The Channeling Experiment

I swear to God, I'm going to author a blathering montage of mindless redundancy that holds absolutely zero accuracy or is remotely realistic, then I'm going to entitle it, "Channeled By" so that everyone reads it and compliments me on how wonderful my advice is.

I did a recent experiment...

I authored a well-written, honest and TRUTHFUL article regarding relationships. Every bit of it was true and helpful. Those who actually put this information to use reaped great benefits. It received 9 likes, 0 shares and 2 comments.

Then, I wrote a blathering mindless slew of banter and gave THE SAME ADVICE, BUT BACKWARD. IT WAS SO BACKWARD, THAT ANYONE READING IT SHOULD HAVE LAUGHED THEIR HEAD OFF. It was hideously absurd and sounded like psych drugs should be my friend. It contained NO truthful information, no shred of helpfulness whatsoever. I entitled it "channeled by." I removed it, as the information contained within that article made literally zero sense and was not of help to anyone. It received 56 lies, 17 shares and 59 comments.

Because I'd said "channeled by," everyone got excite even though IF THEY READ IT, IT WOULD HAVE LOOKED SOMETHING LIKE THIS... "The sheep moron window 18 years again true dream April of the cat."


Because, when one channels accurately and correctly, the language (usually Aramaic and sometimes Hebrew...because that's what they spoke (duh) and we are the receivers) sounds exactly like that. it's random words. Bet ya didn't know that. If it were anything else, it would have simply been my imagination running wild.

The words, once channeled, must then be accurately translated and then interpreted (think quad-drawn hair extension processing) and after that, then interpreted.

People who "channel" are 99% either making it up, have an incredibly vivid imagination or speak Aramaic. Or, they have an Aramaic interpreter. Angels are God's militant fighters and do not "speak" to us on God's behalf. Spiritual guides, on the other hand, sometimes do speak, but it's up to us to interpret the word of God.

Now.. if you happen to speak Aramaic and would enjoy interpreting my channeling, I'd appreciate that very much.

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