How To Experience Your Own Past Life Regression (Free Instructional Guide)

Some twins remember their previous lifetimes. They recall choosing their fathers, and hearing that their fathers would select their mothers. I've even talked with some who remember their deaths during their previous incarnations, and some of them even recall further -learning from The Creator (God) that their life was many lessons. Some have described it as "recalling the feeling of all questions being answered as I traveled in the "light love" of God, knowing all the mistakes I'd made and why..." it's an amazing and enlightening experience listening to those who remember.

Some twins even notice strange and coincidental synchronicity around their past lives. They remember certain aspects, and some experience recollection through dreams.

I know one twin who remembers distinct incidents of a past life that took place in a certain country at a certain time. In this lifetime, he and his twin both share names from that location and era. it was as though they were drawn together through the synchronicity.

I heart emoticon hearing these stories. If you're interested in hearing more, I recommend picking up a copy of Cosmic Cradle. The seminars are also excellent. How does this play into twin flames? Many twins happen to recall their past lives. Because Twins are "A Single Soul Split Into Two Parts; Two Human Bodies Encompassing A Single Soul," this would mean that the past lives one twin remembers would likely reconcile with his or her twin flame's as they were at one time, a single human being in their previous lives.

I know one twin who said to her twin partner that she's always "remembered" her past life...and he'd had similar "memories" through his dreams. Being a single soul divided into two bodies is not always an easy experience. However, I always recommend Past Life Regression.

While I offer professional PLR sessions, I recommend to all my friends and clients to also use the free apps for PLR and Lucid Dreaming. Often, through Lucid Dreaming, you can treat yourself to a Past Life Experience through use of these apps. There are so many from which to choose. If you're looking for the better ones, simply do a search online to find an app that resonates with you. It may take several tries, but you will find one that works well for you. If you don't like using apps, here's the steps for Past Life Rememories.


1. Choose relaxing music. Bliss Coded Sound are some of my personal faves, but any will do.
2. Make sure you're in a relaxed position and prepared for sleep.
3. A nightlight or candle will be helpful if you end up in sleep paralysis.
4. In your mind, walk down a staircase that is long and winding. Visualize a door at the bottom. Count backward from 100 as you descend.
5. Once you've reached the door, open it. Walk down 4 more steps until you reach a peaceful location such as a garden. In this place, find a place to rest.
6. Process through the Green Healing Light then the White Protective Centering. Once it exist your feet, stand up (visualize) and walk forward down the path.
7. When you reach the 3 mirrors, choose ONE then walk through the center of one that you choose.
8. Once you've passed through the portal, look down at your feet first...then at your body..then see the path in front of you to journey toward those you loved during your previous incarnations.

These are only general and basic instructions, but my clients have the best luck with this process using these steps. This may take practice. You may fall into a dream before reaching your portal. This is okay; don't worry, just try again when you're ready.

Once you've experienced your previous life or lives, let me know what you see! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

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