Are You Struggling With Your Twin Flame? What To Do Right Now

If you feel as though you're struggling right now, you're not alone. There are many in this world who tend to experience struggle when it comes to aspects of love and relationships. There are even more who experience struggle as a result of the concept of Twin Flame. I say "concept of" because when I go on the internet, I see an abundance of struggle. I'm going to give some guidance here on what to do to avoid struggle.

First, please be careful out there. 

The thing is, Twin Flame is supposed to be wonderful, fulfilling and deeply rooted in purpose. So, why do we see all of this fear mongering advertising? Heck, I've even read blogs by so-called "energy healers" claiming that they can "heal Twin Flames and everyone else is a 'false prophet' so better watch out or else you won't heal properly," even siting Bible versus about false prophets. (I wonder how G-d would feel about His word regarding scripture (re: false prophets of God not Twin Flames) being used to advertise services?) And yes, this website was basically a big, giant sales pitch for "Twin Flame-related healing / classes / lessons / ascension / activation / etc., etc., etc." 

Trust me when I say that Twin Flames don't need to hire a service to "activate." 

We also don't need books, downloads or "Twin Flame 911 Kits." 

We know that ascension happens for literally everyone, Twin Flame or not and we do not need to buy products or services in order to encourage it or help it along.

Hey... if that stuff was for real, don't you think I'd have created an awesome Twin Flame download, kit, book series, what have you? You bet I sure would. Oh, I could dream something up, I'm sure of it. But I think that would be very wrong. The thing is, the people who need my advice will find me and guess what: it's here. You're reading it. 

These kits, books, classes, I've looked at them and a good amount seem to be advertisements for further purchased services. It's as though Twin Flame has become some crazy sort of marketing. Once they buy one set of lessons, they need to buy the next. And, the next. And the- you get the idea. It's just wrong.

So my long-winded point here is, don't buy into sales pitches. You probably don't "need" whatever it is, anyway. If you feel you'd benefit from something then by all means, I can't tell anyone not to do something and if something makes a person feel good than why not. I'm just saying you probably don't "need" anything. Just as with the spiritual counseling I offer, chances are you don't actually "need" it. Only do something if it makes you happy. 

True Twin Flame is not intended to be miserable.

My next piece of advice is that since people are seemingly marketing on the scared, lost, confused and lovelorn, I'd like to say something that I've said about a thousand times already. I'm going to say it again, though. Twin Flame Is Not A Miserable Experience! It can be difficult, it can feel strange and it can seem very weird at times. I've experienced it myself and heck, I even recall thinking my twin had somehow installed a spy app on my phone because he was using the exact words I'd manifested in a conversation during a manifestation process I'd done. But it isn't some soul-draining nightmare from which one finds it impossible to wake. There are advertisers out there who'd probably like for you to think it's miserable, so they can sell you something to "fix" your problem. But the thing is, true Twin Flame isn't miserable. 

There are a number of soul connection types which may appear very Twin Flame-y in nature (such as catalysts) who are going to seem quite difficult. Many confuse them with Twin Flame because it's very easy to do. So, they rant and rave and blog and gab on various websites and social media and while their intentions might be in the right place, and while it may be a helpful and cathartic experience for themselves, it's extremely misleading to the reader or viewer. It causes others to believe that Twin Flames are like catalysts. While twin Flames can be extremely catalytic in a positive and amazing way, they're not the type of catalyst who makes you go batpoop crazy.

Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a lesson on religion...

But... Everything goes back to The Creator. In other words, G-d. Your origin. I like to think of G-d as our Creator, or parent of sorts. (For some reason I think of G-d as our "parent," and I guess that there is a reason why they refer to G-d as "The Father.") My point is, Everything goes back to Creation and Origin. As a Twin Flame, or maybe even not as a Twin Flame, you might actually even have some pre-birth memories. You might actually remember aspects of making your choices before this life too. Everyone talks about Twin Flame as being a wonderful romantic relationship and it is, but the true purpose has to do with truth and origin. In your path you're going to find yourself, and you will find Your Truth. You will find your Twin Flame was always right there with you. You will find Origin. This goes back to Creation. 

You'll also learn to stop asking "why is this happening to me" as almost a complaint of some sort and learn to ASK. You'll connect with Source. Yes, you have a direct line to Source and Source has a direct line to The Creator. One thing I learned in my process was to ask for guidance. You will discover that you have purpose in this life whether or not you realize it. Everything you do, say, absolutely everything has it's own purpose in the grand design of The Creator.

Stop getting caught up in fear, worry and what-if thinking.

In Twin Flame, people get all caught up in worry. I mean, worries about the smallest things. What if this, what if that, oh my there's always a worry. Frankly, I blame this on the fear-based writing I see about Twin Flames and Soulmates. If you worry about something enough, you should know you can accidentally manifest it. If we practice waiting, we receive more waiting. If we practice needing, same thing. If we practice fear-based thinking...guess what? Yep. Stop the fear-based needing, worrying and what-if thinking. If you open yourself to the positive, then there's no telling what types of wonderful you might manifest. You want to drop and release the pressure on yourself, your partner and your life. Enjoy your life. It's short. It's a mere blink. Do you want to spend your Journey To Union in a fear-based worry or do you want to manifest and enjoy yourself? Personally, I recommend enjoying yourself but that's just my opinion. 

It's hard to just say "think positive all the time 100% of the time," that's just not realistic. I mean, release the fear-based what-if thinking. Give yourself permission to relax. Connect to your Higher Self and allow yourself to relax and enjoy. Live oyur life well and move forward in your life. Remember, if you want to avoid becoming stuck or stagnated, when we practice moving forward with our lives, this prevents stagnation and we instantly become "unstuck." Regardless of what aspect in your life you are moving forward in, becoming "unstuck" isn't hard as people think. It's just a matter of moving forward. 

Filling your life with joy is more simple than people imagine. Is there something that makes you happy? Art? Reading? Jogging? DO IT. Don't wait. Move forward with what makes you happy. You need no one's permission to be happy. Any when you're living your own life well, guess what happens - when you least expect it? That's right. You got it!

I hope this helps you. Blessings xo


Dusty severs

I’ve been trying to find out if this problem I’m having to deal with is a common thing with twin flames,that is : I get this what it seems to be something that intercepts our heart beat connection and gives me false intense heart beat and it makes me believe that my counterpart is not being faithful,and it seems so real because it’s your heart doing this!
However her hearts beating my heart matches hers,but there are times when it’s not the same,this would happen to her also and makes her believe I’m doing things that I shouldn’t be doing,due to how there are different frequencys to how this false heart beat would it just in our own minds playing on our fears or is it possible that it’s a negitive entity doing this(spirit attachment)?


Hi.ty for your 411 on tf. But I’m to the point of being exhausted, Is four yrs. I see synch. I see the universal num. 11:11,12:12, 10:10 his dob. My dob it’s equal his day of birth, mine dob is 5-30= 8 he was born on 1-08, that num. I see it on the clock without me Knowing it’s 1 o’clock , even my life path num. And his is the same, 7 for four years I have been the chaser, but not anymore, I’m hurt and tire, and what hurts the most is that I feel unconditional love for him. But sadly he’s doesn’t want to see it or accept it, it hurts so so so much because I have given Time and effort to this connection, frankly I do not want to feel no More and I don’t want to see signals synch nothing I’m so sad and hurt to my soul. Anyway by his dob, you know his a capricorn, and yes I’m a Geminis, we’ll be good and stay safe. Idnk if u answering back, if you do I will appreciate it.

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