COVID-19 - What's Going To Happen? How To Stay Safe

I get this question often and my response is safety and prevention is always key. For example, if you are wanting to be healthy and lose weight, you would eat healthy foods, you wouldn't go get two big macs and a diet coke. So, let's look at this logically.

COVID-19 is a virus. Key ways our bodies fight off virus is through our own immune systems. Key ways to boost our immune systems is through proper nutrients, a balanced diet, being physically fit and overall preventative health care. Good diet, exercise, and a positive attitude can take you far. But for some things, we do need medicine. Thankfully, modern medicine exists.

I remember seeing one young mother who had read all about how vaccines are supposedly so dangerous for children so she decided not to vaccinate and her son came down with the measles. So she asked the doctor, "No other child in his school got the measles, I don't understand why he is the only one. What is the cure?" The doctor said, "There is no cure which is why we have vaccines. The other children at the school weren't infected because they were vaccinated. Your child must have come in contact with a person infected with measles. You will need to quarantine him and nurse him here at home." 

Back before there was a vaccine for measles and other diseases we lost many to various illnesses, even with a healthy diet. Back then processed foods didn't exist as they do today and believe it or not, most people did have a reasonably healthy diet. People today though are able to love longer, healthier lives due to modern medicine. Back then, CONTAINMENT AND QUARANTINE were the only weapons against serious illness. Unfortunately, regarding this COVID-19 we are in a similar boat as way back when with regard to containment and quarantine being the only weapon (at least for right now.)

Are people crazy or just care only about themselves?

The other day we had to go to Costco because I needed a new phone. My current phone was more than 3 years-old and was cracked. I know this may get out of hand and I'll need a decent phone to use. So, off to Costco we went. They were clicking in people counting the numbers (no more than 25 can gather) and no one can be left inside after hours. Additionally, if you look sick you cannot enter. The phone sales girl told us that earlier that day, some woman had tried to enter with her son who was apparently a positive case. They didn't let her inside. 

She could have left him in the car, or she could have done the "right thing" and taken her son home to quarantine. But she did not.

Another of N's patients apparently decided to show up sick to the clinic. She had not been tested for the virus, but she showed up. WHY? She should have called and said she was sick. He had to speak with her through glass. 

Another person whose daughter should have been in containment at the hospital decided to visit his office and told everyone how her daughter had been in contact with someone who had been in contact with the virus. Instead of calling the hospital and saying, "I think we have a potential exposure," she decided to put her daughter in the car and just drive on over to the hospital herself. Now all 51 patients from said hospital ER waiting room are now in quarantine waiting on expensive testing / waiting to see if any symptoms show up.

If you feel sick, go into quarantine. CALL your doctor. Don't just go in to see your doctor. You will be given instructions via phone and most docs are now seeing patients via phone or video (such as Skype) now anyway instead of in-person. Remember, this is a VIRUS so there is no magic medicine that can "cure" this. Your instructions will likely be along the lines of to quarantine to contain the virus, to remain in quarantine and to notify everyone you've come into contact with over the past 2 weeks or so. 

If you can stay home, this means an old lady will see another Christmas.

I could advise on what to take for the immune system, however you probably already know that stuff. 

Everyone should wear face masks right now. Why? Well, let's say that you visited your great Aunt Mary 2 weeks ago and great Aunt Mary just returned from a cruise where the virus was...or had lunch with a friend who was on said cruise. Great Aunt Mary in this scenario doesn't travel well and she had lunch with a friend whose friend whose brother-in-law's boss had the virus. Is it possible that you caught it? ABSOLUTELY. But since symptoms do not show up for somewhere between 3 days and 2-3 weeks, then how to know if you're infected, or not? SO, JUST WEAR THE DARN MASK. You might be infected and not know it, or you might just protect yourself from a sneezing toddler who wiped his buggers on your shopping cart handle. Masks keep you from touching your face.

What about the shortage of supplies?

But let's say you have no mask? Here you go:

Can't find sanitizer or alcohol? You're not alone. Here you go: 

What do I do to stay home, though? I'm bored!

Read a book. Exercise. Those of you who have the ability, you can work from home. Clean the house. Watch television. DO NOT go to stores. People are freaking out and stocking up. Trust me when I say you should stock up on NECESSITIES but toilet paper is really the least of your worries right now. Pretend it's Armageddon and ask yourself what you would stock up on. I recommend food. Once you have stocked up, you'll be sitting pretty in 3 years worth of what, paper supplies? If you run out, never underestimate the power of a wash cloth and hot, soapy water. Wait...soap? Yes, that is something worth stocking up on. Resist the urge to go out shopping. 

The things that are important I think are a decent phone, a land line if you have one, a battery operated radio and batteries, candles, a decent flashlight, canned and dried food, soap, water is okay but that likely will not turn off / run out. Stock up on medicines, vitamins, personal care stuff, think like you're about to take a long trip and must pack your own food, then multiply that. ORDER ONLINE, REDUCE YOUR RISK OF CATCHING IT BY STAYING IN.

Relax. If you stay in then chances are you will be safe until it is contained.

Remember, if you are around no one, then you will not catch this at all. If you're home, you can't possibly catch the virus! You can however "catch" up on getting chores done. Clean out that catch-all room, finally wax the floors, clean the litter box (Fluffy will thank you) and give the dog a trim. Salons are closed so you can finally try trimming your own hair. Clean out your closet. Try the new healthy recipe you've wanted to try. Pull out a board game. Maybe this is a chance to spend actual quality time with your family. Remember board games? Those used to be so much fun! Well, now you have a chance to teach your kids what life was like "before the internet." Sometimes it's fun to play "before the internet" because it brings families closer together. Talk about spirituality, politics, ideas, dreams, whatever moves you. 

Instead of thinking of this as "oh, life is on hold," think of it as "G-d is creating an opportunity for us to really bond as a family at home with no interference." 

If you're someone who is sick, then our thoughts and prayers go out to you. You know that sometimes things happen for a reason and those things aren't always fun. But, if we did not have the hard times then we would not even know the good ones when we saw them. I know that sounds so cliche' and isn't very helpful right now, but the good thing is, once you're well then you're well - and you will be well soon - you will have a stronger immune system and there is no getting this twice. 

We want to care for the needy and the sick and let them know that they're not alone. If you are sick and need medical attention please do call your doctor or 911 or 999 depending on your location so that you can get to the hospital. Remember, even if you have mild symptoms please quarantine. The faster this is contained, the better it will be. I wish everyone many blessings. xoxo



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