Did You Find Love After Losing Your Soulmate or Twin Flame?

Sometimes, people reach out to me for advice regarding their situations when they're feeling desperate and are in despair. In this particular case, a person was feeling the loss of a soulmate. While writing my response, I realized that this advice rang true for many different situations, and not just for those whose soulmates or twin flames had passed away. This advice rings true for anyone who is grieving any type of loss. So, I decided to add this article to the website in the hope of assisting others who might be feeling hopeless.

I’ve specialized in traditional counseling as well as spiritual counseling including aspects of relationships, so I’ll try to help. I’m sorry if you are personally experiencing a loss or grief. It’s my hope that this article will give you peace and restore the happiness in your heart.

First, it’s important to remember that we have different types of soulmates. Everyone who happens across your life path to any degree -however briefly or seemingly trivial -is a soulmate for you in some way. I am even one of your soulmates and you for me, in the sense that I am teaching you something. Even the person you pass on the street is a soulmate for you. The old saying about the “Butterfly Effect” rings true here. That said, there are many types of different soulmates and you’re referring to a romantic partnership with a romantic/healing/teaching and possibly even a healthy dose of karmic soulmate added in. That also said, here’s how to recover…

When a partner passes away, their physical body is what dies. The soul however, does not. When we die at the time the Creator calls us home, it’s an experience like a memory flooding back and we’re encompassed in a permanent state of unconditional love, joy and peace. It’s a feeling of contentment like no other. The soul suddenly realizes that his or her physical body holds no importance, and travels “home” in a state of complete rapture back to the Creator, with the excitement of a homecoming much as a child waking up on Christmas morning.

(On a side note, I carry with me extensive pre-birth memories that I’ve carried with me since I can even remember. I never quite understood them until I developed my ability and read the book, ‘Cosmic Cradle.’ I think this book will help you very much. There are also free online videos of the seminars by the authors of the book which are equally as helpful. I believe strongly that these seminars and this book will help you understand and embrace what I’m explaining to you, and will give you unconditional peace which will fill the void in your heart. I do hope you will read it.)

What is left when the soul crosses over is his or her residual soul energy. It’s this soul energy that leaves a sort of imprint on this world, kind of like a footprint in the sand. It’s this imprint that causes the living to say things like, “I can still feel her here,” or “I looked at his body in his casket and it was as though he was only asleep, not dead at all. I expected him to jump right up.”

This residual soul energy that is left is part of the person’s energy, and it lingers long after they cross over. It is this soul energy that you’re able to connect with and sense through your own intuitive senses. For example, some people find a feather or an item, smell the person’s scent or perfume, or simply feel their presence with them. Sometimes, people can even carry on complete conversations with this energy. The mind is an amazing thing and as human beings, we only use a small part of the God-given ability that we have in our brains and minds. We all have this intuitive ability, it’s just that some have developed it more deeply than others. And, it’s this residual soul energy that people like me “read,” to to speak.

When a soulmate passes away, it leaves those who are left behind with grief and sometimes even some guilt. It’s important to remember that the Creator, or God, however you perceive or believe in Him, is the one who makes the big decisions. While we have free will, save for suicides, the major decisions such as when someone is called home, is in His hands. That said, when souls rejoin and return home, this is part of the Divine Plan that He created for all of us.

You’ll also need to understand that just as people live for a reason, we also die for a reason. When our Divine Mission or our purpose has been completed, we are able to return home. No matter how sad or how much it hurts, the person is receiving a reward in a sense, because that unconditional love and sense of peaceful fulfillment can only be compared to a baby being held in the arms of it’s mother. A sense of love, contentment, security and peace like no words could possibly describe.

Understand that the soul is a living energy, and that this energy never really leaves us here on earth, although it can feel as though it does because their physical body is gone.

Some believe we must be strong and move on, go forward. This is correct in theory, but to the people who are grieving and in pain, this can feel like an impossible task. While it isn’t considered healthy to live in the past, it is not unhealthy to live with your love’s soul energy. They are still the same soul, they’re just in a different dimension than you’re in. If they were a suicide, they could be stuck here at which time you can assist them in crossing over to that love and secure contentment and peace. If they were not a suicide, then you can live with their soul energy and rest assured that they have crossed over into the wonderful experience that is eternity.

As long as you are careful and watch to ensure that no negative entity pretends to be your love, because they can and will, you can enjoy living with their soul energy just as you did before.

When we cross over, all questions are answered and all knowledge and meaning is known and understood, and all is forgiven. However, if there are things left unsaid between you, it is not unhealthy for you to communicate with them. How to communicate? Well, how would you communicate with a soul who still had a human body? You’d simply speak aloud or you would write them a letter. Again, this is not unhealthy.

Another aspect of the above considering all is known, understood and forgiven and accepted as love, any negative emotions or thoughts when a person dies change form as well. In other words, if you’d just had a big fight and they stormed out the door and suddenly died, all would be known, understood, accepted and forgiven, and that would have immediately transitioned into an energy of unconditional love and peace. But, because the living experience regret and guilt, it’s kind of hard to wrap our heads around this possibility. But, it’s very true! Anything “bad” has already become a good energy.

To overcome your loss, there are a few exercises you can do through voice and verbal communication and through writing. Communicating with the person you have lost is a healthy thing, so go ahead and do this. And rest assured, if you ask the Creator, or God as you believe in Him to lift your pain, He will do so. It may not come in the time frame that you prefer, but rest assured that it will happen. And, ask your love for comfort as you ask the creator for comfort, for He is your parent and your love is now a part of your loving parent. You know that old saying, “Ask and you shall receive?” This rings true here. It’s a form of manifestation. And remember, your love’s energy is with you. That’s the amazing thing about energies: they can be anywhere or everywhere, all the time. Communicate with your love and ask them to comfort you as you ask the Creator for comfort. Make sure this request comes from The Source. From your heart.

It will take time, but this pain and loss and feelings of grief will pass. And as my grandmother used to say, “There’s a lid for each and every pot, and sometimes there’s two.” In other words, The Creator and your love’s energy and soul will restore you with a new soulmate. This all happens in what’s called the Divine Plan and the timeline is referred to as The Divine Timing. In other words, your pain is teaching you valuable soul lessons, however, the pain will be lifted when you ask and you shall receive. All in the correct and perfect timing for your soul.

And when you feel hopeless doubt, and believe me, I know better than anyone how that can feel, ask again. Simply…ask.

Blessings xo


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