Twin Flame & Soulmate Signs

This was written a REALLY long time ago. Content not really up to current. Here you go anyway............... 

The Twin Flame Sacred Union

What Is The Twin Flame?

The Twin Flame (TF) Sacred Union is one of the primary interests of my callers. Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul. We each have only one twin, and generally after being split the two went their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together. Ideally, this happens in both of their last lifetimes on the planet so they can ascend together. So you probably haven't had many lifetimes with your twin.

Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. It is their task to become more whole, balancing their female and male sides, and ideally become enlightened, before reuniting with their twin. This reunion is of two complete and whole beings. All other relationships through all our lives could be said to be "practice" for the twin, the ultimate relationship. 

Okay, I Get It. But What's A Soulmate Then?

Soulmates are our soul family, the ones we do have many lifetimes and experiences with, who help us grow and evolve, create and dissipate karma. According to ancient wisdom, when the soul is "born" or descended from Source, it is created in a group. The souls in this group are our soulmates, ones who are very like us in frequency makeup. Then each of these souls is split into two, creating the twins.

A soulmate is someone you are close to at a soul level, and with whom you have had many shared experiences in different lifetimes, in various kinds of relationships -- siblings, parent-child, best friend, as well as romantic relationships. There is a deep love for each other, and a spiritual bond that sets them apart from the superficiality of most other people in your life. Conversations are generally deep, about personal growth and service to make the world a better place. We can have many soulmates in our lives, and they come to us to help us grow spiritually.

What's The List Of Requirements For Twin Flames?

Yes, there is basically a short list. When I was younger, I used to listen to the radio. I used to hear The Cult. I like Ian Astbury. I especially like Ian when he sings 'Sweet Soul Sister' or 'Fire Woman.' Ian is hot. And we have the same hair. We're both great dancers, too. And he's older. lives far away from me and loves music as much as I do. But he ins't my Twin Flame. He's also not my Soulmate. Ian, as hot as he may be and as great of a platform he has to make positive change (famous musician, although the majority of Twins are far from famous) Ian Astbury is NOT my Twin Flame. I have never met Ian Astbury and most likely, I never will. My twin flame is right here with me.

In short, I often hear of many people believing their "TF" is someone on whom they have fixated. Usually, the person they believe to be their TF is absolutely not, although they believe whole-heartedly they will connect or reconnect with their beloved based on what some unscrupulous psychic or advisor told them. Or, because of what they have chosen to believe due to justification for the rejection. While fantasy is part of life and part of us being blessed with a vivid imagination, it really bothers me when people shut-out other options due to these false beliefs. By "waiting" for some supposed TF, you're literally closing the door on other romantic prospects and worse, your opportunity for true happiness. And this also negates the reason why Twin Flames exist in the first place which is the Divine Mission. Twins are notoriously mission-focused versus being obsession-romantic focused. This is due to their ascension.

Yes, Twin Flames do exist. And, a good amount of the time they have connected. But many of the Twins who come to me for advice are with the wrong person all together. Or waiting for the wrong person all together. I try to teach them this: Just because YOU feel a connection with another person does NOT mean they feel it too. Again, just because I like and admire Ian's music, I do not know him as a person (nor do I particularly want to) and he is not my TF. 

The Criteria:
There are very specific criteria to Twin Flames. Here is the very, very short list. Please remember that not all of these will be specific to you. This is simply a very basic "overview" of what some twin flames happen to encounter on their journey to union.

BIRTH DATES: There will be something unique in the birth dates. There are countless possible variations on the birth date numerology. Here's a little example: They will possibly be born within 2 days of you and often will be under the same sign, astrologically. Example: Both fire signs, both air signs, and so on. If they are not born within days of you there will be something else unique in the birth dates. Maybe you two met on the date of one of your birthdays. There will be something curious. If they are not close in are then there might be an age difference. Often the twins are at least 15 but never more than 22 years in age difference. They will again be born under the same element sign (i.e., both fire, etc., such as Gemeni/Aquarius.) Thinking of this, I really hope my mom isn't my twin. Just kidding. And if you just said that's impossible, you're correct! Your TF will be of the opposite sex energy and not related to you. There will be one male energy and one female energy. I have seen some same sex twin flame sets but there is always a distinct male and female energy present: The Yin and Yang is very present in the connection.


OBSTACLES: There will be obstacles and they might even seem extremely strange to you. Maybe you're both partnered and didn't expect such an event to happen in your lives. Maybe you happen to have an obstacle of geography, where you are both located in proximity to each other. Perhaps it's the obstacle of age. Perhaps it's the obstacle of family blessing the union. While rare, perhaps you met in a situation such as at the workplace where there are rules against dating coworkers in place. Perhaps you have financial obstacles. Perhaps you face strange and out of the ordinary obstacles. There will be some obstacles in place and it is part of the journey to union to hurdle your obstacles.

LOCATION: Most of the time, you will be located quite a distance away from one another. Same countries, different areas. Usually, if you could draw a line with a pencil from yourself to the furthest point from you in your own country, this will tell you where your TF likely resides. Or, of course keeping with the current trend, you will be in the same area and within 11 (there's the 11 again) miles from you. Sometimes twins will be located across the street from one another. There will always be an interesting synchronicity. If you look carefully you will find it. How far do you live in distance? Add to the single digit, is that one of your Life Path numbers or Joined Life Path Numbers? Notice the interesting syncs.

CONNECTION: People keep changing the dates on when "All Twins will achieve Union." It was 15 December 2015 "when all twins will be in union by this or that date," then someone said December 2018. Everyone had a prediction. Normally I post the latest ideas right here but every super moon someone else has yet another prediction. I'm sorry, but it's March of 2019 right now and frankly Twin Flames will continue to achieve Union until God sees fit to create a change. That's my opinion! 

RUNNING STAGES: Each TF goes through a period of "running." It is usually cleared up and they come back together within 8 months of time. This isn't a "twin flame rule," this is just what many have experienced. The Runner / Chaser Dynamic is something every twin flame experiences. One will run while the other chases. Then, the other twin begins to run even after his or her enlightened partner returns. This happens so that both twins can experience all aspects of the journey to union including being both the runner as well as the chaser. From the time they finally reunite completely, they begin to form a sort of "platform" from which to make positive change. Sabotage is very present in the relationship on the part of at least one twin. Sometimes this is even self-sabotage.

MANIFESTATION & SYNCHRONICITY: Twins are constantly seeing the 11:11 Universal Signs and manifesting. Manifestation happens constantly. An example of manifestation would be if you speak aloud or even think to yourself that you desire something, then your twin will, without your having to tell them, will produce it. Or, you will come across or receive whatever it was that you desired. Twin flames on their own usually don't realize how talented they are at manifesting. Manifestation will happen with BOTH twins, and it will happen all the time. 11:11 is not the only universal sync you will see! Keep a lookout for repeating numbers - names - anything that triggers you and gets your attention. These syncs are in place to grab your attention in order to deliver the signs. The signs are the messages. Pay attention to these signs for guidance. 

CHARACTERISTICS: The TF will mirror you quite well. They will, upon connection, often be in a relationship or marriage with another person (Karmic soulmates) that they get to suffer through as "pre-payment" for Karma even though twin souls do not necessarily have any negative Karma. And also, in order to have certain children (Indigo or "old soul"/ extreme intelligence and another story for another time.) Your TF will be the ideal mirror of you, and your "polar opposite" traits will compliment one another well, but you'll potentially be from totally different backgrounds or lifestyles on many different levels. The TF will desire to stay with their Karmic Soulmate until reality hits them, at which time they will flee -back to their TF. Very Romeo & Juliet, yes? But the TF will have habits and characteristics that annoy the heck out of you. He or she will mirror you, thus confronting you with ALL your own traits. He or she will also have characteristics which you do not; quite the opposite of you. For example, you might be an avid smoker. This habit will annoy your twin to no end. They would be the opposite of everything smoking stands for. You might be the cop who smokes pot on his off days and your TF will be the nurse who champions the campaign against medical marijuana. THE OPPOSITES. But there is good reason for this: TWIN FLAMES ARE YIN AND YANG AND YIN AND YANG ARE EXACT OPPOSITES. But as far as careers, you will likely BOTH be in a "caregiver" or an "assisting" position or a career that places you on a platform with many people you come in contact with daily (such as a lawyer, a police officer, or a nurse or perhaps an engineer or teacher.) The intimacy aspect of the relationship will be intense, constant and you'll both have equal interest in physical intimacy. Nice compliment.

DOESN'T SOUND EXACTLY LIKE YOUR STORY WITH YOUR TWIN FLAME? Do you have any clue how rare the Twin Flame Scared Union is? There are said to be only 144,000 Souls. That means 72,000 twin couples. Is this true? And what about those False Twins also known as Counterfeit Twins? 

But False Twins? 

It is possible to experience the False Twin or the relationship with a Karmic Soulmate or Catalyst Soulmate. But remember, these are not all bad! These relationships can be difficult, and be extremely stressful and actually mirror the Twin Flame energy, identically. Your REAL Twin Flame may not even be incarnate and is acting as a guide from the heavens to lead you to your proper true soulmate and state of happiness. If you have ever found yourself saying, "Wow. This person is the male (or female) version of me," and it is not because of the simple fact that you have been married to or partnered with them for such a long time, they could be your ideal romantic soulmate or even a twin flame. Although extremely rare, the twin flame union is happening all the time, all around. 



Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year now but we have been friends for 8 years, we were born on the same day,month and year both Aquarius just a few hours apart. We are both 22 now.

We always had unexplained chemistry and I would feel it in my soul when his sad. We would stay a year without any communication when dating other people but when something is wrong I could sense it, so could he.

He knows what I’m feeling and sometimes what I’m thinking.

It scares us what we feel for each other.

It’s like something bigger than us like God and our souls just knew it, that we can’t stay apart.

And every time I tell people this they think I’m being dramatic. But what we feel for eachother, it’s not just love, it’s deep and strong and incredible. We are Love to eachother

I always wondered what it was until we started dating last year and then I came across this “twin flame” and everything made perfect sense for us.


Oh my god Balivia, you literally took the words out of my mouth!
I know I’m like 2 years late to this thread but you are exactly where I currently am. I’m a Pisces Sun and my suspected TF is Aquarius. I knew nothing, and I repeat nothing about TwinFlames. I’m not at all a romantic , plus I am married.

But as my spiritual journey deepened, my Higher Self started pointing me towards this path and soon I started getting clear messages and synchronicities that a new path was being prepared and I was to meet someone that we both agreed to conclude a task together in this lifetime. I was so confused by this message until I learned about Twin Flames.

He is also famous (albeit Semi-famous only because it’s his work, being an Actor forces you to be famous even if you don’t want to be), so this sounded so crazy to me. However, the story of my life really does read like a Fiction novel and I am beyond expecting the most crazy things to happen to me.

Every now and again, I check in with the TF community and find that NO ONE ever covers my experience, everyone seem to claim to have met their Twin Flame, just like that, without any Spiritual Journey and inner work. I find this so suspect, especially since I never would have known about this without being guarded by my Higher Self. I completely agree with everything you said Balivia, I wish we could talk one on one about our unique experience.


While I agree with some of your conclusions, I don’t believe that all twin flames will and should reunite under the same criteria in the same exact way. Every individual relationship is different and by implying that there is a list that has to happen exactly the way it states just because it happened that way for you is very defeating of the purpose. I had never heard of a twin flame before strange and unexplainable things started to happen to me regarding one. These “signs” I continue to be harassed by were not coincidental after chasing me into years of confusion, and til this day, I am still being harassed by these unexplainable synchronizations. I refuse to believe that this was all just in vain and that all of this were of pure coincidences. What are the odds of being constantly followed by coincidences out of absolutely no where for no reason? I have not met him yet but I believe I will eventually, everything is syncing up to that obviously happening. However, I continue to remain skeptical because although we have nearly the same exact passion in life, he is unfortunately famous for his while I am still working on mine. We are a few years apart so it makes since for him to set the platform first (if he really is my twin flame).

Why do you state that celebrities can not be twin flames? What if some twin flames are known by or will become known by their tasks accomplishing their divine mission? Also when you say that twin flames are supposed to have the same zodiac element, which constellation of zodiac signs do you mean by that? We all have a sun, a moon, eight planetary and house zodiac signs assigned to our births according to constellation and planetary alignments that happened at the time of our births. So actually, none of us have just one element and not all of us are perfectly aligned with our sun sign (the most commonly known zodiac sign). For instance, my sun sign is Pisces and my “suspected” twin flame is Aquarius. However, we both share common elements in our charts: he has earth and water, I have air and water. Also, scientifically speaking, air and water (Aquarius=air, Pisces=water) share a common element compound and basis within their chemistry. Water is nothing more than just very condensed, liquified air and air is nothing more than just vaporous water. They compliment each other very well, if not, are very similar to each other in various ways.

Basically, I’m not saying at all that you are wrong, but in the spiritual and metaphysical realm, the nature of things do not work in a set manner as would the physical realm would. Although there is a set criteria for twin flames, there is no set boundaries on how it should go about. Twin flames make conscious choices, they can choose however they want to reunite, meet or reconnect with one another, no matter the circumstances. The twin flame journey is supposed to be limitless and creative, not bounded by a set of rules of how one should reconnect in a limited area. Where’s the growth in that when you cut someone’s potential chances of reconnecting with their twin flame by limiting their opportunities with rules? I don’t go for the the false twin flame and soul mate stuff, I trust in my instincts this time, something is telling me that this is a suspected twin flame and nothing more.


I think I may have found my twin, as well. Everything syncs up except for the age difference, but we’re both under same element.


Hey! I read your page! I think I have a few questions! My twin flame

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