Does The Ouija Board Really Work? How Can I Use One?

Every year around this time, the progressively cooling temperatures and the rapidly wilting foliage seem to spark one’s curiosity regarding all things supernatural, no?

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I can still recall the first time I heard of the Ouija Board. It was at a slumber party that I went to when I was about 9 or 10 years-old, an age at which all possibility of the paranormal world seems intriguing…

“You mean there’s something that’ll let us actually talk with the spirits?”

I remember the excitement I felt at the mere idea of that being a possibility, and how I was so disappointed when the parent of our little hostess returned the oracle to the coat closet due to one attendee’s parents and their firm requests.

When I returned home, the only thing I had on my mind was finding out about that board; was it real, what made it work if it was, and how I could manage to get my hands on one to try it out.

Of course it’s only a parlor game; it’s only for fun, it’s something that Victorian era dinner guests used to gather around after the meal (in said parlor) in order to entertain themselves. It’s nothing but a wooden board with some writing with a delicate, albeit potentially communicative, planchette in the center.

But does it really work?

That depends to whom you present this question. There are actually many schools of thought on this subject.

For some, it’s a legitimate oracle intended for use when communing with the spiritual realm. For others it’s simply a parlor game, another form of entertainment.

Personally, I am not a big fan of using the Ouija Board although it did pique my interest as a young child at the aforementioned slumber party. I’ve always been interested in the spirit realm though, so I prefer using my Tarot and Divination Rods. I like using the cards to check out what the energies are surrounding my situations and I prefer my copper rods for more specific “yes and no” types of questions I might have. To me, Ouija is like other types of divination, and isn't something I would use or play with on the regular. It is, like I said, a parlor game from Barker Bros. 

One does NOT require professional certification for using anything metaphysical, nor does a metaphysical practitioner like a psychic or medium need to be present in order for you to make use of and enjoy your oracles, although I do think it’s a smart thing to educate yourself about such things before using them. Technically anyone can learn how to use these so I’ll give you a kind of “crash course” on using the Ouija so you at least have the information if you’d like to try it out.

Okay, supposing it works, then what is the process?

As the players surround the board in the center of the floor or table (it’s said that using a flat surface is best) all will place their fingers, or a single finger onto the planchette. That said, first, you’ll need to understand what a planchette is and how it works.

A planchette is originally defined as a tool used in the process of automatic writing. It’s a small footed piece with a writing instrument in the center such as a pencil. As the planchette moves, the writing instrument serves its purpose in writing esoteric messages. It’s said that the planchette is fueled by the electromagnetic energy of the operator(s) or by the energy of the spirit realm which derives energy from the players during this process. In using the Ouija Board, the planchette has a clear and sometimes magnifying window in the center in place of the physical writing tool.

It’s believed that the spirits will use the players’ life force energy; the aura, the electromagnetic forcefield that surrounds all living beings as “energy” in order to move that planchette toward different letters on the board. When put together, these letters form words and the board also contains a “yes / no” option at the two far upward corners.

The players decide on a question for the spirit realm which is meant to be answered using the paired planchette and board. In Ouija, at least one person (usually up to 5 or 6 players) will place their fingers on the planchette in the center of the board, and the window of the oracle will reveal the letters or the yes or no images, as one of the players elected to sit aside as an onlooker writes down the alleged responses to form messages from the spiritual realm.

Just as there are many ideas about this type of oracle, there are also a number of views surrounding proper use.

I will list the suggestions about this oracle and proper use that I’ve heard over the years.

  • To Open: Always greet the spirit realm, politely treating the specters or energies as “guests” in your home. Remember, you’ve invited them in, not the other way around.
  • Safety: It is considered prudent to open with a prayer or mantra of protection. Its wise to consider who and what you’re inviting into your home, and with what or whom you are communicating. Many users of Ouija state boundaries and rules such as, “Only safe and protective energies and entities are permitted to attend and communicate.”
  • Questions: When presenting your questions while using your oracles, it’s best ask only one at a time. Prepare questions in advance, allowing each player to choose one. One person should be the designated “asker.” A single player may be selected to write down whatever is revealed.
  • The Planchette: It is ill advised for anyone, even a single player, to completely remove their hand from the planchette, or to recoil from it. There are many schools of thought surrounding what this causes as well as means. The general consensus is that the energies or entities will perceive this as an insult and may respond as such, or that they may be disconnected from your energetic field which is what they are using to fuel their presence and as a result, they may attach to whatever or whomever is near at the time.
  • Mirrors: Sine it is said that energies are able to use mirrors as portals, one may prefer to have a specific one designated for this purpose as an oracle, kept close to the Ouija Board. In this theory the mirror is like a “door” for the energies to use. It should be uncovered, clean and charged during use and covered when not in use. Additionally, it’s considered wise to cover all other mirrors in one’s home during Ouija Board use to prevent energies or entities from using them as portals or spaces to hide.
  • To Close: Should your planchette abruptly slide over the “goodbye” symbol on your board, this means that the session is over and is being closed by spirit. It’s considered best practice to bid spirit goodbye and to proceed with closure as it was likely ended for good reason. At the close of all Ouija sessions, never forget to graciously thank the energies, and never forget to say “goodbye.” The proper method is to move the planchette over the “goodbye” message when you’re ready to close, then all players can remove their fingers from the planchette.
  • To consider: It is wise to remember that when communing with the energy realm that technically anything - whether positive or negative - can and will take the opportunity to present. And, that anything can and will pretend to be something that it is not, and may attempt to gain your trust. I’ll mention the Annabelle The Doll incident from the Ed and Lorraine Warren memoirs as an example. If you’re unfamiliar, I suggest that you do your due diligence.
  • Use & Care: Always keep your board clean and especially free of dust to allow for the planchette to move easily over the board with which it is paired. It’s wise to cleanse your oracles both prior to and post-use.

Remember, there are many schools of thought about the supernatural and metaphysical, what you choose to believe (or do) is entirely your own personal preference.

These points are simply that - points of consideration - that may help you if you decide to use the Ouija Board, or any oracle of divination should you so choose.

Again, anyone can use the Ouija Board or any oracle, and hopefully this has been interesting for you. I hope this helps! Blessings XO

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