Understanding Yourself & Your Shared Love: Part 3 + BONUS!

Kabbalah is esoteric and mystical. Originally uncovered and emerging around the 12th Century, Kabbalah has long been revered as the most ancient texts holding the Secret Keys To The Wisdom & Meaning of Life. 
It's said that Kabbalah was originally created with the intent of "total enlightenment of the soul" for the Jewish reader, however anyone can understand the secret wisdom of these teaching. In Kabbalah we learn that we are two sparks of the original ovoid. In these parts of the series, you'll learn about the different types of love.
You'll Learn The Answers To:
  • What is real love?
  • How does my partner perceive my love?
  • What are the 5 Types of love?
  • Should I search for love? 
  • How do I receive reciprocal love from my partner?
  • Are you the Masculine or Feminine energy?
  • Does love become destructive when we trigger?
These teachings have been translated for you by Rabbi Manis Friedman.

 BONUS:  Dating Advice You Won't Hear From Anyone Else!

This is exceptional advice whether you're married, dating or single. This video explains how a RE-union of soul energy transpires when we meet our other half and experience that undeniable connection. We don't date our other half, we finally meet our other half because our Divine Counterpart has already been decided. Have you ever heard of the term RE-union of souls? I don't have the "release date" off the top of my head of when I first heard it, but it was from Rabbi Friedman here, and it resonates so much which is why I've been using it. Rabbi Manis Friedman is a true inspiration! This video below comes from 11213.org which has been making videos for nearly a decade and as someone who enjoys numbers, it really makes one think what a synchronicity! His wisdom of these teachings is priceless. Watch until the end and let me know what you think!

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