Love: Are You Stuck In A Holding Pattern?

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I hear from callers every single day who have been satisfied with sessions but have not yet seen the change they desire. OR, maybe it's therapy, coaching, counseling or even a couples "boot camp." They receive promotional emails from their psychics and advisors that encourage them to wait and learn the virtue of patience. While patience is an important Life Lesson, it's my take that being PROACTIVE is often the better approach.  

Insight Is Needed To Understand Your Marriage or Relationship - To Understand Your Partner.

- When you want to know exactly what he or she is thinking.
- You need an in-depth look at how someone Really Feels.
- When the energy becomes stagnated or "stuck" and there is an inability to Move Forward.
- When you are not seeing your Manifestations come to pass quickly enough.
- If you are in a Twin Flame relationship.
- When Karma Loops are an issue.

Are YOU Stuck In A Holding Pattern?


1. Have you invested in readings/coaching/counseling/couples boot camps/whatever but have not seen the manifestations come to pass the way you'd hoped or been told?

2. Do you have the desire for change, yet are uncertain about how to make that change happen?

3. Have you felt "stuck" in your current situation?

4. Do you feel as though things are not in your control?

5. Have you received reassurance from advisors or psychics, yet no reassurance or validation from the person you are interested in?

6. Does your intuition tell you that there is something else that you could be doing to bring the change you desire, but aren't sure what exactly you are supposed to do?

7. Do you feel as though you are "stuck" in your present situation?

8. Do you experience the inability to move forward?

9. Do you fear the outcome of the future, or fear disappointment?

The proactive approach does not stop at just telling you what to expect in your future. The proactive approach tells you exactly what you can start doing RIGHT NOW to see your Manifestations come to pass FASTER.

DEBORAH'S STORY: In 2012, Deborah reached out to me when I was working daily with the networks. She was in a desperate situation, and needed my help to know exactly what to expect. By knowing what to expect, Deborah believed that she could easily deduce what actions she could take right away, in order to have the love she knew that she deserved. As I read for her, I realized that she'd been receiving readings for several years, yet had never seen her dreams and desires come to pass in the way she had hoped. Even though she regularly received readings, I could see that Deborah had become stagnated; she was "stuck," for lack of a better word.

In seeing her struggles, I intuitively knew exactly what Deborah needed: She needed to become free, or "un-stuck" in order for her to move forward, thus to receive the love she deserved. I asked Deborah that day, "Would you like to know what is to come to pass, or would you know what to do right now in order to get what you truly deserve? Would you like to know how to use your own free will to begin receiving? And are you ready to begin receiving?"

I let her think about her choices and what she really wanted, before responding to my questions. It had been a very long time since she had made any real choices on her own, without the help or guidance of a spiritual adviser of some variety.

Several days later, Deborah called me again with her answers. She had decided that she understood the power of Free Will, and that she was ready; she truly wanted to learn how to use her will to her advantage. She wanted to see her Manifestations, which had been in what I basically call a "holding pattern" actually come to pass.

Sometimes, we are afraid of what the future holds. We are not ready to move forward, often out of the fears we have. We fear disappointment. We crave the sense of safety and security that knowing what is to come offers us, yet we are stuck in the Holding Pattern. So, while we invest in spiritual guidance, we do not request that our advisers give us the tools that we really need to move forward.

- I told you that by doing a few simple things, you could have the love you dream of?
- I told you that by saying a few simple words, the love and life you desire would manifest?
- I told you that by making 3 simple changes, you could begin receiving?
- I told you that by doing a simple exercise, all your anxiety might vanish?

You would certainly do these things, yes? You would, that is, if you were ready. When Deborah decided that she was truly ready, she asked.

I gave her:
1. A personalized set of instructions, or "recipe" for happiness.
2. A personalized timeline that she could refer to.

Like most at-home chefs, Deborah wanted to add a few changes -a dash of this, a pinch of that, to the recipe I had given her. While that is fine when baking Grandma's brownies, making even subtle alterations to The Life Recipe I'd given to her was not a good idea, and I told her so. I gave her the correct words, verbatim, that she should use along with the set of simple instructions. After agreeing to follow them to the letter, Deborah began SEEING HER LIFE TRANSFORM.

By following my recipe and instructions, she was opening the door to her future -not just hearing what would transpire, but actually opening the door for positive change that she desperately needed. Happiness and fulfillment was finally a reality for Deborah. And, still is.


1. Take several days to carefully contemplate your current situation, including any changes you want to make.

2. Write down the changes you desire, including changes within yourself.

3. Write down the changes you want to see in your partner (if coupled.) 

4. Write down the timeline that you'd like to see these changes transpire.


1. Make a list of all your attributes. Make a second list of what you'd like to change within or about yourself.

2. Make a duplicate set of these 2 lists for your partner.

3. Compare these lists. You will notice that many of one another's attributes actually COMPLIMENT the shortcomings of the other.

Interesting, yes? Like the pieces of a puzzle, you may just fit together perfectly.


Create a timeline calendar for your positive change. It might even be a good idea to share this with your partner. Share how these "pieces fit together perfectly." 

You, too, can enjoy the contentment and assurance that the Proactive Approach can offer. By requesting your personal recipe for success, you can embark on a brand new journey within your own Life Path and finally be on the receiving end of true happiness and fulfillment. By doing exactly what you were meant to do, and learning the valuable life lessons along the way, you invite true happiness.

What if you're on your own, though? No romantic prospects...

If you are on your own then it would be an excellent idea to give careful consideration to the following: 

Am I ready to be in a long-term committed relationship?

Am I in love with the idea of one specific type of person or an I open to the opportunity of meeting new soulmates? Or am I stuck on one specific person, possibly? Are you ready to move forward to the love you deserve?

Create a list of the traits you desire in a partner. You cannot do this while feeling desperate but it's okay to do it during a time when you are getting over another relationship. When you make your list though, you shouldn't focus on a previous partner's traits. Only think of personality or physical traits that mean something to you. For example, do not focus on and describe your ex on paper because you may accidentally manifest someone just like him. I have talked with several girls who accidentally manifested relationship "duplicates," in other words, men who were eerily similar to their ex. When this happened they complained, so I'm warning you ahead of time: do not focus on anyone in particular during this process. Only think about the traits. You can make the traits anything you want them to be, just simply describe your ideal romantic partner. Don't go too in-depth though, because you want to focus mainly on the traits. "He should be into surfing," or "she needs to be at least 25 but under 35." Maybe you want someone with red hair who loves to watch a certain TV show with you and can really cook and loves housework, and he also works in the film industry. Maybe you are reading this and you want a woman who, while she may not be located there right now, will eventually want to live in a dry climate because you enjoy that weather, has blue eyes, will share your hobby of hiking with you and really gets along well with your family. It does not matter the traits you choose, it matters how proactive you begin to be.

Then without focusing too hard, choose several traits, a few on that list that you can use to recognize the person when you meet them. These are your necessary traits. Once you get to know someone they must possess these particular traits. This is how you will know they are the partner you're seeking. Since these are traits you would require of a person anyway, you wouldn't date anyone who didn't possess them in the first place. 

As you connect with your new soul connections you will be able to know - usually within a few dates - whether or not they happen to have these traits you need in your life partner. I describe this in my soulmate manifestation article because it's a very simple way of recognizing your bashert soulmate or one of your intended romantic soulmates or twin flame. Paying attention to these traits helps a great deal. After dating for a bit you will come to notice that you have several soulmates who happen to possess these "recognizable traits." One in particular, you will feel an extraordinary pull toward. Look at this person carefully because they not only have all your several recognizable traits but also all of the traits that you wrote down on that long list of desired traits.


You have heard of the book, The Secret. In one of the related videos I remember hearing someone describe a woman making room for her new spouse in her life by making room in her closet for him, making room in the garage for his car, clearing out space for him and so on. THIS WORKS IN THE EXACT SAME WAY. DESIRE. PHYSICAL ACTION. EMOTION. 

Good luck! 

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