Ascension & Telepathy

As we process through Ascension, we become like giant radio towers. We begin to be able to receive the frequencies of others as we emit our own frequency. With this ability, we also begin to receive on a deeper level. We begin to receive the feelings, emotions and physical sensations of those around us, and even those who are located at a distance. They may be able to receive us simultaneously as well, and sometimes they do not.

Often, we first begin to send and receive with our caregivers, parents, friends and those around us as children. We can sense it's a good time to text a friend or neighbor based on the "feeling" we get, even without being in their immediate presence. This process comes and goes often in waves and continues through adulthood.

But once the process of Ascension begins, we begin to receive even more. Oftentimes, the onset of Ascension can be marked by the awakening of this ability at a higher level than ever before. We can suddenly tap into someone we've not thought of for months, or we might suddenly tap into an ex, an old friend, or even our workmate seated across the room.

If you suddenly tap into someone, there is a chance they may sense your presence, even if you don't want them to. You may look up at the person across the room, feel a sudden unconditional love for them like you have never experienced before, and be able to sense them as you have never felt anyone in your entire life. Usually, this person will have some connection to you in some way, but not always. It could be that a previous life experience links you and your newfound ability is able to pick up the frequency, which I refer to as a "re-memory." Other times, there is no rhyme or reason for the connection, it's simply that your ability is sensitive and strong at that moment.

Don't let your fear take hold of you when these connections happen. These incidents are simply your process and can be a lovely learning experience if you allow them to be.

In manifestation we often refer to the Moment Of Allowing. This is described as "being one with the Universe, actually allowing what needs to come to you, to come, freely and openly." Being in the moment of allowing your telepathic abilities to run their natural course will let you learn to use them at your own comfortable pace.

Example: if you sit across the room from a person, preferably a spiritual-minded friend, try to manifest them scratching their head with their left hand. Send them this message through your frequency. Don't stare at them, or else they really will scratch their head! But gently, kindly and with love, send them a frequency. You'll likely see them comply!

Start practicing your ascension skills as soon as you notice them. The symptoms may begin in an intense bang, or they may come very slowly. Use your skills and be calm. It can be a fun process if you let it!

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