Fun Numerology Game

You can play this on your own or with your partner. This is a fun game that incorporates both Synchronicity and Numerology. This can be played together or via phone or text. Or Skype for those of you in other countries. Or any text or talk app. When you enjoy this type of puzzle game with your partner, you can enjoy positive energy between you. Enjoy...

How To Play:

1. Both partners write down numbers 1-11 individually on 11 slips of paper. Fold each slip of paper in a square and place all slips of paper in a bowl.
2. Each partner pulls out a number.

3. Open your paper to reveal this number you have chosen. Add your number to your partner's number and you should see a sync somewhere!

How To Interpret The Syncs:

Now..each number can be added to a single digit -or not, each number will reveal a different sync. For example, if each pulls out a numb er 1 then it could be either a 2 or an 11. If you pull a number 5 and a number 3 this could be read as either an 8, a 53 or a 35. Somewhere, there will be a sync and you will find it!

Choose a different number every 11 minutes with your partner and create a list of the syncs. If you have no sync specific to a certain number drawing, write those numbers down anyway and watch to remember the sync that you will recall regarding these numbers, or watch for these numbers to appear over the next 11 days because they will!

For example: We pull a number 3 and a number 9. This could be read as 12, 39 or 93. Watch over the next few days and you will see one of these numbers reveal themselves!

You can play this game at any time, and keep your list of syncs with you so you can reference the list. You can also add this list to your Twin Flame Memory Box (Many of my friends and clients keep memento boxes of letters, ticket stubs, photos, etc. with their twin flame. My twin and I both have twin flame memory boxes. It's a lot of fun! Enjoy...

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