How To Reconnect With Your Twin Flame (Or Anyone) FAST

Being a Twin Flame is more than just finding your ideal romantic and life partner. It's a huge responsibility. You have a Divine Mission, you have a joined Divine Mission and you have a ton to process through - together. It's not an easy task and being alone during part of that process can feel isolating.It's the Separation Phase of the journey to union that can feel the longest and most isolating.

I have many clients who I coach who say they feel like this:
"But if I hadn't told him or her how I felt, we'd probably still be talking." Or...
"How could this go from so amazing to feeling so alone?" Or...
"How could they NOT feel this connection? Ir's so intense and all-encompassing." Or...
"Don't they feel the same thing I feel?"

Twin Flames share a connection, often referred to as "The Heart Pull." This is due to the shared Chakra. The Chakra are the energy centers in our bodies. We have 7 main Chakra and it's through these we experience a sense of connectedness like no other. From these energy centers stem cords referred to as Chakra Cords. In soulmates these cords can connect. Think of actual electric power cords in the work room at your house. There is one end with a male plug with prongs and a female end with a place for said plug to click into. Soulmates of literally any variety including lovers, friends or family can connect. Through this connection there comes an energy exchange. Many will reference the telepathy that they experience when connected with another soul being. Mother's for centuries have owned "mother's intuition" for example. They can actually feel when their child needs them or is happy or crying. This is an example of energy exchange. Twin Flames however, have an even stronger exchange because their cords are not just "connected," but due to the shared soul, twin flames experience an even deeper and more intense sense of connectedness due to shared Chakra. 

I have been in Twin Flame guidance for a very long time, and I have studied and read all the ideas around the twin flame concept. There are new ideas popping up constantly and after experiencing the union and experiencing it with others, I feel I deserve to have a few ideas of my own. Here is what I have found that REALLY WORKS AND WORKS FAST. Had I found this earlier on during my own path, I'd have saved so much time, energy and effort. Of course each journey is unique, however there are a few things that I've found that one can do using one's own free will that can expedite the journey to union. There's a long path and a short path to union and I always recommend the shorter path. It saves time, energy and effort. Your specific "short path" will depend upon you, your twin, your particular situation and set of circumstances and also the choices you make. But this is simple common sense, I'm fairly confident that you already know this. In this article I will discuss ONE process through which almost anyone can see a shift for the positive toward that short path.

The connection shared is intense and can even be overwhelming.

When you feel overwhelmed, stop. Pull back and rethink. Shift your mindset from "I need" to "I prefer." When you change your needs to only preferences, you change the energy around the situation. When you shift the energy, things come to you much faster. This is called using the Law of Attraction and is always works. 

Imagine and visualize for a moment, the energy bubble that encompasses you and your twin flame. Visualize that you and your twin are the two positive glowing orbs of energy that you are; one male energy and one female energy - perfect Yin and Yang - face to face, joined of course in the center by a cord of energy. This energy cord in this scenario represents the Chakra cords. Now, imagine that your twin counterpart is running away from you. What happens to your soul being now? You trail behind them, of course, because you are connected at the Chakra cords. So, while they're running you are chasing by default, even if you didn't want to. 

Shifting the "need" to only a preference will cause your counterpart to begin to not feel any sense of pressure, and begin to sense your absence in their life. And, because you are no longer "chasing" them (sending them energy which might be perceived as a pressure such as "I need you" or "come back to me") causes that energy to shift and flip, reverse. And, because you're of course attached by the cord, when you reverse the energy from "I need" to "I prefer," then they will have to begin chasing you by default as well, especially if you were to begin moving forward. There they are, trailing behind you, attached to that cord, hoping you will "need" them again. This time, don't need. 

When they turn around toward you, don't run, don't chase, simply stand perfectly still with your arms wide open - but do not pressure. 

Another way to use the Law of Attraction is to use the Abraham Hicks Journal Method. I used this in my own situation and IT WORKED well for me.

Make the physical movement of energy of going out and purchasing something for yourself: a brand new journal. Make it your own by personalizing your journal. For 2 weeks, write the same sentence 3x in a row, 3x per day.

In this method, I saw results after only 2 days. I wrote of this in a different blog entry but I will explain and detail it all here.

I was in Twin Flame separation so I personalized my journal and began to use it. It had been a long path for me. I wrote the same sentence (always giving gratitude) 3x in a row, 3x per day. My sentence was, verbatim, "I am so grateful that my Twin Flame has asked me to move with him."

By the end of day one, I received a phone call. Not bad!
By the end of day 2 after the 2nd row of sentences were written, he called again. He said, "If you're ready to move to me, I'm ready to have you here."

I thought, wow! This really works. I need to share this with my clients! This was also a huge relief to me because my lease was almost up and I really needed to know that I would receive that verbal confirmation that he wanted me to move to him. Someone here made a comment that they found it hard to believe that my journey was over within such a short time. I responded. Our path was not 2 weeks from start to finish, it was a long path if you've read about our path together in my other blog posts. This is why I want to assist others on achieving the short path I've spoken of. But I digress...

I wanted to test it out first though -one more time. I like to make sure that all of my advice is 100% accurate. I did not want any errors and I wanted the process to be simple. So, I asked 10 of my clients to follow my instructions. Here are the results:

7 of my clients reunited with their Twin Flame, 1 found her true twin flame after many months of pining over the false twin and 1 located her twin flame who had moved to another city. 100% success by day 8 for all of them. Great. But the key is to follow the instructions. I will write these instructions here clearly so please follow them. And please remember to use this for the positive and highest good. You must never use this manifestation technique for negativity or to harm someone or ever use it for selfish reasons. If you have found this post then it was intended, but if you use it for ill will you will experience karmic repercussions. 

Do not use this for selfish reasons, to manipulate anyone else, to harm another living being, or use it to connect with someone out of an obsession or jealousy.

Why does this work?

When you're putting in energy - both emotional and physical, you're creating a shift and showing the Universe what you desire. You're giving the Universe something to work with.

There is 1 secret though...

How to recapture the positive emotion: Take your mind back to when you would receive a message from the twin. That "it's Christmas morning!" feeling you'd have whenever they wrote, called or texted. Capture that emotion as you're writing.



How to manifest through action: You also must believe wholeheartedly that this will work for you. While at first, I did not believe it was possible, I went ahead and tried it anyway. The results shocked me. It does work so you have to believe it does.

Okay, Helena...give us some more proof before I spend $3 on a new journal.


My own Twin Flame finally divorced his wife one manifestation - a divorce which was intended anyway) relocated me to be with him (another manifestation) then moved me in with him (another.) Later when I used this technique again he also changed jobs to spend more time with me (and to get away from that annoying woman who was chasing him.) THESE OCCURRED OVER A PERIOD OF MONTHS, MY JOURNALING PROCESS ITSELF IS 2 WEEKS IN DURATION. RESULTS FOR ME BEGAN ON DAY 2 OF MY MANIFESTATION JOURNALING. You will notice that a shift occurs by the close of that 2 week period. Things begin to shift to create the ball rolling for what is intended to be yours or be achieved (goals) by you. You will notice these shifts and when you do, always give gratitude.

Trying this manifestation doesn't cost you anything but a little bit of time..and maybe a few dollars for a new journal. Yes, it needs to be new. It does not need to be new for each manifestation, only new for the fact that it is being used for manifestation.

If the journaling isn't working for you and you have tried it, then you are not doing it correctly or, you're not capturing the emotion correctly. If you don't capture correctly or if you're worried when you're journaling, you'll never see success until you make these changes. In all my experience I have never seen this not work, and if it didn't then I sure wasn't told, so go over the steps carefully.

I hope that if you have found this and are reading this that you will try it! 

It can take time to learn to visualize and expect, capturing the emotions you need to put into your manifestation. DON'T PRESSURE YOURSELF. Just know it's going to come to you. You will get the hang of it, everyone does. 

Oh PLEASE try this! It is so fun. 

Once you have gotten the hang of your writing, you want to begin with something small. You will want to begin your journaling with something small in order to create your "windfall." Let's say, you want to manifest cookies every afternoon. Someone I know used literally cookies. I loved that idea so much. She manifested cookies daily for a week in order to get her "manifestation windfall" going. So, you would begin writing 3x in a row - 3x each day, "I am so grateful that peanut butter chunk cookies came to me today!" 

1. Write with visualization: see those cookies. Imagine the way they look, feel, everything about them, even the way the crumbs fall as you pick one up.

2. Be specific: what kind of cookies were they? (They were peanut butter chunk cookies.) Were they crunchy or soft (imagine the way they taste and the texture in your mouth and the way they smell as you approach the warm plate of delicious treats.) Visualize. Taste. Smell. Feel.

3. Visualize using all senses: Again, visualize, taste, smell, feel, hear them crumble, sense them on all levels. This evokes EMOTION on all levels. Run it like it's a movie in your mind.

4. Imagine the realistic way as you're writing, that this is actually happening for you. Someone brought in cookies to the office, someone sent you a cookiegram, whatever it is. Very clear, very realistic and the same each day.

Your objective is to use your senses along with emotion and physical action (the writing) with a sincere expectation of what it is that you are about to get (cookies in this scenario) and you MUST BELIEVE. It needs to work and it will only work if you truly expect. It is okay to hope for and expect something nice for yourself.

You also I highly advise to have a small windfall in place first before you start to manifest something large like a reconciliation or connection with a person. I have noticed that people who are not very confident have more success if they create a small windfall first. By a windfall, what I mean is manifesting something small (such as cookies) for a few days to a week to get your manifestation ball rolling. You can start with something small one day and over the next week you can work your way up to something larger. For example, free cookies on day 1 and finding $1.00 bill on day 7. Just to get you going. Once you have manifested a few small things you will begin feeling confident. Confidence is key to manifestations working well as far as belief in yourself and your ability, so this is key. 

Please try this technique. You will absolutely love it. 



This is interesting what you say about journalling. One thing I can tell you, is that at one time I was writing a novel, and would spend hours immersed in creating it. Then I actually started to meet people in real life who were like the characters in my novel – no joke. One of them was like a character who was rather dangerous and controlling though, so I was a bit taken aback. I will try the journalling process. My twin and I are not in separation, we are in a long distance committed relationship, and are actually married. I have realised this is very different from being in separation. I will journal on moving together with him. Can you please say more about the “fast path” you mention as I could only find this article on it about the journalling. Thank you


Hey Helena
hope you doing great!!
How do I know if he is my twin flame or not?
he told me that he has fallen out of love with me. And dont want anything at all anymore.

Helena R.

@Charlie Hi Charlie, thank you for asking! I think you may have read my blog entry as sounding very literal as, “I met my twin flame and he instantly initiated a divorce, completed said divorce and relocated me” all on the inside of 14 days time. That is absolutely not the case, you’re correct, and our journey was more than 2 weeks in duration. At the time I did my manifestation we were already in the separation phase of the journey to union, and the 2 week reference was my reference to the length of time that this manifestation journaling process is intended to be used for: 2 weeks of writing. Yes, he did ask me to relocate to him pretty early on in that 2 weeks time but our entire process from initially meeting each other to full union certainly wasn’t a 14 day trip. My older posts detail more about our journey to union. This is an older blog post and I used to write about my journey as it happened, as things came, and learning about and discovering this manifestation technique, had I learned of it sooner, would have helped me tremendously which was why I added it to the site hoping it would help others who find themselves in the spot I was in back then. I hope that my response here helps share a little more detail about our process and how everything transpired. Blessings xo



I do believe in the Law of Attraction, however it is hard for me to believe that all you asked for manifested within 2 weeks’ time. Divorce and moving house is a long-term process. It sounds unrealistic that your Twin Flame managed to divorce his wife and move 1500 miles within 2 days of your journaling and affirmation writing. Please explain this to me as I feel confused.

Reconnecting Soon...Stay Tuned

I have been separated from my twin flame for almost 9 months. It has been the longest 9 months of my life. I think about him daily but during that separation, I had to get over a lot of past hurts. I’m still a work in progress but no matter how hard I tried to sever the cord it was not working. I tried on full moons, rituals, candles…all of that.Did.Not.Work. I went to a physic and she told me the heart wants what the heart wants and that something interrupted our connection and we were not ready to be together. It wasn’t until we were apart that I began to realize that he was my “mirror”. Then it was the constant signs. I would think of him and then look up and see Angel Numbers daily ( I literally have about 200 screenshots from my phone, Pics of license plates, etc of Angel Numbers.) but ego and pride would not let me reconnect. He called me one day out the blue and I was completely caught off guard. It wasn’t until we were off the phone that I realized it was the anniversary of his Best Friends death. I wasn’t completely mean but I felt offput because I was not ready to connect. I was working a stressful job and my kids birthday was coming up so the last thing I could handle at the time was talking to him. I apologized to him via text shortly after our conversation for my demeanor but I was still not ready to reconnect. Two days later I quit my job. I have no idea why I did this!! I was overloaded with emotions and stress. Then even more signs started happening and I then became intensely focused on a personal project I’m working on. I had energy out of nowhere and times where I was so tired. Then something kept tapping my brain and said call him! I fought with myself and then when I called him he didn’t answer. I didn’t leave a voicemail…just hung up. Then I fought with myself again and convinced myself to send him a text….no response. I had to undergo a lot of personal ego work to not feel defeated with his lack of response…then I gave it up to the universe. He contacted me back (The Next Day) and we had a good brief conversation. He updated me on a lot and then suggested we have lunch when he gets back in town. I am working on staying present and true to self. I battle between nervousness and happiness with the thought of reconnecting with him. In my heart I want us to give it a shot. We have two underlying things that were bothering us and I hope it comes to light during our meeting: Having kids and our age difference. He is currently in a new relationship right now but that is not my concern. Whether or not this union happens again for not…I’m ready to begin or finish whatever we started!

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