What Are "Angel Readings?"


The idea of angel cards and readings often makes us feel a little better somehow safer when we have a reading because well, angels are part of God. And this sounds comforting. But in truth, Angel readings are very similar to any other type of reading. I have conducted many "angel readings" and I have written this article to explain the differences between the types of readings and how to conduct these readings yourself at home.

There has been a recent influx of the craze regarding "channeling mediums" in the recent few years. Every few months, someone will get a reading by a psychic medium and their vivid imaginations begin to turn...

Suddenly, they find that they, themselves "channeling," and begin embarking on giving others free readings and coaching via Facebook, basically implementing what they learned through their one to few visits with their favorite psychic.

Then, in time, after a few weeks or months of practice, and after reading a few books, they begin advertising paid services as "mediums" and "channeling psychics." They create a YouTube, a Facebook and maybe even a Wordpress -and a price list. And often, they will spend a weekend banging out a book of some sort through the free Amazon Create Space. Are these "channelers" really legitimate? Some probably are, but there are many who are con artists.

Now, on to the big question: Do angels really channel or, I should say, can people really channel angels? Rule number 1: Angels are not fortune tellers. Angels don't give readings, either. People give readings.

Depending on your religion and beliefs, you likely know that angels are God's very militant "army" and have various names. Angels are created by God, to defend God, so angels do not mundanely conduct readings, nor do they make appointments to tell your fortune.

Angels are all around us, every day. They protect, guide and most importantly: angels serve God.

An "Angel Reading" is not actually a situation where an angel comes down to read your fortune. (Well, duh.) Angel readings are actually a process of reading a specific type of cards, called Angel Cards.

These lovely cards are decorated with pictures of, you guessed it, Angels! But they are not empowered by angels, they're empowered by energy. Very big difference.

Religious rule number one: true mediums never pretend to speak for God to you. True mediums will never encroach on your religious or spiritual beliefs. They (should) not pretend to speak on behalf of an angel, either. So, what is your ability to connect through to God, himself then? Prayer. Your own personal prayers to God is your connection to Him. An angel will never, ever pay a visit to someone down here on earth to tell their -or someone else's -fortune.

Angel Cards, on the other hand, is the way that mediums read using the Angelic energy -big difference. No medium in this world, including me, or anyone, has a direct-connect with a specific angel. Angels are God's military. Not fortune tellers.

So how do you get a proper "Angel reading?"

First of all, you must realize that there is no other human being who can connect with God as a go-between FOR you. God doesn't have a telephone operator. If you wish to connect with God, you have this ability ALL WITHIN YOURSELF. You do not require a reading for this.

If you prefer a reading style connection, then I encourage you to consider praying with your angel cards. Each card is labeled to a specific type, name or angel that leads a sort of path of interpretive information. When you lay these cards out, you will see items and cards that resonate with you and your current situation. (Note: because all cards are rather general, just about everything WILL resonate with you to some degree.) It is your job to then interpret the cards as you see them relate to you.

At this time, you will also pray to God for both strength and guidance regarding your situation, past, present or future.

Once you have interpreted the cards accurately, you will see the guidance revealed within these types of cards. This is why many prefer angel type readings. While I do these types of readings, I always make sure that I explain how these cards really work, as not to encroach on personal religious or spiritual beliefs.

Are angels guarding me?

There are many types of energies that protect and guide. The dark side is always the first to see the invitation (when someone wants a reading) because it sees this as a chance to "get in." The dark side is tricky. It will clearly and vividly speak and "guide." it's important to never give this dark side any recognition, or power. That said, ignore the immediate and intense desire to listen to that voice in your mind. Because the darkness can feel a sensation of comfort from you and you will feel a sense of comfort from the darkness as it can be very tricky, it's also important to remember that you need to wait for God's guidance. God is the direct connection. Nothing else takes the place of God.



1. Pray -to GOD. And only to your God.
2. Pray and ask for protection -FROM GOD. Angels are His army, but the one who protects is GOD. The performance of some universal "white light protection" is only an invitation for the dark energy to pay you a visit. Operative word: God.
3. Understand the differences between God's white and divine light of love and the non-spiritual universal "white light." One is blessed by God and the other is idolater-like and not blessed by God.
4. Remember that you are asking for guidance and reassurance. ASK HIM, not a specific militant angel. Advisors will, in most all cases, ask you to focus on God and His power and love, not that specifically of an angel.
5. Hold your fears and concerns. This type of reading is very much one that can, if done incorrectly, leave you vulnerable to the darkness. Good advisors know that and remember: God said, according to the scriptures, "Pray only unto me, call upon me and I will answer thee." This, if you believe in God, rings true for ALL things. Call to Him and He will answer -always.
6. The darkness will see those who use "universal light" which is very different than God's light. It will enter at this time. Because darkness is above and all around us, it can see everything just as God can see us. It can see when we were sad when we were 9 years-old. it will tell you things to make you believe it is God and try to trick you. It will make prophecy happen to prove its worth. STAY AWAY FROM THE DARKNESS, IT IS TEMPTING AND IT WILL LEAD YOU AWAY FROM GOD.
7. Remember to ask God for what it is that you need and want. He does hear you! He will deliver and answer you.

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