Do You Feel & Experience What Your Soulmate Experiences At The Same Time? The Liz & Ted Story


Being a Twin Flame in Union myself, I have always been fascinated by Twin Flame love stories. I have always been curious about true crime. And, I've always been interested in actual documented famous Twin Flame and true love stories. So, the story of Ted and Liz to me, is quite an interesting one. It is also probably the most profound example of a shared Chakra System that has been documented and witnessed because of Liz's experiences. Since there's a new movie coming out about Ted, and I can't wait to see it, I figured this might be fun. 

I know... leave it to the POSITIVE MINDSET of a twin flame mind TO FIND A PRODUCTIVE & EVEN A POSITIVE SPIN ON A HORROR STORY... Believe me, I know what you're thinking! We twins will find something positive in literally everything. Read on...

As hated as he was and still is, the connection between Liz and Ted is simply unmistakable and marked with many Universal Signs of Twin Flame. That profound connection that remained intact including the Chakra Connection that caused Liz to experience Ted's death simultaneously and right along with him in 1989 is what this article is about. (How weird would that be?) 

It was Liz who was able to intuitively sense and see what was happening with Ted while others could not and did not. The political candidates with whom Ted closely worked, the famed crime writer and former police officer, Ann Rule, who worked side-by-side with him did not see what Liz saw. Those with whom he worked at the Crisis Hotline and the Washington Emergency Services Bureau also had no idea that something was happening with and to Ted, but Liz sensed and saw it all. It wasn't just that she found evidence, she sensed something wasn't right. 

Even the two police departments who investigated Ted -TWICE -did not see what Liz was able to intuitively pick up on. While some will say this was because Liz was his girlfriend and we girls have this kind of "intuitive way" with our men, there were many points in time when Ted didn't spend much physical time with Liz at all and times when he lived very far in proximity to where she was, yet she still felt something wasn't right. Liz authored a book about her experience with Ted that was totally unlike, in my opinion, what has been conveyed in the media and in Hollywood about Ted and Liz's relationship. Her book is decades old, and is extremely difficult to locate however I was able to locate a copy and read it for myself. In her book she described her experiences and the feelings of love she felt for this man and the emotions she had to work through during their relationship. What this poor girl went through...

Ted was a sociopath, had an anti-social personality disorder, was unable to feel or experience true empathy for others and even himself, and was a textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder according to everything we read about Ted online today. However, none of the people in his close circles saw "that evil side" of Ted that existed just under the surface, did they? He had everyone fooled. Yet, in my opinion after reading her book, I saw how Liz was able to empathically pick up on what her intuitive abilities were revealing to her about her man. She felt it. 

The Chakra Connection is what enables Soul Mates and Twin Flames to be so intuitive with one another, and it is Twin Flames who actually share a Chakra System and Soul.

Were Liz and Ted Twin Flames? If so, then what on earth could have been their Divine Mission together? Aren't Twin Flames supposed to raise the Universal Vibration?

Well, good point! Here's the answer:

Have you ever heard of The Butterfly Effect? Not the movie, the theory. The Butterfly Effect occurs when a butterfly flaps it's wings on one side of the world and this action causes something else that is totally unrelated to happen.

What Ted Bundy did to his victims and to the families and friends of his victims was horrible and don't mistake my words, he was not a good person for committing these crimes. His actions did, however, cause the late FBI agent, Robert Ressler, to coin the term 'Serial Killer.' His actions also taught the world to be more careful of danger and taught the world what ploys can be used on victims such as:

- Do not walk, even a short distance, even in a very safe area, alone at night.

- Use caution and be aware of your surroundings when you stop to help someone, even someone with a cast or crutches or is seemingly injured. (This was a copy cat method that was supposedly used by criminals to lure victims later on even after Ted's arrests; "Help me with my little doggie little girl," and so on.) Now we know the dangers. 

- Realize that even a budding politician and law student can be capable of horrible things. Even the most normal people who seem wonderful can have evil intentions.

- Being (acting as) a "good person" does not necessarily make them a good person. There may be something under the surface. 

- Don't judge a book by it's cover -literally. Ted on the surface was a wonderful, empathic and giving human being yet what he really was, was deranged. I read Liz's book with the expectation that I would mainly be reading of her personal experiences with Ted. The book certainly did contain this, however I also gleaned that she seemed to sense things that no one else could about this man. 

- A person never really knows everything about another person, even if very close.

- New hitchhiking laws FINALLY came into effect. In some places it's against the law to thumb rides or panhandle for change, nowadays. Prior to the Bundy case, there had been many hitchhiking horror stories but this case was able to shine a new light on safety laws and regulations. Hitchhiking was very popular back then but now, people are far more careful. Believe it or not, thanks to Ted. And, safer services and options such as ride sharing apps, Uber and Lyft have popped up making hitchhiking practically obsolete.

- New safety measures were finally put into action in schools, public places such as libraries and especially college campuses. For example, when the "UF Campus Murders" committed by Danny Rolling happened in Gainesville, Florida, we were more prepared and were able to handle the situation quickly knowing it was a "serial killer" on the loose. Schools and near school neighborhoods now have security measures.

From negative events, there is always something, however small it may seem at the time, that can be positive stem from it. The old saying, "Every cloud has a silver lining," rings true here.

Was Bundy a good person? No, the general consensus would agree that he definitely was not. He was a sick-o. However, this does not mean that something positive cannot reveal it's self from said negative events, including the relationship that Liz experienced and wrote about in her book, 'The Phantom Prince, My Life With Ted Bundy' which is definitely an excellent read.


"When They Pulled The Switch On Ted, They Pulled The Switch On My Mother."

**Words By: Tina, daughter of Liz Kloepfer aka Liz Kendall, Ted Bundy's longtime love, girlfriend & soulmate.

(From a conversation and interview Tina had with Ann Rule, also a former longtime friend of Bundy and author of 'The Stranger Beside Me,' which was one of the many books on the subject of Ted Bundy.)

"Serial Killer Ted Bundy reportedly spent the last days of his life remembering his closest companion whom he referred to as simply "Poor Liz" and regretting the pain he had caused her.

Early this morning before being led to the death chamber, he wrote "You will always be the love of my life" on the back of her photograph he had secretly kept with him, carefully pressed and hidden between the pages of his law textbook.

Elisabeth Kloepfer, the fragile young woman who had defied her family, the church, the FBI, the government and the entire world to be with her forbidden lover...the woman who - when her beloved told her he was truly guilty - wept upon hearing the weariness in his voice, told him she loved him, wished to comfort him, to hold him in her arms and rock him back and forth and tell him everything was going to be okay...

That woman called the authorities this weekend, hysterically begging them to let her take his place on the electric chair. "We're sorry, but that's not exactly how the justice system works Miss," was the response she got. On the prison phone list under the category "Relation to the Inmate" she was listed as "Friend."

After Ted's body finally went limp in Florida this morning and a flashlight was flashed in his pupils to confirm he was dead, an ambulance was called to Miss Elisabeth's tiny house in Washington where a flashlight was flashed in her eyes at the same time to confirm whether she was living or dead.

After weeping and shrieking for hours and hours, "Liz" had fell into a deathly silent trance.

Doctors reported she was sitting like a statue against the wall on the floor, her heart had stopped beating, her large blue eyes were not blinking, and her body was not responding to any sound or touch.

The heart beat miraculously returned after some hours and medical authorities determined she was clinically "alive." Trips will be made frequently by doctors to ensure Miss Elisabeth is indeed alive."


There, Liz would remain in that state of a partial catatonic existence for the next 26 years. Liz is said to have refused to consume food and refused to drink any liquids for the 30 days following Bundy's electrocution which took place on January 24, 1989. (Ironically as well, 30 days is the medically estimated maximum amount of time that a human being could potentially survive without consumption of any food or water.) Liz's father visited around the time of the 30 day mark and "forced her to eat," according to those closest to Liz.

Liz Kendall aka Liz Kloepfer, a young divorcee, met Ted Bundy at the Sandpiper Tavern in 1969 when her daughter, Tina, was 3 years-old. Liz and Ted's relationship and love affair began that fateful night. During their sometimes stormy relationship, Liz's daughter, Tina, became very close with Ted. Liz, Tina and Ted spent much "family time" together. While Tina had a father and knew him well, Ted acted as a father to the child and never corrected anyone when they saw them out together and assumed that Ted was, in fact, her father. It's speculated that this occurred in part due to the fact that Ted felt shame for having been born with no father listed on his birth certificate which bore a large, red stamp reading "ILLIGETIMATE" across the paper.


I am looking forward to the new Ted Bundy film that is due to be released very soon. I wonder if this (the excerpt above) will be added to the film. I find it hard to believe she remained in a partial catatonic state for 26 years. I think this may be a typo in the book, that they might have meant to say "26 days" or "26 weeks." Then again, I don't know because I'm not Liz or her daughter, Tina, and I wasn't there. Liz is obviously well enough to have taken part in interviews and assist a bit with this upcoming film. The fact that she experienced Ted's electrocution in such a way tells me that this may have been caused by the shared Chakra connection we discussed above. Let me know what you think!



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Wow, that’s eerie. I have never heard this story before. I heard he had a girlfriend and assumed she must have been a nutter. But reading about her in this context made me feel so sad for her.

Jerri Ford

Wow! That’s heart breaking! A true love at it’s best I think. It also tells me that even the worst people have feelings of true love. It also tells me that you love who you love and have no say so in the matter. I wouldn’t think anyone could fall in love with someone like Tedd but Liz did. Could it be obsession? I ask this because I question my feelings about Paul. Mainly because I can’t explain them for anyone to understand including myself!

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