Dating Like A Grownup: What He Really Thinks!


I've posted similar blogs before, but recently I had a caller ask me, "When will I find true love?" I hated to actually say it, but the correct answer (revealed by the Guides) was never. Not unless she made some rather compelling changes, anyway. Free will comes into play most of the time. And it definitely came into play in this particular situation. The answer is simple: If you don't change yourself, or your mindset, you won't find...anyone. So, I went ahead, being the kind interpreter that I am, and revealed to her what changes she can make in order to bring love to her life. Tactfully, of course. But she left me excellent feedback (thank you!)

As a Psychic Medium, I reveal not only what the Spirit Guides show me, but also what they're telling you to do in order to inspire change, if it so happens that the caller is desiring said change. In this case, she was on a Life Path of endless, useless coffee dates. If she wants change, she will need to use her free will in order to inspire said change..or, continue on down the path of a life....alone.

I recently read the websites about dating over 40. I am, after all, now officially “Over 40!” While skimming through blogs, articles and the occasional rant, I came across a pretty awesome site. And, found an interview with a real man who was cool enough to share his feelings on the subject of dating over 40. You’re welcome!

A Down-To-Earth Male Reveals His Side - Dating Like A Grownup: Dating Over 40 & 50:

His Words: A 50+ guy trying to “get back out there.”

“Personally, I find the biggest obstacle, and most commonly occurring is type 4 the "Wow- me woman." Even as a guy it is rough out there and this Wow me attitude is so prevalent and SO discouraging.

I’m no slouch: tall, trim, own my own business, nice guy to a fault. What do women say? “L, you are kind, decent, funny, and attractive but I just don’t feel enough “electricity” (aka infatuation) so I’m going to have to end it.”

I’m no slouch: tall, trim, own my own business, nice guy to a fault. What do women say? “L, you are kind, decent, funny, and attractive but I just don’t feel enough “electricity” (aka infatuation) so I’m going to have to end it.”

The biggest obstacle I face it is meeting this expectation of “rock me to my soul connection” fantasy man that even they can’t explain. Whatever it is, apparently I don’t have enough of it. Maybe they carry it at Costco! In thinking about it, I’m not even sure when they say that, it’s the real issue. These women have been emotionally abused, disappointed, betrayed and they are just so hard wired to not get hurt again. Understandable. By setting unattainable standards (fantasy man) they ensure they will never again let somebody close enough to them to hurt them again. But then, I only took one psych course in college……

I like to keep things simple. All I want, to use an old fashioned term, is a girlfriend. Somebody I can take out to dinner on Wednesday, a picnic on Saturday, and talk to or text during the week. How hard can that be?

Getting dates isn’t the problem, it’s converting just one to girlfriend status that has been the challenge. I get an enormous volume of contacts but these fifty year olds are like herding cats on caffeine. They come, they go, they re-appear.

One second they’re super interested and then a day later it’s “hmmm, well, I’m not sure, yes, no, maybe, catch me if you can”. They break up with me and then come back to renegotiate what I could best describe as a non-physical/friends with emotional benefits/rental husband offer (which doesn’t sound too appealing to me to be honest). They’ll text me non-stop for an entire weekend, totally disappear, and then email me ten days later.

“Rules Girl” tactics are common: don’t return phone calls or texts for 48 hours, don’t pick up the phone for scheduled phone dates, etc. (This is another “Bobbi’s right”, fifty year old guys hate that type of stuff.) A woman who will initiate a few ‘how’s your day going?’ texts and return texts within a few hours gets moved to the top of my list just because it’s so rare.

I’m starting to get an inferiority complex. My new ‘to do’ list: new deodorant brand, check teeth for broccoli, get prison gang tattoo and rob a convenience store to dispel nice guy image…

At this point becoming a priest is looking pretty appealing.”

So, there you have it: A man in his 2nd round of "getting back out there" and his experiences with the proverbial "Wow Me Women" he meets.


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