Do stalkers know what they're doing?

Thanks for your question. I’m fairly confident that some realize while others do not. I base my answer on personal experience.

I’ve been on the receiving end of stalking and harassment. I get what you’re going through.

I’ll share my experience with you.

I’m being stalked and harassed by a covert narcissist pretending to be a real human being. My stalker apparently doesn’t agree with my opinions and even admitted (in which case they even mentioned me thus further proving their guilt of stalking and harassing me and simultaneously harassing others.) It’s fine to not agree with people but it isn’t fine to stalk and harass them.

I’m not sure they realized it or not but their mentioning me not only proved their guilt but it actually helped me out in a really big way. Long boring story.


In truth, I can’t help it if someone doesn’t agree with my opinions; it isn’t my job to give a false opinion, I try to convey what I feel, including whatever my opinion is. If someone doesn’t like my opinion, then I sincerely apologize.

Perhaps I should just simply tell people what they want to hear but I don’t like to do that, rather I prefer to be forthcoming. Perhaps I should not be so forthcoming.

You see, my stalker is in love with their own ideas and their own opinions much as we all tend to be, except to the extreme. Which kind of makes me wonder why they asked for mine in the first place. I’m far from a perfect person.

Sometimes my opinion validates the opinions of others and sometimes not. Sometimes we agree. Sometimes we agree to disagree. Sometimes we just plain disagree. But this is the first time anyone has come at me with an evil vendetta because they didn’t care for an opinion. They’ve also twisted in their head that I believe that somehow my own opinion is the only one that matters. Actually, the opposite is true. But, some folks will read into what they want to.

Most adults have a discussion. This person is in hatred and bullying attack mode. Like the traumatized inner child they probably are, covert narcissists have this certain unmistakable way about them that everyone can spot.

I can’t help if someone doesn’t like or agree with my opinion or doesn’t like me, but it’s my hope they’ll stop targeting me and especially stop harassing my friends. It’s mean. Everyone is irritated. And everyone knows.

Plus, if someone wants to remain in love with their own opinions, this is their choice. My opinion isn’t the “be all end all” of opinion greatness. By all means take your own opinion if it’s better than mine.

Anyway, this person did not like my viewpoint so they came on here when they realized that I spent adequate time on here enjoying writing and they decided to write answers to NEARLY ALL THE QUESTIONS I ANSWER. And, all of the questions that other top writers in the category answer as well. This is just one example of their stalking behavior.

They also imitate people like crazy including me. Think: the old movie, ‘Single White Female.’ Remember that film? Yeah, creepy.

It was later revealed their objective was to become “number one writer” in the category I was telling you about. Before you ask why on earth anyone would want to become “Quora famous” in a certain category I’ll tell you.

They explained to me that they have a background in an industry which will allow them to do so. They know how to do this, in other words. They don’t list this in their credential, they told me directly.

But why?

When I queried that, they explained their objective: to dispel any other information or opinions on said subject matter.

Mmmkay… so?

It’s an opinion site here and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion -except when said “opinion” harasses and disparages someone else.

Now that they’ve secured the spot, they’ve begun MENTIONING ME or at least describing me in a way that readers would understand that it’s me they’re referencing (they’re also doing this to others too) in a mean-spirited and boorish manner. They’re a big, mean, bully. Remember on the playground there was always some big nasty kid who came up and bullied the smaller kids? That’s exactly what it’s like.

It took me back to the first day they’d arrived, the way they’d shown up, wrote a question and tagged me to answer it and used a play on words. You see, they don’t like the fact that certain people have certain opinions and they themselves are obsessed with a title. Right now they’re trying to rally a group like a typical playground bully does.

Anyway, my initial response was, “why?”

Then I realized, saw the big picture. Here’s just ONE aspect of that why: ATTENTION. Covert narcissists can’t live without it, it’s their life’s blood and they become obsessed with their targets.

I've also done some research on my end and I've seen that people are not real human beings. I've seen it. 

Besides always being victimized, sick, sad or whatever it is a covert narcissist needs in order to suck the empathy out of innocent victims like a vampire they also become obsessed based on what I’ve read.

I can only describe my harassment as “obsessive gang stalking.” Multiple personalities attack at different times with sock puppet accounts.

While this person might appear to the onlooker as a real person, they’re not even a real person at all. A friend of mine questioned their “humanity” and I’m starting to agree, which is kind of scary for me because I don’t like thinking that way.

It’s my take that the entire objective of a creeper is to target, stalk and harass. So, if I’m in an industry that’s supposed to be all love and light, and this person is spreading venom and vitriol that should tell you something about them. They try to disguise it with love and light, but in reality everyone knows.

So, does the covert narcissist or any stalker know what they’re doing?

Considering the fact their attempts at attention are deeply seated in stuff like shame, it’s possible… but who knows?

Do they know what they’re doing?

It’s my take they know exactly what they’re doing because it’s clear as day to literally everyone including me and it’s been a systematic attack, although the really deranged ones I’m sure tell themselves that they’re “acting in love” or “coming from a space of love” or something like that. I also read somewhere that narcissistic people justify their actions and don’t ever admit fault for anything (unless it behooves them to.)

If you’re dealing with someone who is deranged, chances are you’re probably scared. I sure am. It’s downright weird. Being on the receiving end of gang stalking isn’t fun. My advice is to contact the police if you feel you need to, make sure you’re safe at all times and keep a record of your comings and goings.

My mom has an old saying: Give a stalker enough rope. You know how the rat trap has cheese on it and the clamp only comes down when the rat is comfortable eating his snack?

Hopefully in your own situation your stalker won’t be so deranged that you end up on the losing end of your emotional or mental sanity, dealing with a trespass to chattels, loss of time from work, intentional infliction of emotional distress or cause you to experience a negative impact in your life in any way. I hope this answer finds you well and that you’re safe and happy. Good luck to you!

I hope this helps you! Blessings xo

UPDATE: Now they're targeting and bullying Irina online. This is supposed to be a NEW YEAR meaning any negative stuff can be left in the past and ignored. There's NEVER been any harassment or drama online UNTIL NOW, UNTIL THIS PAST YEAR. I know my stalker, she reads my site like the stalking weirdo she is so if you want to screw with me, go ahead but LEAVE OTHER PEOPLE ALONE. Your whole thing is that you don't like people who work with Twin Flame related stuff. You don't like anyone who happens to sell anything Twin Flame related either. You're entitled to your opinion. But please stop picking on people, go pick on someone your own size you bully. 

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