How To: Determine Your Life Path Number

I have posted this before but since indexing my previous blog posts I've been getting questions about this one again. Really, it's very simple. You don't need to hire Numerologists or study Numerology in order to determine your own Life Path Number. I'll teach you how to understand the system of determining one's Life Path Number right here. That said, here you go, enjoy...

The Basic Life Path Formula:

2 Digit Day + 2 Digit Month + 4 Digit Year. Add until you reach a single digit, 1-9. 

Example:  The birth date of March 1, 1994 would look like this: 03/01/1994 and would add like this: 03+01+1994 = 3+1=4 and 19+94=23. 4+23=27. 2+7=9. 

Master Numbers:

Life Path Numbers are generally 1-9 unless one is dealing with a "Master Number." About 5 years ago or so with the advent of synchronicity becoming popular with Numerology as it pertains to Life Path, the popularity of the idea of "Master Numerology" came into play. There are a multitude of schools of thought regarding what requirements there are to make a Master Number in one's Life Path Number. Typically, this is when one begins to add to the single digit and winds up with a double number such as 11 and is also by happenstance is also born on say, the 11th month and the 11th day at the same time. There are many schools of thought on this subject as it's relatively new. It's also said that one would still theoretically look to Life Path Number 2 when dealing with the Master 11 Life Path, or Life Path 4 when looking at Master Number 22 and so on. Most "master numbers" are actually intended to be looked into and read as the original numbers, otherwise we would have no Life Path Number 2's or Life Path Number 4's and so on. 

Example:  An example of a Master 11 Life Path would be the actor, Bill Moseley who was born on 11/11/1951. He was born on the 11th month and the 11th day for example, and his Life Path Number adds to a Number 2 but can also be reduced to Number 11 when completing the calculation. This is just an example, but you get the idea. People of this type of Numerology usually have rather strong platforms and are quite ascended in purpose according to these new age beliefs, and this actor would be an excellent example of this due to his multiple talents, platform and obvious successes. Suffice it to say, the man is pretty talented.

What Life Path Numbers Mean:

Basically, one's Life Path can reveal to you a glimpse into your own life in general including your personality and characteristics. The set of specific traits pertaining to your personal Life Path will likely describe aspects of your personality. There are many schools of thought related to one's Life Path Number and the traits don't necessarily always apply to everyone upon learning of them, but rather can show you glimpses of specifics about you that you might not yet know or aspects of your personality that you might enjoy developing. You can use the information about your Life Path Number for your Highest Good.

What Is The Joined Life Path Number?

When we take two Life Path Numbers and add them to the single digit, we get the Joined Life Path Number for two specific people. The traits are looked into in much the same way, however it can also reveal a bit more about the type of soul connection or experience the two people might enjoy together. For example, a Joined Life Path Number of say, Number 5 might reveal information regarding the fact that the two will either create change together, or bring change into one another's lives since we know that Number 5 happens to represent change itself. Who couldn't do with some nice, positive change? This is just an example but this gives you an idea about how this information can enlighten you. 

I hope you will enjoy doing your own Numerology now, as you now know the formula in which to enjoy doing so! Blessings xo


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