The Twin Flame Full Moon Ritual

The Twin Flame Full Moon Ritual has been around for decades, as has the use of Abundance Checks. Abundance Checks combine the use of the law of attraction with the laws of abundance to empower twin flames to better unite in the interest of engaging in the Divine Mission. 

Items You'll Need On Hand:

  • A blank check from your checkbook
  • Something to write with (preferably black or blue ink)
  • A new and unused red candle
  • A plain white plate or dish (preferably bone china)
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Optional: a photo or a personal item belonging to your twin and honey if you desire to anoint your candle before lighting. 

You'll wait until the full moon arrives, however this is a ritual that can be successfully performed anytime, regardless of the current lunar cycle. While the ideal time is always 11:11 p.m., this ritual can alternatively be completed at a time that works best for you. Using Numerology can be difficult, however it can be included in the ritual. For example, you might begin the ritual at a time that represents the date that you were both born or your life path numbers. If my twin and I have a joined life path number of 5, I might opt to begin my ritual at 5 p.m., on the day that the full moon begins.

Twin Flame Ritual Steps

  1. Write your check made out to yourself using today's date, adding the words "I Give Gratitude" at the top of your check. If you do not have checks readily available, a substitution using a plain white piece of paper and black ink to create a check will suffice.
  2. In the memo section, write "Delivered, Earned and Received." Or, some words that represent that this reunion has already taken place.
  3. For the dollar amount, you'll write a statement in your own words that describes what it is that you desire, as though it's already happened.
  4. Sign the check, "The Law of Attraction" or "The Law of Abundance," or both.
  5. Additionally, you may opt to decorate your check in a manner that reflects the union and your desire. Adding life path numbers, dates of birth, dates of meeting and so on can be beneficial.
  6. In the wax of the candle, scratch your and your twin's dates of birth and/or initials. Anoint the candle using honey to draw unconditional love if you desire.
  7. Light your candle as you meditate and focus on the positive emotions you've previously attached to your twin connection. Folding the check in a Positive Fold, light the paper check on fire using the flame of the red candle and drop it in the white dish as it burns.
  8. Meditate on your connection as you watch the flames dance and move as they turn your check into ash. This is referred to by spell casters as a Release By Fire.
  9. Once you have completed the ritual, take your plate of ashes outside and scatter them in the wind, asking the universe and God to deliver your desire.

Once you have completed this powerful ritual, your energy you have created will be released into the atmosphere. It's important at this time and forward, that you begin the act of Manifestation using the Key Elements. In other words, act as though you have already received and believe that you have already received, giving gratitude often.

The Universe will have already undoubtedly, as it always does, made your twin flame connection difficult. It's said by many shamans and seers that twins are required to undergo a long and strenuous series of tests and many struggles prior to the full twin flame union, at which time the divine mission can begin. That said, the twin flame ritual can lend a kind hand in the time of need.

Broadcast of the Twin Flame Full Moon Ritual:

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