Easy Chakra Relational Therapy & Reiki Healing Guide

The Chakra, also referred to as Relational Centers are the energy centers in our physical bodies. There are 7 main Chakra, and each energy center or Chakra has an invisible cord that is made of energy. Twin Flames share a single Chakra System while everyone else possesses their own Chakra Syatem. Soul Mates such as friends, family, soul family, romantic partners and karmic partners and so on are able to connect to one another's Chakra.

Twin Flames: Twins are incarnated as one in the same soul as a single person during 2 previous incarnations (past lifetimes.) It is said that the Twins had 1 lifetime as a male and another lifetime as a female. During the 3rd and final incarnation, the Twins are separated into 2 halves: 1/2 male and 1/2 female energy in 2 separate human bodies. Typically, one is male and one is female during this 3rd and final incarnation. While each Twin has his or her own physical body during this 3rd and final incarnation, they still share their original Chakra System. Twins can, even at far distances, absorb one another's physical and mental feelings, emotions, experiences, and even pains. Twins can then dissolve one another's pains once they have taken that pain upon themselves. Twins use their shared Chakra System to communicate through the art of Telepathy which comes quite easily to them.

Soul Mates: Even Twin Flames are considered Soul Mates for many: friends, family, co-workers, soul families, karmic partners, romantic partners, healing partners and so on. Both Twin Flames as well as Soul Mates have many soul connections throughout their lifetime on this earth. Some Soul Mates have had many previous incarnations (past lives.) Soul Mates who are not Twin Flames also have a Chakra System, however they possess a single Chakra System that is not shared with anyone else. They can, however, connect to the Chakra of others quite easily, especially if the soul has processed through Awakening and Ascension. Some have the uncanny ability to connect deeply with others on an empathic level, similar to that of the Twin Flame.

Chakra Cords are the energy cords that extend from each Chakra energy center in the body. Each represents a certain meaning and location impacting the human body.

There are different precious and semi-precious stones or crystals that represent each individual Chakra center and cord. These stones can be used in Chakra Relational Center Healing.

To use these stones, it's advised to use a new, previously unused stone. Charging your stones is simple to do. Place your clean, dry stones in purified water using either a crystal or glass dish or a dish made of white bone china, and charge them in the sunlight and moonlight for at least 24 hours. Once your stones are properly cleansed and charged, they can be used for various forms of Chakra Healing and energy healing work. It is prudent to use your own set of stones and crystals for yourself, or a new and unique for each individual for whom you provide a Chakra or energy healing service.

Placing the crystals and stones on the body can assist in certain energy and Chakra healing techniques. There are many Chakra and Relational Energy Healing techniques including various forms of Reiki. The original and most preferred form of Chakra Relational Energy Reiki is called Usui Reiki.

**Because Twin Flames happen to share a unique set of Chakra between them, it's possible to use the same set of crystals or stones on both of the Twins' bodies during energy work or healing therapy.

Relational Energy Therapy has developed an effective and potent skill set to work not only with clearing and enhancing individual Chakra (psycho-emotional energy centers that access the nervous and endocrine systems) but also address our energetic relational connections to others. Because Twin Flames share a Chakra System, Usui Reiki combined with Chakra Relational Energy Therapy has proven beneficial in achieving Union between Twin Flames.

While both the RET and Reiki Master Diploma Courses are highly recommended for executing accurate and beneficial therapies for others, you may still enjoy using Relational Energy Therapy aka RET (Chakra Therapy) on yourself at home or on your Twin Flame or Soul Mate, either in person or at a distance.

Below are some helpful guides in selecting the proper stones and crystals for your energy work, either for yourself or for someone else. While RET and Reiki can be done at a distance providing that you've obtained the recipient's permission and also have adequate information regarding the necessary therapies to be executed, RET Chakra Therapy and Reiki Energy Therapy are most effective when practiced in person.

There are many benefits to RET and Reiki Energy Therapy. Most practitioners combine the Reiki and RET Therapies together, simultaneously during Healing Therapy Sessions.

- Chakra Cord Clearing
- Body Reclaimation
- Emotional Balancing
- Chakra Cord Balancing
- Chakra & Energy Centering
- Soul Mate & Twin Flame Connection / Union
- Soul Mate & Twin Flame Communication (Telepathy)
- Physical, Mental & Emotional Energy Healing

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