Q & A: Twin Flame Or False Twin? Or Soulmate? How To Know The Difference!

While we have discussed the Twin Flame and False Twin Flames in many of my previous articles, I received a request for this recently, so I decided to create another article on this subject. I asked many different Starseeds, Light Workers, Indigos, Shaman and Seers and most importantly - many Twin Flames in Full Union in order to gather this information. As a Twin Flame in Full Union myself, there is a sense of knowledge that appears as though it were literally injected as soon as the Union forms. That said, this is the information I've gathered, and have experienced from not only personal experiences but in counseling and coaching and reading for Twin Flames in Full Union.

One thing I've noticed is that each person has his or her own idea of the concept of Twin Flames, and prefers to interpret information in their own way. That said, this is information that I have gathered and experienced. If this does not resonate with you, this is okay. You are entitled to interpret whatever information you choose, in your own way. :)

The signs, symptoms and synchronicity between False Twin Flames and true Twin Flames are....IDENTICAL. The signs, symptoms and synchronicity between the two are identical for a very good reason: to prepare you for the soul experience of the true Twin Flame.

Q. What is the Twin Flame?
A. The Twin Flame is the other half of one's soul. It has been speculated that there are 144,000 Twin Flames incarnate which means there are 72,000 Twin Flame couples incarnate. The purpose of the Twin Flame is simple: to increase the Universal Vibration and create a Universal Shift.

Q. What is the "False Twin?"
A. The False Twin is an important Karmic Soul Partnership which typically occurs just prior to the true Twin Flame relationship in order to prepare the Twin for his or her respective true Twin Flame connection and Union. Because the signs, symptoms and characteristics of the False Twin are identical to the true Twin, the main difference is the Divine Mission that appears early on within the union. Additionally, the sense of "knowing" presents its self early on in both connections, so it's particularly important to pay attention to the Divine Mission as it presents.

Q. What is Universal Synchronicity?
A. Synchronicity is the process through which soulmates and Twin Flames alike come to realization of the union or coupling through Universal signs. Examples of Universal signs would be the Number 11, Numerology, and Universal messages. When Universal messages present in the Twin Flame Union, both twins experience the same synchronicity, often at the same time. It is speculated that the more one ignores these signs, the more present they will be. The Universal synchronicity presents first in the False Twin Union. This is the Universe's attempt to pull the soul away from this ever-present and strong connection -and move the soul half to his counterpart. The more that one counterpart fights the synchronicity and pulls toward the False Twin, the stronger the Universal Synchronicity will be. As soon as the soul counterpart surrenders and accepts that the False Twin is, in fact, a False Twin, the true Twin Flame presents.

Additionally, Universal Synchronicity appears in the true Twin Flame Union. The synchronicity is strong and ever-present at the onset of the Union and slowly shifts from Universal Twin Flame Synchronicity to Divine Mission Synchronicity, once the Twin Flames are in Full Union.

Example of a typical Twin Flame Synchronicity timeline:
1. The 11's and universal signs & synchronicity chases both Twins.
2. The Twins realize the signs and surrender.
3. The Twins separate themselves from respective False Twins.
4. The Universal signs & synchronicity pushes Twins to merge in Full Union.
5. The Universal signs & synchronicity present in Full Union.
6. The Twins accept one another in Full Union.
7. The Universal signs & synchronicity shift from "this is my true Twin Flame" to "this is your Divine Mission."

Q. Are coincidences also synchronicity?
A. Sometimes. The synchronicity will be very present and constant. Twin Flames who have reported counting hundreds of signs and synchronicity daily have also reported the tendency to experience synchronicity in tandem. In other words, both Twin Flames experience identical signs and synchronicity simultaneously. Because soulmates also experience identical signs and symptoms, it's important to remember that the root purpose is the Divine Mission and that the majority of signs and synchronicity will be mission-related once the Twins have merged in Full Union.

Completing each other's sentences would be a trait of soulmates while communication via telepathy would be a symptom of Twin Flames.

Q. Is there any doubt or questioning in the Twin Flame Union?
A. Because Twin Flame Unions are identical to that of soulmates, questions are part of the process of growth and spiritual awareness in all soul partnerships. There is, however, a sense of knowledge of the previous lives that is present in both soulmates and Twin Flames that often guides both types of connections in the correct direction.

Q. Is the Twin Flame Union better than a soulmate relationship?
A. No. In actuality, save the fact that Twin Flames share a single soul being and the Divine Mission is present, there is no marked difference between the two types of connections. I have witnessed soulmates in what appears as a Twin Flame Union many times, and the single marked difference is the Divine Mission that presents.
Because the process of Ascension (awakening) occurs in both types of connections, it is often difficult to interpret between the two.

Q. How do I know what my Divine Mission is?
A. The Twin Flame Divine Mission presents early on during the connection and manifests sometime after Full Union has taken place. Because each union and mission is unique, your mission will be yours alone to share with your Twin. The mission will be something that creates a Universal Vibrational Shift. Most labor under the misapprehensions that simply being a Twin Flame is enough to raise the Universal Vibration. This is not true. A Twin Flame Divine Mission will impact the world in a vibrational sense. The mission has nothing to do with assisting other Twin Flames; rather, your mission will be a profound impact on humanity in a manner through which you will learn valuable soul lessons and lead others to the Higher Power.

Q. Is there anything written on the history of Twin Flames?
A. In my Notes section, I have added a synopsis of the historical writings. There have been writings on the subject of Twin Flames for thousands of years. Because each soul prefers to interpret Twin Flames in their own way, information must be gathered and read with an open mind.



How soon after rejecting the false flame does the true twin flame usually present?


I have experienced both. I don’t believe the second one is responding with Telepathy as the 1st-however, the 2nd Flame could be consumated in the physical realm as a love, because he is with someone else right now-or so it seems…he has opened my heart chakra, after many years of celibacy, while studying Hatha Yoga under the Ram Dass Hippies…

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