Do I "Need" Spiritual Coaching To Achieve My Happiness Or Union With My Twin Flame or Soulmate?

I've received this question from many people, especially since coaching is so popular as a method of learning, self-growth and personal evolution. So, to answer your question, does a person "need" coaching of any kind? Absolutely not. No person needs or requires any type of service at all regarding their spiritual path or achieving Union with their ideal Soulmate or Twin Flame.

Whether it is your objective to achieve Union with your Twin Flame or with a certain Soulmate, or whether your objective is to achieve certain goals, the answer is still no. Yes, I realize that I am technically a spiritual counselor and sell coaching sessions. I realize that I specialize in the subjects of Love & Relationships, particularly as it pertains to the Soul Connections that we make including Soulmates and Twin Flame. I'm probably chasing away business here, but if I were to drone on and on, all about how spiritual counseling would help you (which it can certainly be beneficial, don't get me wrong) I'd be totally remiss if I were to ever say that it was somehow "necessary." Of course it's not necessary! 

My goodness Helena, don't you want to sell sessions?

Oh, of course I want to, I'd be crazy to say otherwise! And, I certainly do appreciate when someone does enjoy a session! It's my pleasure to assist others so I do create an awful lot of contributions online wherever and whenever I can, and I add blog posts when I can because that way, people can read and receive help regarding specific questions versus having to buy any type of sessions. I'm a huge proponent for anything that saves people money which is one reason I am writing this blog post here today. And since I like to eat, of course sometimes people come to my website to enjoy a personal session. However, it is not "required" or necessary by any stretch of the means for anyone to receive spiritual guidance of any variety or sort, by purchasing it. This is one reason I like to try to give as much as possible in the single session so that people get what they're after in the one appointment. And, that's why if you've had an appointment, you might have become irritated that it went over time (sorry) and why you were denied when you tried to pay for that additional time that went over. The thing is, spiritual counseling is helpful however it isn't "required" for a person to achieve their goals. It's just not. It'd be awesome if it were but honestly, you will achieve your goals including your relationship goals whether or not you purchase sessions from me, or from anyone else. What people like me do, is we help you understand situations you're experiencing and help you get on the fastest path to your goal, of course people like me, we want to help you. However, NO ONE "needs" help, not in the ways that a lot of people think. 

Here is an example.

I'll give you an example. I have a dear friend who is quite sweet and so as friends do, we chat a lot. She told me that she'd been seeing a "spiritual adviser" (I think she called them an energy worker or coach or something like that) who told her to not have communication with anyone regarding their ascension process or spiritual path - except for that adviser. She was told that, "the work we're doing is extremely intense and important and you could ruin your opportunity to come into union with your Twin Flame if you talk with anyone but me." 

To me, that of course sounded like manipulation. Why would a legitimate positive energy worker ever tell someone "don't talk with anyone except me?" Is she somehow the authority on energy? Does this worker have some unique connection with G-d, The Creator himself that no one else has? Does this worker have some direct line with The Creator, Source, that no one else has? Like a telephone or something? Why on earth would anyone tell anyone else not to talk to anyone except them regarding spirituality? Made no sense to me. I mean, I know plenty of folks, many who have been clients who talk to lots of different people for lots of different reasons. I have another friend for example, who of course talks with me because we're friends, but she also has a spiritual coach, an energy teacher, a psychic for Tarot cards she has lots of fun with and she also does Yoga and talks to her instructor about her Kundalini Awakening. So, what? Nothing bad is going to happen to her from talking to many different people, she's just fine. People do what they want to do. So, why doesn't she purchase sessions from me? Well for one thing, we're friends and we tend to probably cover anything during our regular back and forth friendly banter. But for also the reason that I've mentioned, above. She doesn't actually "need" any spiritual guidance. If I felt she needed help, of course I'd help her. But she doesn't "need" help. She goes to these different people because she enjoys it. For her, it's something fun.

If someone such as a spiritual counselor or any type of coach, healer, etc., tells you that you are "only allowed to have one certain mindset and that you must not communicate with anyone but them," then something is VERY WRONG THERE. Ask WHY you shouldn't have contact with others. And, if for some reason they're telling you that you "need their services," please remember to use your gift of discernment and do not be bullied.

The worst case scenario that can happen when you talk with different people? Different human beings? YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING. That's all. Nothing bad will happen. Do not ever allow anyone to convince you that you are not allowed to look at different mindsets or talk with whomever you like. 

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you "need" or are "required" to do anything. Remember, you have a mind and have freedom of thought. No one "needs" a certain class, seminar, book, session, service or anything in order to achieve their goals or achieve their ideal relationship or Union with their Twin Flame. While some people might certainly benefit from some coaching in certain areas, nothing of the sort is EVER "required" or "necessary" in order to achieve your happiness, goals or Union with a Soulmate or Twin Flame. 

People keep thinking and I always see that people believe they "must do something" whether that be heal certain traumas or ascend into their spiritual path or whatever it may be that they believe is necessary for them to do, in order to achieve happiness. You don't NEED to "do" anything specific. If a certain relationship is intended for you, it is going to happen.

It will happen whether or not you sign up for a certain class, whether or not you take a whole bunch of coaching and whether or not you eat a jelly doughnut for breakfast tomorrow. While certain things can certainly assist someone and while certain things can certainly make a person feel great - and I am a huge proponent for anything that happens to make a person feel great - anything that is intended to happen will happen. We can use our own ability to Manifest, absolutely. I'm a huge proponent for anything that attracts what one dreams of having in their lives. But I really do not want folks out there to think, "If I could only sign up for ___ class or ____ coaching or ___ spiritual healing class or even Helena's spiritual counseling, then I could achieve exactly what I want!" Hey, YOU! You're going to achieve all that's intended for YOU anyway. Set your worry aside. 

Yep, I sound as though I am telling people not to purchase appointments and chasing my own business away! It's not that I want to do that, believe me, it's that I want you to realize that your potential does not depend on someone else. Oh sure, people like me, I am sure that I could help you with something certainly, but that help is not going to determine your happiness or success in your life. You determine your happiness and you can be very successful - in literally anything or any area or realm in your life - whether or not you purchase sessions from anyone at all. If there is any goal you happen to have - regardless of what realm it's in - career, love, family, whatever - you will achieve it, because I want you to know that you can achieve it. 

Anyway, I hope this helps you. I wish you many blessings on your path! xoxo

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