Understanding Yourself & Your Shared Love: Parts 1 & 2

So, you've met your twin flame. Congratulations!

Who are you? Who is your twin flame? What is your life purpose or mission? What are your dreams? Your goals? Will you marry? Do you want to be with your twin flame? Or do you know with total faith that you'll be with them? There are many emotions and thoughts to process.

Once awakened so many are seeking understanding, balance, sanctuary and total enlightenment of the soul.

Many have packaged this ancient wisdom into motivational programs catering to everything from abundance to personal success and even achieving the coveted RE-union with your twin flame.

While I could've done the same, we believe total enlightenment of the soul transpires in ascension which is a personal process that transpires naturally for everyone. Whether or not one chooses to invest time, energy, effort and money into a time-consuming or expensive program, your process will always unfold in the Divine Timeline it was intended. This all-encompassing video series allows you to receive enlightenment without having to make an investment other than listening with an open heart & mind.

That said, you're welcome...

In the process to reach our RE-union with our twin flame, we first lay the foundation for total enlightenment and understanding - of our soul being, of our purpose, of ourselves.


If you've enjoyed my writing over many years, you know I enjoy Kabbalah. You may notice that certain wording such as Source or RE-union or The Divine or The Above or Origin or Creation sounds familiar to you here. 

Kabbalah was created as total enlightenment of the soul for Jewish reader, however anyone can enjoy and receive comforting enlightenment from Kabbalah.

This is Part 1 & 2 of the 6 part series which is intended to help souls learn to know and understand themselves and their emotions. I'd like to introduce to you, Rabbi Manis Friedman. To me, he is an inspiration and he's been an inspiration to many souls. Please keep in mind this isn't an attempt to throw any religion at you rather, this is excellent insight that will resonate with and for you in your process. Listen with your mind and with your heart. And, with your soul.

In Part 1 & 2 Of This Series You'll Learn:

  • The 3 Fundamental Desires.
  • What id your soul's purpose?
  • The Primary Emotions & how to handle them.
  • Learn how to "hear" your Soul.
  • Faith vs Logic: what is real?
  • The 2 polarities of positive & negative: Wants vs Will.
  • Why you've been triggered to become psychic, experience prophetic dreams or remember past lives.
  • How to refine your soul to achieve ascension.

Since these teachings are intended FOR YOU to awaken and enlighten your soul, they may help you evolve into who and what you hope to become.

Love, Helena XO



As Promised: Part 2

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