How Does The Counterfeit "False" Twin Help You Get To Union With Your Twin?


The Counterfeit, or False Twin plays a very important role in the reunion and in the connection of twin flames. All twin flames have a false twin, whether or not they know it. While all soul mate connections prepare us for the true twin flame union, some more than others, there is only one false twin.

Everyone you meet on any level is a soul mate. Whether you pass them once on the street or have a long romantic relationship with them, we are all one another's soul mates. Everything and everyone is interconnected.

As we enter Ascension and are activated, we begin to be able to connect with others on an extraordinarily deep level, like nothing we have ever experienced before. Oftentimes, activation begins slowly and we find we are deeply connected to many, but a like soul mate often comes easily as far as connection. This is often accompanied by the symptoms of awakening. Suddenly, we find ourselves experiencing unconditional love and a never-before-seen complete chakra connection with a soul mate on a level so deep that it creates an intensity like no other that is simply indescribable in words. We find that we complete each other and telepathy exists. Nothing is missing. There's even the traditional twin flame template, push-pull, signs and symptoms and syncs galore. This is why the term False Twin rings so accuratly. The connection has all the makings of a twin flame reunion and even looks like a twin flame connection in the journey aspect.

There is only one difference between twin flame and your false twin flame: the mission. One results in a joined mission to raise the universal vibration while the other does not.

"But in my heart I can feel it!" Of course you can. Otherwise, it would be called something else other than False Twin. It would be called the "really passionate soulmate-like-me connection" instead of the false or counterfeit twin.

You may have already met and noted your counterfeit twin, or you may not have met them yet. You may connect with them before your reunion or after you've already met your twin. If your twin has connected with their false twin before the reunion, chances are, you'll meet yours afterward. This is a common mirror in twin flames. Either way, your false twin will be second only in importance in your soul mate relationships.

The false twin prepares us in amazing ways for the true twin. Sometimes the false twin serves as the catalyst to end longstanding relationships such as marriages or karmic partnerships to make room for the true twin to enter. Sometimes the false twin aids in activating the process of ascension to awaken. The false twin can even Jumpstart healing processes to pave the way for the twin flame journey. As unique and painful (and pleasurable) as the false twin may be, it's the most important relationship you will have apart from your true twin flame.

Like real twins, the counterfeit twin is not perfect, nor is it a perfect relationship. To imply perfection would be inhuman. All twins and false twins are human. Both are imperfect in their own respect. Unless, of course, diagnosed with the christ complex (had to throw my psych degree around and use it for science in here! Now, back to the regularly scheduled metaphysical parapsychology!)


1. Activation of healing processes, inner growth and higher self.

2. Activation of the ascension process.

3. Release of obsessive attachments prior to true twin flame connection.

4. Activation of intuitive and metaphysical gifts and abilities.

5. Release of negative energies.

6. Intended soul experience and soul learning.

The false twin can be so intense that it causes those who have never even heard of twin flame as a concept to embark on researching the subject. I like to think of the false twin as a sort of cramming study session in preparation for the true twin flame.

False twin connections can be as brief as a few days, or can take years to process through, depending on the person and the twin flame couple in question. So much healing, learning, processing, purging and development have to transpire prior to the true twin flames' divine mission beginning, that the false twin can be quite a draining experience. Each person is unique and thus, each false twin couple is also equally unique. Most twins do not realize who their false twin is or was, until they have processed through the connection and/or have connected with the true twin.

Have you met your false twin? What did you contribute and receive from the relationship?



Its been a tough year, because I haven’t been this spiritual before, besides believing in Jesus or God. However, its pushed me deeper into it. Tonight, I laid out my major arcana cards and positioned everything like our flame twin journey. 1000% on par, between us two. Where I started as the Empress and her the Emperor, I am working toward the opposite and same with her. Its weird, indeed.


Currently in an uncomfortable situation as I am not sure if my TF who i’ve known for nearly ten years in my real or false TF.
they have caused so much pain in my life but there is a lot of love and connection yet i am starting to think it could be attachment/obsession.
It’s hard to let go because of the memories, the things we wanted to do. I fear letting go but I also know I should.

Samantha Atkins

I became aligned with my false twin flame 8months Before we met soci could help him end a karmic relationship….an he activated my heart chakra so I could heal an learn an grow ….after that I had soulmates pouring in but they weren’t here long ….more to prepare for my twin…he wasn’t in my life long but …..but I thought he was my twin for over a year and it was draining ….big learning experience…then I met my real twin …an it was random ….not any way I thought I’d met him ….


My false twin flame came in exactly the way the article describes in some instances- to break off a karmic relationship. I learned heavy lessons in this karmic relationship and the attachment was deep. My false twin flame came in and swept me off my feet- into dreamy distraction. The shallow attributes that our primal instincts hook onto were there. He was gorgeous and we had a lot of synchronistic similarities. With his help, I was able to move on from the guilt and shame that plagued me from my karmic relationship. I looked into that guilt and shame with a lot of inner child work.
The false twin flame made me feel anxious and full of butterflies. I was reckless like a teenager. I put the hope of my future into him. He essentially wanted nothing but a friends-with- benefits situation and I really had to question my self worth. I made self love the forefront of my healing. How would my perceived “twin flame” not want me? This deep dive into myself was essential. The virus hit and my false twin flame was no where to be found- without a hookup, he didn’t bother to explore the depths of who I was.
I came into acceptance that I was the love that I was always looking for…
and lo and behold… that’s when my real twin flame came in.
He fits me like a glove and I question sometimes if this is the truest love of my life. I have been programmed to ache and pain in love- but he gives none of that. I am so grateful and scared for this journey. I have a partner to walk with me and not on top of me. It’s been a real awakening. Good luck to all of you. Don’t psyche yourself out.

Fred the Toad

Sorry but not everyone is a soulmate. We are interconnected but that disregards the importance of soulmates. A false twin flame would also not last a few days, a false twin will last YEARS of your life. If the false twin is the next most important relationship to your true twin then how would it only last a few days?

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