How To: Get The Most Out Of Your Psychic Readings

Ways To Save Money & Get The Most Out Of Your Readings

There are many ways to save money, even in this era of Obama Care and economic strife. Here are several ways I have discovered that will help you save money and GET THE MOST FROM EACH READING SESSION!

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE MINUTES: Many advisors offer free minutes toward readings. If you send them an email and enjoy at least 1 paid call, you'll end up on that advisor's mailing list by default. Many advisors (such as me) don't add people to their mailing lists unless requested. That said, by sending a simple letter via email through the system for minutes such as, "hello, may I have a few free minutes?" will insure you end up on that list for promotions!

LOOK FOR YOUR FAVORITE ADVISOR ONLINE - SHE LIKELY OFFERS FREE READINGS & CHEAPER MINUTES VIA HER OWN WEBSITE: Many readers such as me accept private clients. The advisor of your choice may work on one Psychic website where their managers or group leaders set their rate (for which the individual advosor such as me has little or no control) which can often be quite high. I was contracted through Ask Now at 8.99 per minute and at one time, they had me at 14.99 per minute until I made a fuss. Yes, advisors often have NO CONTROL over the rates. We do, however, have some control here at Keen such as responding to email and sending limited offers of free minutes. But many of us have our own online site where you can buy minute bundles much less expensive, often as low as 1.00 per minute. While you won't be able to use these minutes on any other site but with your personal psychic of choice, that's okay because you were seeking her out in the first place!

USE A TIMER: I am accustomed to callers using their 5 free minutes (yeah, I send 5 versus 3) and then the caller buys more minutes. But what is not helpful to a reading is when the call is cut midway and we have to begin, thus reconnect, all over again. That wastes your valuable minutes! Instead, use your free minutes and set a timer when you do. Example: You have several questions to address and have a budget for only 25 minutes. 5 of those will be free. Upon calling, add your minutes to the 1st call and SET THAT TIMER AT THE SECOND OF CONNECTION WHEN YOU HEAR HELLO for exactly 25 minutes. You will therefore end up coming out 5 free minutes ahead sent post-reading, and still possibly have a few minutes left in your account, should you decide to use them.

WRITE YOUR QUESTIONS DOWN BEFORE CALLING: Writing your questions down gives you a valuable tool through which to have every detail addressed. For example, your budget is only 10 minutes. 3 to 5 of these would likely be free. A good advisor will answer your questions fast, spending just enough time on each issue.

CUT OUT THE CASUAL CONVERSATION: While as your reader, I always enjoy when you ask how I am, asking how I happen to be doing is using your free minutes! Instead, try dropping a message or email via the online system with a hello which will be responded to attaching more free minutes. This little trick will get you more free minutes and save you money!

HAVE A NOTE PAD & PEN HANDY AT READING TIME: Taking notes will help you in many ways. You will not only be able to reflect on the reading later, but you'll also have all the details! Having a voice activated recorder is also acceptable with me. Others may not appreciate recording readings, but I feel it truly helps the client remember my advice and words that helps insure she's on the right path -and stays on track between readings.

IF YOUR ADVISOR IS POPULAR & ACCURATE SHE WILL HAVE HER OWN SITE: Many excellent advisors will freely offer you discounted minutes to use exclusively with them through their private websites. If she has a strong following, such as social networking, she will promote with free minutes, discount codes, etc. So look for your advisor online.

CHECK OUT YOUR PSYCHIC'S CREDENTIALS: An excellent psychic will have reviews in more than one place. For example, if you performed a Google search on me, you would find 3 years of stellar reviews on Ask Now under my name, Helena. You would also find my reviews on various other psychic review sites. I can say that I have 20 years experience (which I have) however, anyone can SAY anything. This is why it is so important to perform a search on your advisor. Seeing these tyoes of positive feedback affords you peace of mind and insures an excellent reading experience

TRY AN EMAIL READING: I answer many questions via email at no charge in between readings for my valued, private clients. But you can save a huge amount of time and money by opting for email readings versus phone. Email readings are as low as a few dollars for a few questions and can go up, depending on the amount of time your advisor invests, and exactly what you are requesting that your psychic advisor invests in the session (example: instructions, explanations, energy exchange or spells.) While 15 minutes with me typically can cover endless questions via phone, email allows you to focus and be to the direct point. You also have the benefit of rereading the emails over and over, and the notes and record of the reading via email is always right there for you to revisit. 

BUNDLE YOUR QUESTIONS: When my callers call me in a panicked state, they often ask the same question several times. You will save a lot of money and time on the phone by writing your questions, concerns and issues down first, then phrasing properly. For example: Instead of saying "When will I hear from him, how will I respond, what will he say, and what do I do now?" try asking, "What is the aprox. timeline I will communicate with him? And what is my correct path?" This allows the advisor to give you quickly, a time schedule of events to come, thus answering all your questions in a few sentences. You may even hear a few details about your path that surprise you!

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