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On the subject of "Imaginary Relationships."

Many find themselves helplessly in love with a person. This can be a wonderful thing when the person reciprocates. But when they do not reciprocate this can leave the person feeling the connection in a state of confusion -and disbelief.

It's important to remember - even if you are "absolutely certain" that this person is your true love/the one/soul mate/twin flame/the list goes on, no one jips themselves out of happiness. People do what they want to do.

You might be thinking...

But the connection between us is so clear!
I know they're in denial!
They're just "running."

While twin flames engage in a romantic commitment......then endure a separation period.....then reunite, and soulmates also go through this same process sometimes, if the person you're interested in has never reciprocated, or if they make such excuses as "I have a relationship already," or "I am not in the place in my life where I can have a relationship," or any excuse at all, this isn't your fault. But it's a terrible waste of your time to emotionally "chase" another person who isn't reciprocating - even if you're not calling them, you are spending valuable time and energy thinking of them. And for what? Now, I'm not saying that it's not possible to get an ex back. Or, rekindle a relationship. I have gotten countless couples back together. But if someone has never, ever reciprocated any attentions beyond kindness and friendship, it just might be possible that this is not someone you're destined to have a relationship with.

I have counseled many women (and men) who were in imaginary relationships. They spent so much effort on the person they were attracted to but received very little so far as "relationship ready attentions" in return. While many psychics will sell you a dream and I agree that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, sometimes, it's just not meant to be.

Just because I feel an intense connection doesn't mean that someone else does, too.


You first want to as yourself the following questions. Once you have answered them truthfully, review your answers.

1. Has this person ever asked/accepted a date with me?
2. Has this person tried to do the 2 main things that they should be doing: maximizing the amount of time they spend with me and trying to make a move (as in, see my underpants) at all?
3. Has this person, at any point in time, ever said that they desire an EXCLUSIVE relationship -with ME?
4. Has this person referred to me as "my girlfriend/boyfriend" or "boo" or any sweet name that says "we are dating?"

If you have answered no to any of the above, then you might be in an imaginary relationship.

Next, you'll want to ask yourself the following questions. Once you have answered them truthfully, review your answers.

1. Has this person said that they are not interested in a relationship with me (for any reason) at all?
2. Is this person married, partnered, has a girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other?
3. Has this person made any efforts to NOT be around/communicate with me?
4. Is this person ignoring me?
5. have you had this thought: "I believe that this person is actually in love with me and is just afraid or too scared or not ready for whatever reason to admit it."

If you have answered yes to any of the above, you'll want to consider that you might be in an imaginary relationship.


First, don't feel embarrassed. it's okay to feel sad but do not feel embarrassed because we have all been exactly where you are right now, at one point or another.

If you are just now realizing that you have been laboring under the misapprehensions that you're in a situation where this person is secretly in love with you and "just not ready to admit it," remember that everyone has feelings. Even them. And if they are unable to see how special and wonderful you truly are, is this really someone you want to be with? Do you really deserve someone who is "unavailable" for any reason at all? Of course not! You deserve happiness!

First, let's visit WHY you feel in love with them. Why did you become attracted to them in the first place?

Next, let's visit how often this person makes you happy. If they are seeing you every night of the week, then you're happy. But if they aren't spending any time with you at all, this isn't fun! You need to be happy 7 nights a week!

Next, let's visit how often loving this person makes you sad because you aren't or can't be with them. I'm sure that when you first met them, or somewhere along the line, they were at least nice to you - which was what created this idea in your mind in the first place. People are nice to other people daily. But is this person making you feel special and loved? Not if they aren't with you, they're not. They're not invested. You deserve a relationship that is invested!


Now that you see that you're not getting what you truly deserve, it's time to get the right one! You definitely deserve happiness. 
So.. go get it!

Yes, if you are wondering: I will be able to tell you if you're in an imaginary relationship, if this is what you are concerned about right now -as well as what we can do to fix it! But remember, even though you may believe that the other person doesn't feel what you feel for them, they JUST REALLY MIGHT FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL! But they're just not verbalizing or showing their feelings of adoration and love right now. This can be due to many different factors, and during a reading I will be able to definitively reveal exactly what those reasons are in your specific situation. To arrange your reading please dial toll-free: (888) 850-0885 to schedule a time that works best for you. I look forward to working with you very soon!


Love & blessings,

Helena xoxo

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