincere, impartial. Ideas from darkness will be the opposite of these things. Real love is bridge-building versus wall-building. For example, gossip or speaking negatively of others is darkness, satanic. It's not considerate or peace-loving or impartial.

3. Ask yourself, will this idea or line of thinking help me but would it by any chance harm anyone else or anyone in my family? If it would harm anyone, it did not come from G-d. 

4. Is this idea submissive? Submissive ideas are teachable, humble, willingness to have your ideas checked by someone else, etc. If you have an idea and you're scared to share it with your spouse for example, then it probably did not come from G-d. Husbands and wives are a great example of this as are workmates. Ask your team: "Is this a good idea?" The wisdom of G-d is peaceful.

5. Is this idea forgiving and gracious? G-d wisdom is full of mercy. Are you harsh? Critical? Judgmental? Judging other churches, other leaders, other people, other ideas? It takes no intelligence to criticize. It takes maturity and wisdom to find the beauty and wisdom in absolutely everyone. What takes intelligence and maturity is finding all of the goodness in everyone and in everything. 

6. Wisdom from G-d is based in intelligence and sincere. In other words, not hypocritical. You're not a faker, liar or talk out of two sides of your face. You don't manipulate, try to control or lie. If you have to lie about something in order to manipulate or lie to impress, those are not ideas of G-d. 

7. About this idea I am having... Does my "close family / church family" or family confirm it? G-d's intent that through the church, G-d's wisdom is made eternal. In other words, others in your life. If you feel that G-d has given you an impression or an idea, to do something in your life or relationship or what have you, if you share this idea with others, are you feeling any resistance about sharing it? If you can't find anyone else to confirm your idea, and if you feel you're questioning yourself, it might not be from God. "The wisdom of the righteous can save you." G-d intends for us to talk with one another. He lives within all of us. If you receive an impression from G-d, remember "in the multitude of counselors, darkness and satan does exist." 

8. Ask yourself, "is this thought, idea, impression or situation consistent with how G-d shaped me?" G-d does not want you to be a copy of someone else. He wants you to be you. Form follows function and G-d determines our function and shape. In other words, G-d created us to do good works here on this earth which were prepared in advance and He shaped us for this work. We are G-d's "work." Don't try to be someone else. Who you are reveals your purpose. We have many purposes, yes, but our main purpose is to do good work in His name. G-D NEVER GIVES YOU A  TALENT OR ABILITY THAT HE WANTS YOU TO WASTE. For example, I am a spiritual counselor and I enjoy it, so I try my best each day to lead people in the right direction regarding their love and relationships. And, this is why when people ask me for spells, I admit I had given one to someone before, BUT in doing so, I wasn't being a very good friend to her because as a result, that spell went horrifically wrong. The man lost complete memory of her, it definitely was not G-d's work because she ended up being locked in his basement later on. Everything is interconnected. No kidding! Hint: Because I don't particularly feel like ending up locked in the devil's basement, I decided never to engage in such things ever again. Counseling in love and relationships is something I'm "shaped for." Spell work and dabbling in the occult is not something that anyone should strive to be "shaped for," it's darkness (just see and read above.) 

Darkness can absolutely masquerade as "angels in light" and harm you.

The thing is, I see so many people saying, "I've channeled ___ or archangel ___ and received ___ message of light." No, no, no you didn't. 

Why do I say this?

Well, why I cannot speak for G-d and I am absolutely NOT G-d Himself, when we start trying to play G-d or be G-d for someone else, this is so dangerous. It's a form of judgement and you need to listen for YOU and not for anyone else. When G-d speaks to you, He will speak TO YOU AND ABOUT YOU. 

Have you ever heard "channelers?" Seen them? They seem to have congregated on the internet. And, they have something called blogs and social media.

G-d speaks to us about us, but He will not speak "through" someone else about you, to you. He will speak directly to you. You don't need to hire "channelers," in order to have a direct link to G-d. 

"Who are you to judge someone else's servant to His own master he stands or falls and he will stand for The L-rd is able and He will make him stand. 

You need to be careful about this one. 

If G-d has given anyone any "message" for another person, that person needs to "Give G-d a chance," first.

1. Be patient and pray. Ask G-d if this is a true message. Test it (see above.) Always test what you receive to make certain that it is in fact of G-d and safe. Don't just "channel" or read someone else's channeling and believe it to be true. 

2. G-d may use another person to confirm what G-d has already told the person. This goes back to the previous paragraph. G-d might use another person to confirm something that the person doubts. Maybe you feel like you should visit Chicago and someone says to you, "You should visit Chi Town." Perhaps G-d is using this confirmation to tell you what you're already receiving from G-d and know in your heart. Silly example, but you get the idea.

3. G-d usually uses you without your knowing. When G-d wants to speak through you to another person, you won't even know it. This is why I don't listen to those false prophets and "channelers" I see on the internet. Someone will say something random perhaps, and yet it might feel as though it's spoken directly to you. You see or hear things because G-d wanted you to. 

"We will all be judged one day, not by each others' standards but by the judgement of G-d. It's to G-d alone we will have to answer." 

Next, ask yourself if it's convicting versus being condemning? Conviction comes from G-d to correct us. It's all about correction, building character, etc. Correction versus condemnation is easy:

CONVICTING: "You shouldn't talk negatively to the kids, that isn't nice to do."

CONDEMNATION: "You are a terrible person, you're just wrong in a million ways, you're evil and bad." (Or thoughts of that direction within yourself.)

In other words, G-d never attacks one's value.

Example of how the courts work: "You're convicted, here's your sentence so you're condemned to ___ sentence." G-d doesn't work that way. Satan / darkness is the accuser of believers. Satan (darkness) will lead you to do something negative and then condemn you ("How could you do that!") That is condemning. 

Nest, you should ask yourself, "Is this idea confusing? Is this idea peaceful? or is it pressuring and negative?" HINT: Anything from G-d will always be peaceful. So ask yourself, "Do I sense G-d's peace and encouragement?" If it's fearful or you're experiencing anxiety, then something is wrong. 

For example, I've seen a lot of people who claim to be Twin Flames who willingly and with absolute earnest stay and remain in terrible relationships and attached in horrible, stagnating situations because they THINK that the person is their Twin Flame and because Twin Flame is another word for "mated soul" and supposedly "sanctioned and ordained by G-d" then they somehow must remain in said horrible situation. Stop doing this. Please, stop doing this. I have said this a million times and I feel as though I'm blue in the face by now.

These people have read things on the internet that they firmly believe as "truth" so they remain in horrible stagnation because they're "saving heart space" for their "other half." A good amount of the things I see online aren't even from anything remotely accurate in the first place.

Soulmates, Twin Flames and certain intended relationships or whatever you want to label a connection as, can certainly be difficult but there is absolutely no law that says you must remain in pain or "do some special work" in order to achieve "union" with the other person. Yes, please do anything that makes you enlightened or feel good and yes, please do any work that brings you closer to G-d. 

Twin Flame / finding one's proverbial other half is supposed to be all about coming closer with Truth, Origin and creation (G-d) and not a situation where one waits, sits there in pain, suffers, or any of the sort. STOP. Your path to Union is supposed to lead you to G-d and Origin. The path that I see so many ending up on is a path of more confusion, more heartache, attachments with unavailable people and just plain misery. 

So again we go back to the top of this page: Does this particular path lead you to peace? Happiness? Comfort? If you're "chasing" a path just because you're seeing synchronicity, or because some guru told you to, you really need to stop and think. 

I see people doing "Twin Flame activations" and "Twin Flame meditations" and the like so I ask you, don't you believe that if G-d wanted you to become "activated / tuned-into to another person," that He would have made this so - without you having to spend money and spend time on "working" on it? Believe me, things like those things sell really well so why is it that I don't sell them? Because it's wrong. If it weren't wrong, and if angels really did come down to tell our fortunes, then I'd probably be the first to sign up and I'd create one and I'd sell it and I'd make a mint. But it's wrong. 

Don't get me wrong; I'm all about relaxation, reducing anxiety and stress and finding one's best path and uniting. I meditate and relax myself. But no one needs to download, purchase, sign up for, attend, take, read or anything of the like, anything except what is within you already. Look to G-d and stop looking to everything except G-d in order to find it and achieve it. When you look to G-d you will find the correct direction. You will understand your correct path. You will receive all the unconditional love you can handle and you will heal anything that needs healing. I wish people would see Truth for what it is instead of taking directions toward what is just ending them in stagnation even further. But I can't tell anyone what to do; I can only advise, and I can only make suggestions. 

My suggestion for anyone reading this is to look within and then look toward G-d. No, don't worry. I am not trying to push religion on anyone. It's only a suggestion. I can't change anyone's path, I can only advise. If you ASK G-d, you will absolutely receive an answer and direction. 

I hope this helps you. Blessings xo

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Agnes Maria

This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Thank you, Helena, for reminding me of this ultimate common sense wisdom. Lately I’d let myself stray backwards towards pain and the vicious cycle of blind struggle it brings. This post has contributed to shaking me back out of it again. I feel more on track than even just before reading it. Thank you again for writing and posting this now, and have a great weekend!

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