Twin Flames: Exploring The Connection


As you travel on your life path, you keep waiting for that intense spark of recognition and that moment when you know that your soul mate has entered your life. You believe that meeting your soul mate will make your life happy and complete and that you will never be lonely again. You may believe that it doesn’t happen often in a person’s life, but when it does it’s undeniable. So you go about your daily routine waiting for that moment of magic, when it becomes clear that you have met your soul mate.

What if I were to tell you that there is a chance that you’ve already met your soul mate? But wait, you say, the person you met is just a friend and there’s no romance—they can’t be your soul mate. Wrong. The term soul mate is a broad category that encompasses many different types of relationships that may or may not be romantic in nature. When you begin your search for your soul mate, you may be surprised to learn that there are many different types of soul mates and each plays a unique role in your life and will enrich your life in ways you can’t quite imagine.

Karmic Soul Mates: You will encounter many karmic soul mates in your lifetime. You will share a deep and perhaps surprising connection with these people. A karmic soul mate may appear when you strike a deep relationship with someone who shares a similar background as you, but is in a different place on their life path. When you encounter these special connections, pay close attention: is there a lesson that you need to learn, or are you supposed to play the role of a teacher? Don’t be surprised if you find the balance of teaching and learning ebbs and flows with time.

Companion Soul Mates: Think back to a time when you seemingly ran into someone who helped you out in a time of need. Did their kind smile or generous act turn your day around? Companion soul mates will drift in and out of your life, right when you need them most. Your encounter with them may be as brief as a kind word when you’re down, or helpful directions when you’re lost. It’s also quite possible that you will be the one with the kind word or generous act that makes a difference. Often times your companion soul mate is someone that is only in your life for a short amount of time, but both of you will leave, changed in ways that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Twin Flames: The most rare of a soul mate connection, your twin flame is, simply put, your other half. Your twin flame doesn’t change and will be present with you throughout all of your lifetimes. Many people make the mistake of believing that once they meet their twin flame all will be well in their life. However, this is often not the case and there are many obstacles in uniting twin flames. This is not a peaceful and easy path. While you often don’t feel complete without your twin flame, it can be hard to confront all of your strengths and weaknesses that are mirrored in your twin flame. This may very well be the one person in your life that you can’t live with, but can’t live without. Included, there is a video on the subject of Twin Flame signs that you can use as a guide.

As you travel on your life path, it is important that you open your heart to the many soul mates that you encounter. These deep and intense relationships will serve to enrich your life by allowing you to receive kindness in your life and in turn play a role in someone else’s life.

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