5 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Every relationship needs nurturing to keep it strong and to make it a long lasting one. It doesn’t matter what relationship you are in and whether you are best friends, siblings, mother and daughter or a couple. It doesn’t matter if you are known as one of the most loving couples, every couple will encounter moments where they get on each other’s most sensitive nerves.

Every single relationship that we experience in our lives need love and care to stay alive. Once a relationship starts lacking this love and care it becomes unhealthy. It becomes either a one-sided relationship or it simply dies out. If you are not sure how to tell a healthy loving relationship from an unhealthy relationship, here are a few points to consider so you can make changes within your own relationships.

Respect Is Essential

It is extremely important for there to be respect within the relationship. Any relationship that has mutual respect is healthy. Respect can be respecting one’s personal items and privacy, respecting the spiritual views of another or respecting the fact that you have different points of view. Respect is also not calling each other name when arguing and not being verbally or physically abusive with each other.

Listening Is Second Nature

A healthy relationship involves active listening. And expressing. When someone is actively listening to another person they are showing respect. Listening in a healthy relationship is something that feels normal and it is done with ease. Healthy relationships that include active listening have much more of a chance of lasting for a lifetime.

Enjoying Time Is Easy

All relationships are work, don't get me wrong. Healthy relationships are not relationships that feel like "painful" work. They come with ease and spending time together is an enjoyable thing. You can usually spot a healthy relationship between father and daughter, newlyweds, siblings or best buddies because they truly look like they are enjoying time together laughing and communicating positively. Your partner won't be watching your eyes, wondering if you're flirting with the hot waitress. You will be focused on each other and the good time.

Conflict Is Handled With Care And Respect

It is quite common and very normal for people in a healthy relationship to argue. Not only is it healthy to get things off your chest, it is also a way to discover and create a greater level of understanding and communication with your partner, brother, father or friend. When two people argue, it is essential that conflicts are resolved with respect and care. This can allow a healthy relationship to grow with further understanding. While at times, you may raise your voice or even want to punch a wall, the best way is through calm, collected and honest communication. 

Interest Is Shown

People that are in healthy relationships inquire about each other’s lives. They ask how each other’s days have gone and listen to each other’s problems, achievements, concerns and experiences. When there is interest shown in each other, it is a healthy thriving relationship.

A healthy relationship also includes things like unconditional love, affection and understanding and there is always room for growth. As long as a relationship of any kind offers room for care, love and nurturing, it will have the chance to flourish and stronger bonds will develop over time.

A key element of interest that is always present in healthy relationships is concern, as well. If you have an insecurity, your partner will show or express concern or will make an attempt to comfort you while finding out where the insecurity originated. Couples who regularly express their emotions last versus couples who bottle up their feelings.


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