Are You Or Your Property Haunted?


There are many things in this world that we experience, or that others around us experience that piques our curiosity. On the top of that list is paranormal activity aka haunted houses.


Paranormal activity is one of the most popular subjects in the world. People across the globe flock to hotels and B&B motor lodges that are reputed to be haunted in order to try to catch a glimpse of the other side. There are even popular television series on the subject where paranormal investigators use special instruments and gauges to "read" energy at a location or around a person to either prove or debunk the presence of entities and spirits.

As a paranormal investigator myself from back in the day, I am often asked to read on everything ranging from photographs to videos to places and even people, both dead and alive. Most cases are easily explained away or debunked with a simple explanation.


One of my recent cases involved a strange set of images that were captured in a series of photographs taken using an iPhone. The "ghostly orbs" zinging past the child in the photos of her Christmas celebration were actually a reflection of the light coming from the television as it bounced off another reflection in the window pane due to a car's headlights at dusk, in turn shining against the holiday tree's tinsel which meshed perfectly with the phone's flat screen to mirror back as moving light reflections. Yep! Enjoy fooling your friends and family, ladies and gentlemen! Take a photo at the exact right time, place and angle with the right lighting at the perfect moment and you, too, can create dancing orbs. These reflections can even take place when there's no noticeable reflections coming from anything in particular, and can even at times, resemble actual people. Fun stuff.


There are some cases which are virtually unexplainable, and some cases that even require the banishment or removal of certain energies or "ghosts." Those are the cases that really pique my interest.

Just ask Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed and Lorraine have investigated countless haunts and even have a museum of haunted and possessed objects. I am their number 1 fan and I am a huge follower of their work. Ed and Lorraine put the explanations to the unexplainable: The True Paranormal.

It was the story of Ed and Lorraine's work that first compelled me to feel an interest in the realm of ghost hunting in the first place. Now I will always check for a "haunted room" in any hotel we visit.

The Warrens do not call themselves "ghost hunters," and for good reason. They like to be referred to in most situations as "demonologists," again for excellent reason. The majority of hauntings are actually not due to a ghost, but to something older, something darker, something more evil and sinister. Oftentimes, these are demons.

Some visitations are demonic, some are actual unsettled disembodied spirits or what we would call ghosts, some are poltergeist, and some are so unique that no name exists for them. But, these incidents all have something in common: they're all energy.


Recently, my guy came home with a curious story about a person. Yesterday, he came home with a story about a person who brought in real evidence of a haunting. For her privacy, I'll call her Jennifer.

Jennifer's husband and father of her son committed suicide by hanging himself in their home. During her son's birthday party, she decided to record the cake presentation using her cell phone. When she played it back, she could clearly hear a man's voice that sounded like the boy's father, call out to her son. There were no men present whose voice could have been picked up by the recording, nor did anyone call out to the boy, using the boy's name at the time of the recording.

Was this a case of the boy's father wanting to participate in his son's birthday party? Unfortunately not. I say this because while it would be the most common knee-jerk assumption, this is simply not the case. Suicides are typically not, contrary to popular belief and folklore, trapped in the location where they died. When the body dies and the soul is released, 99.999% of the time, the soul ascends to eternity with God. While it is said to be a sin to play God in any way including committing suicide, the soul of a suicide typically doesn't hang around in a certain location, nor does it become trapped there.

***You see, it has nothing so much to do with where they lived or where they died. It has to do with energy and the ones they loved.


An attachment is when the soul of a person, either living or dead, or the energy of a soul (or the energy of a dark or demonic entity) attaches it's self to a living human being. This type of attachment is the most common form of haunting, and is also the most frightening. Because entities such as poltergeist can also attach to a living person, these attachments can be everything from troublesome to terrorizing. There is though, the rare form of attachment that can actually seem comforting or reassuring and even helpful, but is actually attempting to gain the subject's trust in order to gain power for it's self.

You see, the more attention we offer to these entities, the more powerful and real it can become. Remember the book, 'The Velvetine Rabbit?' The boy loved his toy bunny so much that it became a real one. The more attention and play that the child gave to his toy, the more worn it became, and the more real it became. It is similar with energy. The more attention you give to it, the more powerful it becomes, as it feeds off your life force and your own energy. Sometimes, the entity will stick around and sometimes it gains the power it needed, so it can move on to it's real cause.

"I saw signs and felt my beloved Aunt Jane for years after she passed away, things would even move around the house...I even saw her once...then, suddenly one day, it all stopped...I suppose she finally decided I didn't need so much watching over so she decided to go to heaven."

Meanwhile, back in reality...

The more accurate statement would have been, "The accumulated energy in my household and on my property started getting attention from me because I allowed my thoughts to go in that got stronger and stronger...started to be able to have some physical power as it grew...then it left to visit someone else...because I am too strong to become it left to find someone it could more easily possess."

The more power we offer it, the stronger and more real the energy becomes. The energy develops a purpose.


So, then why do certain B&B's have reputations of folks seeing ghosts who live on the properties? Because people WANT to see them. The following explanation is accurate and correct for the majority of hauntings, but not for all situations.

These apparitions people claim to see are most oftentimes simply manifested energies. If your subconscious mind truly desires to see something, it most certainly will. Your energy will mesh with the energy that is present already on the property -just like the description of the light and reflections I described above -and an "entity" will appear. The entity will appear however your mind wants to see it, or as it has appeared to others in the past. This is not imagination; rather, it is the culmination of energies at a certain location.

The energy at a certain location can be anything. Suicides, much like the living, can leave an IMPRESSION on the property or location. The energy of others, both living and dead (outside energies) will visit the location and also leave an impression as well, regardless of the amount of time they happened to be there. Even the mailman can leave an impression. The energy collects and like attracts like, just as with The Law Of Attraction (Like = Like.) In other words, the old saying, "When it rains, it pours," rings true here. The like energy separates and collects to the like energies sort of like puzzle pieces that fit together. When enough of those pieces come together, a picture forms.

Energy can adopt just about any form. Sometimes, it will be a composite of our mind's eye. Perhaps something that we read about, saw or heard about, or a blend thereof. Sometimes, it can take on the appearance of someone who lived long ago, even lived on the property. Or, a deceased loved one. It can look like and even become -absolutely anything.


Most energies want what we have and what it doesn't have: to live for real. It may have lived before, perhaps even as many people. Energy is always tricky, so it can appear to be anyone or anything. SOME suicides or deceased souls do stick around, but usually they're attached to people versus places. Those are the entities who need and desire our assistance, whether they know it or not.


On rare occasion, a soul will not make it to the proverbial "other side," regardless of where it is intended to go. Do not approach this type of situation lightly or on your own. Chances are, it is a mimic of a lost soul (such as a loved one) and it is attempting to gain power any way it can, including attempting to get you, the living, to give it power. Your life force. It does this by getting you to pay attention to it. Most of the time, the "lost soul" isn't actually a lost soul at all, but a dark entity.

Think about it: If it has the power to speak on EVP recordings or if it has the power to manifest physically, or better yet, has the power to move objects in and around the home, do you really think it doesn't have the power to travel?


The majority of "ghosts" happen to be energies, not necessarily energies that were once human. Most energies that cause hauntings so to speak, were never alive in the first place. It is extremely dangerous to attempt such a thing on your own, especially if you have not been trained. Even if you feel like your intuition is on point and "you know your great Aunt Matilda better than anyone," remember that that's exactly what the entity wants you to think. Don't fall for it, seek professional assistance.


Entities mimic souls extremely easily, especially the soul of a suicide. After all, isn't it common sense for the most part to think along those lines? "He killed himself here, so now he's stuck," right? Wrong.. Or, I should say, Dead Wrong.

If you attempt to communicate with your deceased loved one, chances are, it is actually just a mimic of them, and you're accidentally and unknowingly giving power to something else.

Being an entity is like standing on top of a building. If you stand on your roof, you have a clear, bird's eye view of the streets below. You will see a traffic jam happen long before anyone else sees it down below. They're only seemingly smarter because they have that clear view. They can seem to "know things" that only you would know in order to gain your trust.

Let's say that you and another friend are sitting in your living room. You're both alive and well. You have a conversation with your living friend. God hears it, right? God can hear everything. So, couldn't an entity hear the same conversation? After all, the entity has a clear bird's eye view of all below. They can see and hear everything you can, just at a better, more clear distance.


Mimics are extremely common and, just like it's name describes, it can mimic anything, even the energy of those who are still living. I had a client who told me that her soulmate had been in contact with her via telepathy. This lady studied soulmates and telepathy to a great extent, and swore up and down that he was communicating with her this way, including through her dreams. She didn't believe me when I told her that it was actually something else. While soulmates can communicate and I hear stories of this all the time, this was not the case here in this story. She'd been waking up at 3:30 am each night and thought it was him doing the waking. (Demons often like waking their targets at 3:30 am because 3:30 am is the mock of 3:30 pm, the time that Christ was said to have risen, and the 3:30 am is a mock at Christ. Sometimes, it's 3:33 am.)

I suggested that she ask the soulmate if he'd been sending communication. She was shocked (and very disappointed) to learn that he hadn't been thinking of her at all. So, because she didn't want the ego blow, she decided to say that "he just didn't realize in his conscious mind that he was communicating with her, it must have been his higher self." Mmkay. This is entirely possible in lots of situations but again, not in this particular story. 

Nice for the ego preservation; however, this guy not only hadn't been at all communicating with her, he was also happily dating another woman and he has since wed that other woman. They had their first child 2 years ago. But, my client still can't accept that it was in her head and that what it actually was, was a mimic, so she believes he will eventually leave his wife and child for her. This will never happen. He will eventually leave the wife, but not for another 16 years and not for someone else. (Yes, I have told her the truth, actually many times, but you can't change the mind of someone who has fallen in love with an idea. At least not until they're ready to accept and hear the truth for what it is.) I've lead her to the truth and it is up to her to accept that truth. That old saying, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink," unfortunately rings true here. That entity keeps doing things and harassing her like leaving "signs" in her path, giving her dreams and so on. And, to add insult to injury, she's sought the input from other psychics who happen to tell her whatever she wants to hear, thus only confirming her wishes instead of telling her the God's honest truth. Yet, she keeps returning to my site, my articles and my readings. I believe there is a part of her that knows I'm correct. Someday, she'll be strong enough to accept the correct truth. So, as you can see, entities are powerful. But, they're only as powerful as you make them.


Yes, there are many things. First of all, don't believe everything you hear, see or read online. If you're going to take matters into your own hands so to speak, at least do it correctly.

1. Cleanse your property.
Sage is only one method used for clearing a property of energy that is unwanted. There are many methods, but sage is the most popular as it's very easy to do. Some entities or energy can be banished with a simple sage cleansing, especially "entities" that you've accidentally created yourself. These are usually weaker, smaller energies that accumulate due to depression, stress, unrequited love, and so on. These can, in many cases, be removed with using sage in a cleansing ritual. It's favored due to being cheap, easy and reasonably effective.

2. Cleanse yourself and those around you.
Sage can not only be used to clear and clean property, but can also be used to cleanse people, too. Bathing in certain sage combined with herbs and such using a root work style bath can be effective. There are many recipes for this, the most effective being when you gather and prepare your bath yourself. You can do these things all on your own and it's not expensive to do.

3. Protect your property.
Covering your mirrors for example so the energy or spirits can't use them as a portal is always good sense, especially during a banishment ritual. Placing (new) crushed brick dust at the exit and entry to your home, including windows, can prevent certain energy and people from entering to harm you. Certain candle rituals are also helpful. (Always use new, never before burned candles and newly constructed bricks, as otherwise God only knows what you'd be releasing into your home.)

4. Enlist help from a professional or priest.

While the basic cleansing, clearing and protection methods can work for some, there are certain situations when you really do need professional help. Asking your priest or minister for a blessing is a good first step. The clergy is always helpful in blessing the home and property, especially when it has new occupants. There's good reason for this. Priests know that homes need blessings to receive the new tenants and for protection from God. Personally, I've given many shamanic blessings for homes, private offices, rooms, and the like. My friends enjoy and appreciate it. No one will make fun of you for asking your priest or your clergy to visit your home. As a matter of fact, the clergy enjoys being invited. God also appreciates your request and keeps you safe.


No, but a house's energy certainly can cause some issues.

Toward the end of the street that I grew up on, there was one house that had a very sad history. Each day we'd drive home from school my mother would remind us of that house's ominous past. She didn't realize it at the time, but speaking of the negativity only gave it more power. The house had been built in the early 1970's. Apparently, there had been a very messy divorce after the death of a child, followed by the next owners who also lost a child and divorced after the man lost his job. That house was then bought and sold 4 more times, each with the husband losing his job followed by another messy divorce. Coincidence? I think not! Like attracts like. As the occupants changed, the house's energy grew stronger. It attacked those who lived there, the exact same way each time. The people grew to hate, so the energy in the house started to hate back, growing like a black rain cloud.Like a rain cloud travels across the sky collecting moisture to eventually rain, energy collects energy and eventually "rains" too. 


While there are many methods used for the above purposes, be cautious about your selection. Many work, and just as many do not. A client once told me how she kept a broom over her front door for "protection." My response was, "That should be an excellent dust and cobweb catcher." Those are for good luck charms. The best way is to use real protection.

The best way is to first, determine the TYPE of energy you're dealing with. Make sure that it is not a "living ghost." Once you have determined the type of energy or entity you're dealing with, it becomes fairly simple to remove any "haunt." Energy can dissolve into a different type of energy all together. It can change form. It does not disappear all together, but it can change form, preferably into a positive type of energy, or it can leave all together. Just be mindful of where you're sending it when you send it away.


Like the dead, living energy is able to leave an impression on a location or property and is often even stronger than energy of the dead, or energy of a demon.

I had a client who moved into a new house in Virginia. She got it in a quick sale due to a divorce. Soon after moving in, strange things and the apparition of a crying woman standing at the kitchen sink began to appear. It was a small town, and she eventually met the former owner. She decided to inquire about the strange goings on. The apparition she mentioned looked exactly like the former owner who used to cry every afternoon while standing at the kitchen sink. She'd cry there as she watched her husband enter the home of the younger, female neighbor during their affair. This former owner had left her impression on the property and the energy had fed off the new occupant, who was dealing with a lot of stress at the time of her move. The energy manifested its self in the former owner's physical appearance.

We were able to dissolve that energy and cleanse the property by enlisting the assistance of the former owner, the crying woman. She agreed to return to the house, receive the closure she needed due to her divorce and she dissolved her own negative energy that was "haunting" the new occupant. You can also ise sage and salt to remove these types of energies.


Again, it doesn't have so much to do with where they lived or where they died. If an attachment exists, it is likely going to be staying near those it loved when it was alive. This can be confusing and tricky though to determine, especially due to the fact that most attachments are simply accumulations of energy versus the spirits of the dead.

If a tragedy happened at a home or on a certain property, it is usually the energy that contains the sadness of the person, not so much the person's soul it's self. However, if you attempt to communicate with the energy as though it were a person, it may just take on that type of form: look like a person.

Banishment of negative energy as negative energy works best versus attempting to communicate with it as though it were a person, giving it a name, thus giving it more power. The above listed banishment methods are usually effective in the majority of cases. If you have attempted and failed, and attempted and failed again, remember that the most important aspect of a banishment of any type of energy is to remove the power it has. Don't pay attention to it. Don't give it a name. Don't chat with it. Don't ask it questions (it will answer you, don't do this.) Do not try to befriend it. Treat it as energy. Clear the negative energy. Retain and create the positive energy.


You don't like when someone pulls your hair or snaps your bra like in 6th grade. Neither does energy. By poking at it, especially if you're dealing with a negative energy or a sad energy, it can and will become angry. This will in turn cause you stress which will in turn cause you to pay attention to the energy, even thinking of it in your mind, which will cause reprisal.

If you upset the energy (energy doesn't enjoy moving or being told it is leaving) it may create backlash. Reprisal. You do not want reprisal, especially with a poltergeist or a demon. If you believe that your methods will work, they will have more power than if you did not believe.

If in doubt, ask your priest to pay you a visit. Have your property blessed. A home-cooked meal or a nominal donation to the church is usually more than enough in return. Advise your priest or minister of any strange goings on, in or around the home. Once you have received your blessing, please remember that like attracts like. bring positivity to the home. Decorate with positive signs that God exists in your home. Pray. Sing. Laugh. Cook your meals there. Enjoy your family there.

Don't "look" for signs of negative energy. Don't play ghost detective by taking videos or photos or attempt to "catch the ghost in the act." Don't talk to the "ghost," or even pay it any mind or attention. These are all acts of poking and prodding and when you medal with the dead or with energy, it will surely medal right back. If there is any anger or hatred in your house, the house's energy will most certainly start to hate back.


Do not attempt to play with it. This includes playing with the seemingly innocent Ouija Board game and Tarot cards. Unless you have some intense experience, always leave the real work to the professionals. Some of the smartest women I know tend to medal using Tarot cards. They think they know what they're doing.

I have one friend who is always asking me what my opinion is on her twin flame (same thing as an ideal romantic soulmate, except the twin is a divided soul and a mission exists in the relationship.) She is always asking me what my opinion is, yet she is constantly posting Tarot card readings she does on her own. What she isn't realizing is, because she is not a professional, is that while she's playing card reader, energies are watching, hearing her. They're sitting there, putting the cards that they want her to see out. She does these silly "angel protections" when she reads, but to energy and entities, that's like an engraved invitation to come screw with her life. Yes, angels are great but they don't come down to tell your fortune, nor do they create a barrier between you and the dead, including evil entities.

There is a reason this lady keeps asking me and others what's up with her love. Her inner intuition is skewed, and subconsciously she knows this, and her Higher Self is advising her to (look elsewhere other than the cards with which she's playing for assistance.) Unfortunately, she's asking the wrong questions. She should not be asking about this man, she should be asking how to clear the home and herself of negative energy.

There is a reason she has not heard from her love in a long time. It's because the negative energies that are toying with her are having a great ole time keeping her from true love and they've stagnated her life as a result. Why haven't I told her? I have lead her to the water, but you can't make her drink. This love she has for this man is not only addictive and obsessive, but it's toxic. But, she and other "twin flame" have given themselves permission to be stagnated hurry up and wait...  Sad but very unfortunately true. If she would cleanse and remove the negative energies that surround her, put away those cards, she would see the light of day. This is up to her though. I can see the nice man who is patiently waiting for her to wake up. She will not meet him until she does put the cards away and sees the light.

Now, I'm not saying don't play with the tarot cards. I'm saying be very CAREFUL should you decide to use them, and only use them the right way. Cards are a form of what's called an oracle. Another form of an oracle is called a Ouija board. Oracles are devices that commune with energy and are used for divination, so I'm sure you get my point. If you're going to use divination oracles, use them wisely and correctly. If you feel your life is stagnated in some way, for God's sake, put the oracles away. Stress seems to make us want to play with the oracles even more, which only causes more of the same stagnation. If you're in this vicious cycle, break it! Get your life back. You deserve happiness, so claim yours!


Treat your home (and yourself) as though positive exists including giving your home the love it deserves, and your home will love you right back. Love is one of the strongest bullets you can use against negative energy. Love is a powerful emotion but it is also a useful tool. Always use Love in the highest form of the greater good.

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