Channeling: What Is Safe? What Is Real? How To Protect Yourself!


When we ask for "the white light of the universe and positive to surround and protect us," what we MEAN is "we ask God to allow us to serve in His light, and we serve Him as protected in God's light as His children."

I should be typing this as G-d because you're not supposed to write the name of God.

Writing "G-d" instead of God is a fairly recent custom in America. Many believe this to be a sign of respect, and the custom comes from an interpretation of the commandment in Deuteronomy 12:3-4 regarding the destruction of pagan altars. According to the the medieval commentator, Rashi, we should not erase or destroy God’s name and should avoid writing it. In a Responsa (legal opinion) by the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the primary prohibition against erasure of the name God applies to the sacred names in a written text of Torah. With the advent of computers and the internet, rabbinic authorities have debated whether or not this applies to what is typed on a computer or read on a screen. Most have concurred that it does not apply, so I'll be writing the word, But I digress...

There has been, over recent years, the advent of channeling during Psychic Readings. Many people believe that they're channeling (and they most certainly are) when they channel angels or beings, or "spiritual guides."

Oh, they most certainly ARE channeling...but they may not understand nor realize exactly WHAT they're actually channeling.

When we study Bible Doctrines or “Systematic Theology” in school, one of the subcategories is Angelology. The word comes from two Greek words meaning the doctrine of angels. When you study Angelology you cover the origin, nature, ministry and destiny of angels, both good and evil. As you learn about Angels you learn that not only are angels real, but so are demons, which are fallen angels. The Bible refers to angels and demons over 270 times.

Angels are both good and evil, as described in The Bible. It's speculated that both have the ability to communicate with those who are channeling, and those who are open to receive. This is dangerous for the one channeling or receiving, as it is necessary to protect one's self (and those around you.) Also of concern is the issue of false or misinformation.

Demons, or "dark entities," have the propensity to block anything in their (and your) paths. They will mislead, lie to and will trick you.

****Because God created the Universe, including all all souls -also including Twin Flames and Soul Mates -it is He who is the creator and advisor. "Pray only unto Me." He also warned us of idolatry and accidentally becoming an idolater.

We do not, or I should say should not. "pray" or make requests of or to angels, idols, entities, spirits, people, or anything other than God, The Creator. But we already know this...

While many take great comfort in the concept of angels, especially the lonely, the sick and the weary, we must remember the difference between angels and God, The Creator. God created all but there is a very important difference.

How many times have you seen on TV or in movies, psychics or mediums who light a white candle and chant something along the lines of, "We ask the white light and positive energy to surround us..." We have become accustomed to assume that this task will somehow protect us in some way. This couldn't be farther from the truth, and it's actually the most dangerous thing a medium could possibly do.

When we are open to receive, or when we ask to receive or channel, we aren't just opening ourselves up to receive only the good, positive and accurate information. We are opening ourselves up to receive EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. This includes demons, fallen angels, and the darkness.

How many times have you received comfort from listening to someone "channeling angels" and the words resonate well with you...but you're still stuck in a negative position? While you feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated by these words and the act of receiving, are you truly receiving God's messages? Are these messages coming from God?

The ancient biblical languages are Aramaic and Hebrew. These languages, often specifically Hebrew, are referred to as "The Language Of Heaven." Many who have experienced near-death incidents have awakened in hospitals and at the scene of accidents, being noted to have spoken aloud in Aramaic, Hebrew and even the Language of Tongues. These incidents have also been referred to as "having spoken The language of Heaven." Most legitimate channeling, in most cases, will be in The Language of Heaven. This miracle language phenomena has been captured and recorded during near-death experiences and during sessions conducted through channeling.

But how do you know what you're receiving is safe?

Here are some tips and insights on the subject of Channeling so that you can make a safe, informed decision regarding the information you receive.

- Am I, or is my advisor, requesting the proper protection DIRECTLY AND EXPRESSLY from GOD?

- Because the darkness feels and looks like the light in order to trick, once the channeling is over, does the feeling of complete and total comfort lasting, or is it gone only after a few days?

- Have I received information from channeling multiple times, yet I am still stuck in the same situation?

- What language is channeled?

- Do the words of advice or reassurance I hear resonate with me...a little bit too well? Do they seem to know what I want or need to hear a little too easily?

- Has the channeled information been specific to me, or is it pretty general?

- Have any "predictions" been made during channeling? (Tip: Angels are not fortune tellers. But the darkness can see all, just as God can.)

- Do I feel very, very compelled to revisit a channeler or channeling websites often to get reassurance? (While it's fun to do, the darkness will lure you in, in a VERY compelling way. These dark entities love to give misinformation, especially to keep twin flames and soul mates apart because they don't want the Universal Vibration to rise. But they give you just enough legitimate assistance to keep you coming back for more.)

- Have I found myself asking God, and is my channeler asking God? Or are we speaking to things that are not labeled as God?

Keeping yourself safe is important, especially when you're open to receive. If you open yourself to receive, remember, you are also opening yourself to receive everything, not just the positive. The darkness would love nothing more than to keep Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Soul partners apart because they'd enjoy depriving the world of Unconditional Love. Once Twin Flames and Soul Mates unite, the Universal Vibration will rise, and when it reaches its peak, the negative is banished, thus they die. They would prefer to not be banished nor die, so they work against God and against us by lying through misinformation and trickery. Protect yourself by prayer and connection with God and you will always be safe.

Always, always ask God's permission, protection and assistance before anything else. Do not allow your soul to stray from His word.

Blessings... Love, Helena xoxo

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I am messaging for a friend he is having trouble with spirits that are made his life a living hell basically and he is I think they’re getting inside of him like and he’s doing things that he don’t remember doing and they are controlling his life and I don’t know how to help him this is way more than me I can Channel but I’ve learned to cut cut it off from it controlling my life or having any influence on it I don’t know what to do for him I don’t know what to tell him I’ve prayed over the house it drug me out of the bed it’s it’s controlling every part of his life his attitude completely changes when he comes into the house can you please email me back on what to do to help him thank you for your time God bless you

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