How Does The Counterfeit "False" Twin Help You Get To Union With Your Twin?


The Counterfeit, or False Twin plays a very important role in the reunion and in the connection of twin flames. All twin flames have a false twin, whether or not they know it. While all soul mate connections prepare us for the true twin flame union, some more than others, there is only one false twin.

Everyone you meet on any level is a soul mate. Whether you pass them once on the street or have a long romantic relationship with them, we are all one another's soul mates. Everything and everyone is interconnected.

As we enter Ascension and are activated, we begin to be able to connect with others on an extraordinarily deep level, like nothing we have ever experienced before. Oftentimes, activation begins slowly and we find we are deeply connected to many, but a like soul mate often comes easily as far as connection. This is often accompanied by the symptoms of awakening. Suddenly, we find ourselves experiencing unconditional love and a never-before-seen complete chakra connection with a soul mate on a level so deep that it creates an intensity like no other that is simply indescribable in words. We find that we complete each other and telepathy exists. Nothing is missing. There's even the traditional twin flame template, push-pull, signs and symptoms and syncs galore. This is why the term False Twin rings so accuratly. The connection has all the makings of a twin flame reunion and even looks like a twin flame connection in the journey aspect.

There is only one difference between twin flame and your false twin flame: the mission. One results in a joined mission to raise the universal vibration while the other does not.

"But in my heart I can feel it!" Of course you can. Otherwise, it would be called something else other than False Twin. It would be called the "really passionate soulmate-like-me connection" instead of the false or counterfeit twin.

You may have already met and noted your counterfeit twin, or you may not have met them yet. You may connect with them before your reunion or after you've already met your twin. If your twin has connected with their false twin before the reunion, chances are, you'll meet yours afterward. This is a common mirror in twin flames. Either way, your false twin will be second only in importance in your soul mate relationships.

The false twin prepares us in amazing ways for the true twin. Sometimes the false twin serves as the catalyst to end longstanding relationships such as marriages or karmic partnerships to make room for the true twin to enter. Sometimes the false twin aids in activating the process of ascension to awaken. The false twin can even Jumpstart healing processes to pave the way for the twin flame journey. As unique and painful (and pleasurable) as the false twin may be, it's the most important relationship you will have apart from your true twin flame.

Like real twins, the counterfeit twin is not perfect, nor is it a perfect relationship. To imply perfection would be inhuman. All twins and false twins are human. Both are imperfect in their own respect. Unless, of course, diagnosed with the christ complex (had to throw my psych degree around and use it for science in here! Now, back to the regularly scheduled metaphysical parapsychology!)


1. Activation of healing processes, inner growth and higher self.

2. Activation of the ascension process.

3. Release of obsessive attachments prior to true twin flame connection.

4. Activation of intuitive and metaphysical gifts and abilities.

5. Release of negative energies.

6. Intended soul experience and soul learning.

The false twin can be so intense that it causes those who have never even heard of twin flame as a concept to embark on researching the subject. I like to think of the false twin as a sort of cramming study session in preparation for the true twin flame.

False twin connections can be as brief as a few days, or can take years to process through, depending on the person and the twin flame couple in question. So much healing, learning, processing, purging and development have to transpire prior to the true twin flames' divine mission beginning, that the false twin can be quite a draining experience. Each person is unique and thus, each false twin couple is also equally unique. Most twins do not realize who their false twin is or was, until they have processed through the connection and/or have connected with the true twin.

Have you met your false twin? What did you contribute and receive from the relationship?



i met my twin on bali six years ago. we had an intensely loving and almost child like relationship and everything in common.. both yogis, both vegan and both chefs. then one day i left her. i got sick of her lack of gratitude, her slow and low energy and her constant running away and cheating on me. In London I met the class twin. she is a narcissist of the highest order and feeds on my empathic nature always trying to use me for something. my life has spiraled downhill since i met her and i’m just waking up to the fact that she is the false twin. to be honest, i want both of them out of my consciousness forever. neither are givers, both are narcissist, and i’m fed up! i’m a really kind and thoughtful and empathic person and i don’t understand why i can’t attract the same.


I met my false twin in April 2017.
He has the same job as my true twin and worked at the same place. At the time I had left my husband to be with him, though he was married himself and made it clear he would never leave her.
The relationship was brief, about 3 months. The connection felt outer worldly. His marriage was bothersome to me, but at the same time I knew I didn’t actually want him. It became clear how deeply flawed and messed up he was. For some unknown reason I loved him though. I loved him despite knowing he serial cheats on his wife, his count was 30 women in 7 years. He was clearly a narcissist who’d go on for hours talking about himself. As time went on this began to wear on me. He started to become annoying. When he detected that I was losing interest he became very childish and petty. This story doesnt sound like anything remarkable, but I know that this weird, short, amoral relationship is what awakened me. Prior to meeting that guy I had never truly loved before and I knew it. I think it’s important that the one teaching me the lessons needed was and remains unavailable. It was meant to be temporary. He heightened the dissatisfaction I felt with anyone after him. I was chasing that connection, though was losing hope since nobody else sparked it.
A year later I met the true one. The difference was that I felt like I was talking to myself. Glued to him for hours of conversation. I saw visions of him and knew deep in my soul he was the one, and he is the last one I will ever have.


Hi Barbara, wow I’m sorry you went through all that. Thank you for your comment. It sounds like (based on what you’ve written) that you made an intense soul connection that pushed you toward inner personal growth (very common at the onset of Ascension) but he doesn’t sound like he’s being respectful of your feelings, let alone respectful of responding to your texts, at least at the time you made your comment here. Regardless of the type of connection (awakening catalyst, companion soulmate, counterfeit twin, twin flame, etc.) you deserve respect. And, if I may be so bold as to suggest, you should definitely want to set a list of exactly what it is that you need, desire and deserve in relationship. Energy, connection and chemistry including tantra can be so overwhelming and distracting. That is exactly what the Counterfeit will do: distract with all that energy only to possess symptoms of Twin Flame but in actuality, are not. You are correct. Twin Flames are many things but disrespectful is not one of them. Blessings xo


We met on a dating site right before my 50th and I was not handling the upcoming birthday well.
The date was 2/22.
And, I had never been in love before.
We laughed like to high school kids who’d known each other for years during our first phone conversation.
After we hung up I’ll never forget thinking to myself the conversation went so well it was weird.
We unknowingly had tantric sex and I know damn well it was the best sex either one of us ever had.
I never told him I could see his soul in his eyes. I did not want to scare him. I was frightened enough for both of us.
After the first separation the pain took over my life so I began searching the internet for some kind of answer and discovered Twin Flame.
We met twice after and each time we both had physical barriers. Once it was a car accident the other time there was not one place for him to park in the entire town.
We conquered them to get to each other but it was if something was keeping us from meeting.
Then I began to notice I had opposites happening to me than what Twin Flames were describing.
I felt older, exhausted and sexually frustrated. We’d text often but weren’t with each other.
Nine weeks later we met again for our anticipated get together and the fourth time we planned to have sex too.
This is what I thought would be the reunion.
I watched him get out of his car from up the block and he too looked ragged. Still quite dashing but he looked almost as if he’d collapse.
We locked eyes from far away as we slowly walked to each other. I could see the poor man was confused and afraid.
Once inside my home he looked helpless telling me he was nervous but I knew I wasn’t supposed to tell him what I thought was happening.
In the bedroom he laid down first and as I neared his body it felt like a 25 pound sack of energy fell from the top of my head down through my body. It was so strong I wondered if he felt it too.
I think it was a blessing because it alleviated the intensity of being next to him. It was a really strange feeling.
The night was wonderful. Always more than just sex with him. Laughing, sharing, music, comfort and explanations to misunderstandings but two days later separation again.
Ten days later after not hearing from him I sent a text in the afternoon. I had a question that he did answer. By evening and more ignored texts I told him I was unaware we were not speaking again and apologized.
I thought to myself this is f*cking bull sh*t.
What a crock.
Why in the hell do I have to be subservient to this mans needs only?
Do I just wait obediently for his next possible arrival?
And am I really supposed to be all touchy feely if he might be with another woman?
Pffft, yeah right!
I must admit that if I had not met him I would not have worked on inner soul searching.
I picked up my guitar after years of abandoning it.
I began to love my friends.
I began pushing myself further through my social phobias.

Thank you for reading.


I met my false twin in a strangely similar scenario to another commenter on here. I had been in an unfulfilling marriage for many years where codependency kept me attached out of guilt and fear. I felt very alone and misunderstood by everyone in my life and turned to an online forum for friendship. I met a gentlemen who immediately started to pursue me heavily and by the 3rd day of correspondence, was telling me he loved me. That he knew our connection was cosmic and that we were meant to be. I was confused. I felt like maybe I was being duped by his charm and compliments. I felt unloved, under valued and self conscious in my every day life and he was telling me he loved me and understood me. The emotional side of me fell deeply for his words and I sank deep into fantasies of being with him. The logical side of my brain was telling me not to throw away everything for him, a stranger.

I decided to tell my (now ex) husband what was happening and he was very passive and supportive in allowing me to go meet this man. He lived across the country and I flew to him. We could not have been more opposite. He challenged me at every turn. One moment things were loving, the next cold and distant. The push and pull was intense and exhausting. I had one foot out of the door but couldn’t quite take the leap. The false twin wanted so much so fast. He wanted me to sell my home, move to his city, be with him and he would help me care for my toddler daughter. I decided to do it and before the move, we fought, broke up and he left. Ignored my texts, my calls, my emails…I pleaded with him just for an update. If he didn’t want to be with me, I just wanted to know it. I couldn’t find closure and that’s exactly what he wanted. He came in and in 2 months, destroyed my life. I left my husband shortly after my daughter’s first birthday, I sold the house I loved and moved to a city where the cost of living is doubled, I was extremely depressed and hopeful we would reunite but after a last attempted email for contact, he responded with the most hateful and degrading response. He accused me of being mentally ill (though he said he LOVED me after 3 days and saw no fault in ruining my family life), he basically called me a bad mother, he said my attempts at trying to speak with him and break the silence was harassment and that he was going to pursue legal action (13 emails over 2 months of me just saying “can we please talk now and have closure?” – I couldn’t believe how someone who claimed to love me so much was now basically disposing of me. After he encouraged me to leave my life and harm the realities of others. I dealt with so much hate from my in-laws, my own family, I lost friends…He literally took everything from me and walked away without batting an eye. I felt like I deserved the closure he denied me. His narcissistic behavior wasn’t apparent throughout until his final response to me.

It took a YEAR to emotionally recover from the damage. To this day, I wonder if he’s ever going to come back. Part of me still feels denied of proper closure, then the bigger part of me realizes that he is an evil person who only thinks of himself and his own well being and I want him as far away as space will take him. He often said things when we were together to belittle me and then accuse me of being insecure or too “turbulent” and sensitive. But dammit, he taught me to finally give a shit about myself. Something I never did. I started to do things for myself and my daughter and not allow the guilt from my bad marriage to hold me down. He was the catalyst. He took me out of the mundane, awakened my true desires and then poof – he was gone.

After the year, I found an amazing job. I have met amazing friends. I am divorced and happily co-parenting. I have met someone new who really is a much better fit for me. I don’t know if this new man is my twin flame or not. Sometimes I think he’s not because we don’t look alike and the intense magnetism that was almost not normal doesn’t exist between us. We’re different nationalities from different countries but the same mind. We are the same politically, religiously, emotionally…it’s hard to explain. We’re the same, but opposite. I’m INFJ, he is ENFP. Our function order is the same, but opposite in introverted/extroverted preference. I have NEVER been so physically attracted to someone. He is undeniably handsome in reality and to me mentally. We will often say the same thing at the same time. We will think the same thought at the same time. We are strong personality forces that dance in sync knowing and respecting the roles of a man and a woman together in balance.

I don’t “need” him in the same dysfunctional way I felt I needed my false twin. I feel like I could be ok if he left me. I would be sad, I would miss him…but maybe I say that because we’re together and I don’t know what life without him would be like. My false twin broke my codependency behavior. He taught me to care for myself. Maybe this man is my true twin, but I value myself enough now to know that I and God are what keep me whole.

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