Do Affirmations Really Work?

That's the big question, do affirmations actually work? 

I think the answer to this really depends upon the individual. And, what affirmations are used, when and how they're used and for what.

I remember back in the day, I used to see all the "positive affirmations" around clinging to everything from jewelry to vividly colored sticky notes posted around yellowing computer monitors. I always wondered if they actually worked. 

Over time, I learned that proverbs and affirmations can certainly have their time and place but sometimes they can brighten our day. I'm not really a fan of the affirmations, but here and there I've picked up a few that I thought were nice because they help me stay mindful and in the moment. 

Here's a few that I hope will brighten your day. If you have any to add please feel free to email them to me and I'll add them up here. :)

1. "Today I will enjoy each and every moment." 

2. "I am worthy of love."

3. "I will make mindful choices today."

4. "Today, I will take time out for myself for personal reflection."

5. "Strength and courage are my strong points."

6. "I can trust my intuition and trust myself."

7. "Today, I choose happiness."

8. "Today I will make healthy choices."

9. "I am 100% accountable."

10. "I am responsible for my own happiness."

11. "Today, I embrace and empower my best self."

12. "I will live my own life well."

13. "I am present in the moment."

14. "I am thankful for new experiences, for it's these which help teach me new things."

15. "Today, I let go of the old and release negativity."

16. "I am the architect of my own life."

17. "I believe in myself and in my goals."

18. "I have the power to create positive change in my own life."

19. "I choose to respond to each challenge with grace."

20. "I am proactive about making healthy dietary and fitness choices."

21. "I will not ruin a perfectly lovely moment by ruminating over a bad yesterday."

22. "I choose to be grateful today."

23. "I am worthy of receiving joy and happiness."

24. "Today, I give myself permission to stop worrying."

25. "I give myself permission to not overthink."

26. "I haven't heard from [enter narcissistic/toxic ex or person's name here] and for this, I am grateful." (When you find yourself ruminating about your toxic ex.)

27. "Today will be my day."

28. "No one but me owns the "remote control" over my emotions so I'll be happy if I want to be."

29. "I am mindful in each and every moment."

30. "Today, I will take time for myself for self-love and self-care."

31. "I do not require another person's approval to enjoy happiness within myself."

32. "I am abundant and fulfilled."

33. "I am a beautiful soul."

34. "I am peaceful, centered and grounded."

35. "I will let my happiness inside radiate on the outside."

36. "No one can steal my sunshine unless I let them."

37. "My soul is tranquil."

38. "Today, I abandon old habits and replace them with fulfillment and joy."

39. "I love and accept myself for who I am completely."

40. "I believe in myself because I am worth it."

41. "Trust is a choice so I choose to trust myself."

42. "Since I trust myself, I know I'll never steer myself wrong."

Now, I realize a lot of these do sound a lot like hair color commercials, but some aren't half bad. Ha ha! The fact that I typed the word "now" at the beginning of the previous sentence kind of sticks out like a sore thumb. Why? Well, but it's the way we talk in the south where I grew up, so it's my silly vernacular. The fact that I started the last sentence with the word "why" with a question mark and then started again with the word "well," well... same thing! I suppose people have different ways of speaking depending on where they grew up. We also tend to go off the subject too sometimes just like this.


Well.. sometimes we all need a little reminding that we're worthy, that we're worthy of happiness and love. And I think affirmations are kind of annoying because a lot of times I'll read them and think that sounds downright silly. Or that it's just too commonsensical. But sometimes they really do apply to certain situations and come in handy just at the right time. And that's why I decided to go ahead and post this in case it might brighten someone's day, make it a little nicer.

I wish everyone lots of love and blessings. xo


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