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As someone who specializes in Twin Flames, I can firmly attest to the fact that there is a definite difference between low vibration and high vibration.

Someone recently had a reading with someone. She came to me asking for a confirmation reading of her previous session with this other psychic. This happens all the time, so I'm used to doing that sort of thing. I decided to read for her and tell her what I saw. But first, she told me everything that the previous psychic had told her.

She said to me, verbatim, "I did not like reading with ___ because she told me that I was wrong! She said such low-vibrational things to me. She said I was wrong about _____ and that I should change course."

Apparently, this reader held nothing back and told this client the truth. Unfortunately for the client, it's hard to disagree with telling the truth, even if the truth isn't something they want to hear or they're not ready to hear it.

There is, however, a tactful manner in which to convey this type of information to avoid making the client feel sad or depressed. There's also a way of assisting the client in making certain changes in order to get what they want, rather than telling them they aren't able to have it right now. Even if whatever it is isn't for them right now, you can advise them on how to make what they desire happen for themselves.

Examples Of Vibration Types: Low Versus High

Low Vibration: Confirming to others mainly what they speculate or what the reader speculates, and whatever the client desires to hear most, whether it's good for them, or not.

High Vibration: Confirming for others what the truth is, regardless of whether or not they are ready to hear the truth, in a compassionate and thoughtful manner.

So you see, this other psychic wasn't actually giving information that was of a low vibration. It was that she explained it in a manner that was not of a high vibration, that's all it was.

Examples Of Vibration In Verbiage: Low Versus High

Low Vibration: "That dress makes you look fat. It's bright red which makes you look like an apple with legs. You do look cute in reds though, but not that outfit."

High Vibration: "That dress is truly a stunning shade of red, and red is your color. Do you know what dress I like better, though? The green one, because it flatters you so well and calls attention to your curves in a Marilyn Monroe kind of way. You'll be the envy of every woman there in the green one."

There are tactful ways of telling people the truth.

Then, you can take it a step further by assisting them:

"You know, that really is a stunning red shade. That dress would look amazing as a top and as a skirt. You might consider taking it to a tailor and having it converted into 2 pieces instead of one, that way you could wear it with more things and it would be so flattering that way."

See? Instead of implying that she just wasted $200 on a giant red apple dress that makes her look as though she'd been ordering fabric from Georgia Tent & Awning, you can phrase it in a way that makes her feel POSITIVE and assist her in a way that makes her feel EMPOWERED.

This process of low versus high vibration is not only complimentary and empowering, it's beneficial to your Karma. Like attracts like so positive will attract positive, like a magnet. If you force 2 sides of a magnet together, you'll see what I mean. 

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