Energy Attacks: What They Are & How To Deal With Them

An energy attack or "psychic attack" is exactly what it sounds like. It's negative energy that someone sends either consciously or unconsciously with negative intent. In these types of attacks, harm can be launched toward a person in a number of ways including their spiritual, mental and physical state and these attacks can be quite draining on the one who is on the receiving end.

These incidents can originate from friends, family, co-workers, or even someone you don't even know. There's not always a legitimate or good reason for such attacks to take place in the logic of the recipient's mind, however there's usually a pretty good reason in the mind of the attacker. 


An energy attack is like any other attack such as a good swift kick in the pants. Attacking anyone is a childish, self-indulgent and low vibration behavior, but the self-indulgent infantile soul beings who engage in such behaviors usually don't see it that way. Let's look at a few of the most common reasons for energy attacks.

JEALOUSY: The sender's life isn't moving forward and is stagnant so rather than helping themselves through productive measures, they attack those they perceive as being better off than they are.

CIRCUMSTANCES: The sender may be living in their negative versus their positive and are unable or unwilling to see the difference or a way out, so they scream and kick like a little baby, hence said attack.

FEAR: The attacker is living in the dark, stagnant area of fear. Often they don't believe that they are or even understand this, it just "feels bad" to them as though they've somehow been wronged by the world, so they attack.

LOW SELF-ESTEEM OR NARCISSISM: Usually an attacker either has narcissistic tendencies or is not willing to face themselves, or they lack the self-esteem to move forward properly. This leads to the "I deserve more than you" mindset which leads to attacking anything or anyone who seems to be a threat, or competition.

SELFISHNESS: The attacker may be narcissistic and selfish leading them to believe that they deserve more than they are receiving. Think of a child demanding a certain toy in a store and kicking and screaming when they don't receive it. "But I did all my chores! I see all the other kids that aren't as wonderful as me getting this thing! I want my thing!"


There are many symptoms of an attack, here are just a few...

- Low energy

- Nightmares, particularly of your attacker

- Physical or emotional pain

- General sense of unease

- Intuition tells you that "something isn't right."

- An overwhelming feeling of being watched

- Depression, overwhelming sadness, suicidal thoughts

Many people fear that they're "under attack" when things just don't seem to be going right. Actually, this is not correct. The symptoms of psychic attack are listed above. These symptoms can certainly effect you in your circumstances to impact your situations, however "things just not going well" or the sense that "everything is falling apart no matter what I do" are not symptoms of a psychic attack. Those are symptoms of a particular negative energetic entity being near. Psychic attack is very different.

If things just "don't seem to be going right," this is likely an energetic issue which you can remedy easily on your own. Other very rare issues can be attachments. Certain entities will bother or torment humans on earth, especially the darkness, but again this is extremely rare. If you have ever watched movies such as Drag Me To Hell and Devil where the darkness takes form to torment souls on earth, you know that this has been blown way out of proportion in Hollywood, especially in the horror movie industry. I can say that 9 times out of 10, the people I've met have not had an entity attachment. So, relax. 


CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS: The attacker is weak. This is why they attack in the first place. Each time they come into your mind, send them positive energy and focus on yourself also receiving positive, while you're being protected in the positive light. 

ASK FOR PROTECTION: Request that God protect you. God is a lot stronger than anything else, as He created literally everything, so He can and will protect you, always. All you have to do is ask. While He does teach us sometimes difficult soul lessons, it is never through attacks. He will protect you. ASK. 

DO NOT ATTACK BACK: If you attack back, you're going to get it tenfold. Instead, focus only on the positive protection. Sending pure love energy to your attacker will cause them to reflect this back to you.

PROTECT YOURSELF THROUGH STRENGTH: Be strong! Don't show weakness. Radiate only positive, protective light and love.

DO A PROTECTION: A simple white candle with your intentions burning in the heart of your home is an excellent protective measure under these types of attacks.

DO A SAGE: Using a sage smudge stick can clean the air and atmosphere. Energy can be transformed from negative to positive and you can also ask it to vacate.


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