What Are "Angel Readings?"


The idea of angel cards and readings often makes us feel a little better somehow safer when we have a reading because well, angels are part of God. And this sounds comforting. But in truth, Angel readings are very similar to any other type of reading. I have written this article to explain what this actually is.

There has been a recent influx of the craze regarding "channeling mediums" in the recent few years. Every few months, someone will get a reading by a psychic medium and their vivid imaginations begin to turn...

Suddenly, they find that they, themselves "channeling," or being channeled for, and begin embarking on giving others free readings and coaching via Facebook or wherever such as videos on YouTube, basically implementing what they learned through their one to few visits with their favorite psychic.

Then in time, after a few weeks or months of practice and after reading a few books, they begin advertising paid services as "mediums" and "channeling psychics." They create a YouTube, a Facebook and maybe even a blog - and a price list. And oftentimes they'll will spend a weekend banging out a book of some sort through the free Amazon Create Space. Are these "channelers" really legitimate? Some probably are, but there are many who are con artists or worse, getting stuff they believe to be "channeling" but is actually something dark.

Now, on to the big question: Do angels really channel to us or, I should say can people really channel angels? I would love to answer this with absolute authority but I'm just not The Creator. Only He knows this answer with 100% certainty. I can however share what I believe and things that I have learned about this subject with you.

Rule Number 1: Angels do not come down to tell your fortune. Angels don't give readings. People give readings. 

Angels are not fortune tellers. Angels don't give readings, either. People give readings. I know this part, at least. While angels are comforting to think about and I'm fairly confident that a few have guarded me personally in more than one incident, I've never seen an angel come down to tell one's fortune and there isn't any historical reference to angels being "fortune tellers" by trade.

Oh, yeah? Then how do you explain the idea of prophecy then, Helena?

I understand the concept of prophecy and angels are noted as being G-d's messengers. Angels are in the ancient religious texts and in The Holy Bible. I have however, never seen an angel tell one's fortune. As a matter of fact, it was Doreen Virtue, the famous angel reading guru who learned (ironically by listening to the radio) all about Deuteronomy 18:10 which specifically speaks against "sorcery, charmers, witches, divination (readings) and necromancy." Much like Virtue, I'd never known of that Deuteronomy 18:10 passage and had always likened myself to a mystic, similar to the Kabbalah reading type who attends our temple. Virtue had THOUGHT she was leading others to G-d through "spiritual psychic readings" via her "angel readings" and books and her products she sold (angel cards and so on.) She influenced millions. Now, she has flipped her ticket (Similar to the way my late father's friend, Charlie Crist did down in Florida when he decided to run for office on the other side.) Doreen came to this realization and has asked her publishers, agents and so on to pull her stuff from the shelves. She had no clue that what she was doing was inadvertently and accidentally VERY WRONG. Yikes, right? Well, while I've always told people that angels don't come down to tell your fortunes, I did have a job as a "psychic medium" with top networks. Now I'm just sick to death that I even ever took that job.

Wait, I thought you were a top "psychic" on networks. Are you flipping your ticket? To whom am I supposed to go now for my sessions, then?

No, you've got it all wrong. Yes, I did have that job (way back in the day) as you already know. Yes I've been a spiritual counselor for many years now. That part of being a spiritual counselor has not changed. But I did quit the networks in 2014 because they were charging $14.99/per minute which I thought was absolutely insane, and in 2015 I eventually also left the network through which I was independent too. I became completely independent. I've always done spiritual stuff versus crystal ball stuff (which you probably already know) so no, nothing has changed. Don't get me wrong, I've been a spiritual counselor for a long time now, and I plan to continue being a spiritual counselor because I really love to help people. For decades, I struggled in ways you couldn't imagine and when I learned specific keys to unlock my personal abilities and potentials, I started helping others. I write about it online on different sites and on here for free, but if someone wants a more personalized appointment they can certainly book one. But I've never done or condoned things like "angel readings." And, I've decided to talk about why.

Okay, so why don't you like "angel readings" and that kind of stuff?

The thing is, even though I don't do "angel readings" and things like that, I still have people who ask me "what does G-d have in store for me?" G-d has in store for you happiness if you'll just take it but this will be covered in another post in the very near future. (That's one you'll really want to read, by the way.) 

Back to the subject at hand...

Here's my personal opinion. Depending on your religion and beliefs, you likely know that angels are G-d's very militant "army" and have various names. Angels were created by G-d to defend G-d, so angels do not mundanely conduct readings, nor do they make appointments to tell your fortune. Just know this and you'll never get on some incorrect path.

So, what do angels do? Angels are all around us, every day. They protect, guide and most importantly: angels serve G-d. They're said to have specific names, jobs and duties. 

Then what's an "angel reading," exactly?

An "Angel Reading" is not actually a situation where an angel comes down to read your fortune. (Well, duh.) Angel readings are actually a process of reading a specific type of cards, called Angel Cards. These are very similar to the regular tarot decks except they have angels on them. I used to incorporate cards into my own sessions but I've been doing so less and less because of specific reasons. I'll explain...

On the subject of "angel cards" and such:

These lovely cards are decorated with pictures of, you guessed it, Angels! But they are not empowered by angels, they're empowered by energy. Very big difference. And, because we don't really know what energy might be actually empowering said cards because we know "darkness can masquerade as the light," and we know that angels don't come down to tell your fortune, then suffice it to say it's difficult to speculate what exactly it is that's really going on there or what one would be technically calling upon in said supposed angel reading. 

Now, a little bit about religion and spirituality because yes, I did study some theology.

I do believe that mediumship as we call by definition, it exists and I think everyone has a certain ability, whether they've discovered it, have decided to use it, or not. Personally, I've experienced things that people would call "mediumship" but you probably already know that about me. Some call it "intuition." Others call it ESP or extrasensory perception. Others call it "empathic ability," and there are a number of names for it. Mediumship is usually the term used to describe when one picks up on spiritual energy of some type. 

Okay, got it! So, how exactly does that work, then?

It's defined as being astute enough to pick up on the subtle cues all around you and those cues exist in a number of ways including the energy we give off. If you've developed that sense about you, then you're probably able to do it without really thinking of it. Things might just come to you or they might just appear to you. Different people have different experiences, but just about everyone has the "sense" so to speak. Since everything and everyone is made up of energy (Atoms make matter, we are matter, matter is energy and emits energy and so on.) There's nothing "special" about it because anyone can pick up on things and they are called "awakened" when they begin to be able to start doing so. People like to believe that it's some type of special "tribe" of folks who have this ability. Maybe it is, I'm not G-d and cannot speak for Him. But basically, it's just picking up on that energy. 

Okay, got that too. So then is mediumship bad? 

I don't think it's necessarily bad or good, I think that it depends on the person and what they're doing. For example, there's a reason I've never sold "readings to commune with the dead." I can sense stuff but I definitely use caution and I don't tell people "you need to do this or that" when I sense something. If a person experiences an "intuitive pull" they should TEST THAT FEELING to see if it's coming from G-d or if it's something else.

That sounds hard. How do I do that?

Not really. You have to go to Source within you. In other words, G-d. For example, when I initially connected with someone named PJ who was my catalytic counterfeit twin flame (preparation for my proper twin flame matched soul connection with N) I felt an intuitive pull. It was strong. it said, "This is your husband." It wasn't actually the words, rather it was a FEELING that happened when I clicked the link which lead me to him. We did end up living together for a while as though we were married, and we did have a relationship and it did transpire exactly as a counterfeit twin flame would expect to be. Was that a prophecy to prepare me? probably, I'd say so. Preparation and soul evolution happens for good reason as we all know and he surely gave me a ton of that.

But let's compare this with another pull that I had once. Let's say the pull to start smoking. I was 15, visiting a friend at an event and I was a real rebel. I wanted to make everyone laugh and upset the parents at the same time. That definitely didn't come from G-d. I remember lighting the cigarette, not being able to smoke the thing because it tasted terrible, it was certainly not impressive and no one laughed so I tamped it out. Never touched another until 2007 when I had a similar experience but I digress... you get the idea.

You'll have a sense whether it's from G-d or if it's something else. Sadly, much of the "something else" can look like the light which is why one must use great caution.

Okay, I understand how to "test my pulls" to see if they're of G-d's light and love or if they're something negative. But what about mediums? 

Mediums never pretend to speak for G-d to you. Someone might say, "G-d wants you to be happy and wants you to be on the right path and listen to your pull he's trying to give you," but they won't tell you to do something that you wouldn't otherwise do such as something dangerous. People who actually have the ability to pick up on things will never encroach on your religious or spiritual beliefs. They (should) not pretend to speak on behalf of an angel, either. So, what is your ability to connect through to G-d, himself then? Prayer. Just simply talking to G-d. People never believe me on this so I don't expect you to either, but it's true. Your own personal prayers to G-d is your connection to Him. An angel will never, ever pay a visit to someone down here on earth to tell their -or someone else's -fortune. 

Now, a little bit about how one can avoid the "loop" or cycle people tend to fall into with this stuff.

Back in the day when I worked with the networks, I had this caller who would call daily. We became friends. I recall asking her why she felt she needed to call every single day. She confided that she would call 3 specific people daily to ask guidance and the other two read her tarot cards. While I knew how, I didn't read the cards back then either and she would apparently take all the info. she'd receive and combine it, and then she'd take a kind of average in order to come up with what she thought was accuracy. In other words, if two out of three of us would say one thing, she'd take that as being "her truth." I scolded her harshly and I remember my then-boss telling me not to scold clients for calling too often and that I needed to maintain a 33.3 minute call average with each caller at the tune of $14.99 / per minute. (Who can afford that except for say, celebrities?) To me that sounded crazy and I ended up leaving and never looked back. When I spoke of my experiences they threatened me with their lawyers to gag me. Well, you know what? Who cares! I'm talking. You ever notice how I say "most people get what they need within just one session?" You ever notice how I tell people that they do not "need" sessions, but if they want one, they can purchase a session? The thing is, this is absolutely true yet I see people on the internet fear mongering others. They claim they "need" this or that in order to be happy. Have you ever noticed that I say that "Twin Flames and intended soul connections will connect ultimately anyway, regardless?" Have you ever seen me mention how we take long paths and shorter paths to things but if we stay focused and use our intentions and actions correctly and make the right choices, we will end up there happier and faster? Notice when I mention how intended soul connections ultimately come into union anyway, regardless because they're intended? There's no magic you need to do, there's no class, magic pill, special book, or anything that anyone "needs" in order to get there. People will achieve what they are intended to when the right choices are made. I put a book together and published it a long time ago but do you see me selling it on here? Nope, never have. Why? Because selling something isn't going to make someone magically receive something. I give the exact same advice in my writing for free and during session, based on the person's situation. Yet I see people online doing these "readings for the collective." No one has stopped to simply ASK the questions they have though. If they'd simply ask, their path would be better, faster, more effortless and probably downright fun. I'll write more on how to get there in my next post, though.

But how do I know if I'm in a "bad" situation? I've been seeing a guru who says I need __, __ and __ to "heal" properly and they said I may even be cursed! I've been tearing my hair out. I just want to be happy. What do I do?

A really good example of spooky stuff and someone ending up on a dark path as a result of some kind of negative incident would be if say, I visited a "psychic medium" because I wanted to talk with my dead father. Or maybe it's my dead cat, who knows. Let's pretend I've made an appointment and I'm in front of that medium right now and I'm getting my reading. Okay so here I am. It's a Russian Gypsy, her name is Nelda in this scenario and she has a real crystal ball and everything. She has me select a few "Angel Cards" and she starts to "channel" and she goes into a trance. After a few minutes of silence absent of a little background meditation music, Nelda comes-to and says, "Helena you're going to meet the love of your life that you've waited lifetimes to meet. If you do not connect with them in this lifetime your love will be doomed. Haven't you ever felt as though there's someone else for you who's not your husband? (Yeah of course! But who hasn't? Come on now! Everyone's felt that way before!)) You cannot meet them until you divorce your husband immediately. You'll be offered a job and you must take it and numbers are important to you...you should use the lottery numbers ____ and then it looks like your child has fallen ill. Your child...she's a girl, (oh, wow how did she know!) so you must do special prayers in order to protect her." I pay my $10 for said "reading" and go home...

Well, then a week later by mere coincidence my child happens to contract...let's say asthma. I use the lotto numbers and I happen to win $9. Wait...isn't 9 my Life Path Number? I HAD NOT TOLD HER THAT! The numbers ARE important, that's my Life Path Number and she hadn't known this, plus she was right, I did win some money! My child did end up with asthma, and I've always kind of felt like my husband wasn't all that "connected" so she's a miracle worker! I have to go back! BECAUSE THE ANGELS SPOKE THROUGH HER! And in the next appointment I learn that my child will become "deathly ill" and to protect her I must do special prayers. BUT WHAT? WHAT PRAYERS! Good news, Nelda has a PRODUCT she can SELL to me! She gave me some homework (ensuring I'll be back yet again and of course I will, I mean it's only $10 right?) $10 to help my child! The candle was $75 but what's $75 she was right about everything else. 

Turns out the candle worked too! The doctors diagnosed my child and gave her an inhaler. Unfortunately, around time time Sarah's inhaler runs out (causing a reaction and another visit to the hospital) so does the candle so I return to Nelda for more magic prayer candles. These aren't any ole candles like aromatherapy with crystals you can make yourself as I teach my friends to make that assist one in focusing their intentions like I talk about, no these are MAGIC PRAYER CANDLES FOR HEALTH. Unfortunately this time, Nelda has some seriously bad news. The angels and spirits are upset. There is an old CURSE that was placed on my family thousands of years ago. Nelda knows this because in our previous session she hypnotized me and gave me a Past Life Regression and read my Akashic Records for me! She didn't simply say "go read a book and learn to remember your life purpose you have to do good things on this earth," nope, she did a full regression on me and went into a trance and she FOUND A CURSE! This must be why Sarah is sick, why I only won $9 instead of the full $900 I was intended to receive in said aforementioned lotto (which hadn't been a complaint until now) and why I wasn't yet offered that job that will lead me to me lover! Nelda has - maybe, if we're really lucky - the ability to contact a special friend of hers named Swami Guru Shaman Subrahmanyaya! Unfortunately, he's in Tibet building orphanages in a remote mountaintop. After a scary week of waiting and Sarah's situation not improving much and my mind relating and correlating every single "bad" thing that happens to said ancient familial curse, I receive that coveted call from Nelda. She has reached Swami! Swami is willing to come see me - me personally - but the trip is expensive, for he's spent all his money being a monk at the orphanage. (She follows with a very realistic sounding story.) Lucky for me though, Nelda is willing to fork over $2,400.00 of her own savings to help if I can just come up with the rest which is $7,600.00 so I immediately agree and take out a new credit card to do so. 

Now, do you see where this is going? Where it's headed? 

Angel Cards, on the other hand, is the way that mediums read using the Angelic energy -big difference. No medium or empathic person or decent person in this world, including me, or anyone, has a direct-connect with a specific angel for the purposes of telling fortunes. Angels are G-d's military. Not fortune tellers. I really can't stress this enough and I apologize for sounding redundant.

So, how do I get my answers then?

You must realize that there is no other human being who can connect with G-d as a go-between FOR you. G-d doesn't have a telephone operator. If you wish to connect with G-d, you have this ability ALL WITHIN YOURSELF. You do not require a reading for this. Your "source" and "Higher Self" lives with G-d and you can connect to G-d simply by asking. 


Are angels guarding or protecting me? I'm scared of dark things.

I like to believe that there are many types of G-d's energies that protect and guide us which originate directly from Truth, Origin and Creation (which is specifically, G-d.) The dark side is always the first to see the invitation (say, when someone wants a reading) because it sees this as a chance to "get in." The dark side is tricky. It will clearly and vividly speak and "guide." it's important to never give this dark side any recognition, or power. That said, ignore the immediate and intense desire to listen to that voice in your mind. Because the darkness can feel a sensation of comfort from you and you will feel a sense of comfort from the darkness as it can be very tricky, it's also important to remember that you need to wait for G-d's guidance. G-d is the direct connection. Nothing else takes the place of G-d.

In other words: WAIT. FOR. THE. TRUE. GUIDANCE. FROM. G-D.


1. Pray -to GOD. And only to your God.
2. Pray and ask for protection -FROM G-D. Angels are His army, but the one who protects is G-D. The performance of some universal "white light protection" is only an invitation for the dark energy to pay you a visit. Operative word: G-d.
3. Understand the differences between G-d's white and divine light of love and the non-spiritual universal "white light." One is blessed by G-d and the other is idolater-like and not blessed by G-d. You want the light blessed by G-d.
4. Remember that you are asking for guidance and reassurance. ASK HIM, not a specific militant angel. Advisors will, in most all cases, ask you to focus on God and His power and love, not that specifically of an angel.
5. Hold your fears and concerns. This type of reading is very much one that can, if done incorrectly, leave you vulnerable to the darkness. Good advisers and counselors know that and remember: G-d said according to the scriptures, "Pray only unto me, call upon me and I will answer thee." This, if you believe in G-d or a Higher Power, rings true for ALL things. Call to Him and He will answer -always.
6. The darkness will see those who use "universal light" which is very different than G-d's light. It will enter at this time. Because darkness is above and all around us, it can see everything just as G-d can see us. It can see when we were sad when we were 9 years-old. it will tell you things to make you believe it is G-d and try to trick you. It will make prophecy happen to prove its worth. STAY AWAY FROM THE DARKNESS, IT IS TEMPTING AND IT WILL LEAD YOU AWAY FROM GOD.
7. Remember to ask G-d for what it is that you need and want. He does hear you! He will deliver and answer you. HE WILL ANSWER YOU.

Remember, this isn't religion so much as it's taking control of your own choices and path. This is simply taking control and trusting in yourself versus trusting in other things (or people) who aren't you. I love to help others but I think the most important message is that people need to trust in themselves. Trusting in yourself means that you'd never make a poor choice or put yourself in a negative path. Everyone always wants a "quick fix." There really is a quick fix and that fix is as simple as asking. But it's more than just saying, "But I have asked." It's actually asking and then listening too. Be open to receive His guidance, and not be the person who sits in front of the cards day in and day out scared of what they might see if they turn over the next one. That's darkness and fear. You want to move toward light, love and complete peace. Just try it. Ask. You'll see what I mean.

I hope this helps you. Blessings xo

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