You Might Be A Twin Flame If...

Remember the comedian, Jeff Foxworthy? He wrote and had a stand up routine called 'You Might Be A Redneck If..." Here's my version on Twin Flames.


You're obsessed with feeding small countries.

You're obsessed with a mission.

You find yourself saying to your partner, "It was fun watching telepathy last night," instead of "TV."

The trees look like 11's.

You find yourself tasting colors.

People at work refer to you as the mind reader.

You have looked at the price of Seroquel because you've noticed that you have begun to see feelings.

You find yourself sending healing & love toward those who have hurt you.

You can see the number of calories in something without reading labels.

You've begun to see other people's futures so people have begun to fear going around you because you have started to speak the future -all the time.

You have noticed that all living things have names -including house plants.

You have become too empathetic and humble for your own good.

You prefer books to people.

Social networking is not exciting, but social healing is.

You have begun to "see and hear thoughts."

You have switched to eco-friendly reusable maxi pads.

You have lost interest in "defending yourself."

You have legitimate conversations with animals.

You have become "healthy" and you're in the most healthy relationship of your lifetime.

You accept all new information.

Numbers start "talking to you!"

When you hear the word, "sign," you immediately think of an 11 or an 8.

The word "mirror" no longer has anything to do with your beauty routine.

The words, "connection" and "channel" no longer have anything to do with your cable box.

You learn that physical intimacy is second only to telepathic Tantra!

Yoga has become a sexual thing...

You have lost much interest in social networking.

You've begun to confuse your dreams with memories.

Your dreams have become so vivid, you've contacted Paramount Pictures!

"Life" is no longer something that you live, as you're now on a "Journey."

Synchronicity has become so constant, you've lost count!

You have become too humble for your own good and you don't care!

You hear audible words in Aramaic or Hebrew (channeling.)

You see yourself in this post!

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