The Benefit Of Demonstrating Value In Relationships


Demonstrating Value In Relationships

In relationships of any kind, there is a certain value that each individual places on the other as well as on the connection in general. As unique human beings, regardless of our core values and ideals, we are subject to natural human psychological reaction. We tend, as people, to follow whatever popular trend, and we tend to believe what we are told. 

The Mind Trick

Some years ago during the 1950's, the Kraft company decided to produce a product that would revolutionize the way we prepared food. With more divorces on the rise, more women found themselves reentering the workforce. As a result, the dinner table suffered. Women no longer had the luxury of time to prepare healthy meals and delicious desserts as they once had. The ingenious creation introduced ready-mixed baked items ranging from pancakes to biscuits, and from cakes to pies. Even homemade breads were on the list. You could simply add a single measuring cup of tap water and within minutes, you had fresh, warm homemade goodies! Amazing, yes? Well, this crafty, convenient idea was shockingly a total flop. As it turns out, women were feeling guilty about passing these warm, fresh, delicious creations as their own baking. So Kraft came up with yet another idea. They changed the packaging on the exact same product, but with one difference: an egg. Now, women across the world were snapping up these boxes of ready-mixed instant cakes, pies, pancakes, breads and the list goes on... What these women did not realize was, by not opting for the first product offered by Kraft, they were short-changing themselves, even making baking a bit more difficult on themselves. But through the physical process of opening the refrigerator and choosing that one, single cold egg and adding it to the mixing bowl, these women felt (even though it was a longer, harder process) that they were actually getting something better. Even if it cost them time, effort, energy (and .04 cents for an egg.) The process of repackaging and re-introducing the product that revolutionized kitchens across America: Baking Mix.

The Power

Later on, other brands followed with their prefab baking mixes and they did one better. In the 1960's, the market introduced a new concept of baking mixes. This time, women had to add water, the infamous egg and...oil. In the 1980's Keebler Brand introduced "Soft Batch" baking mixes as well as ready-made packaged cookies. Packaged cookies were not unfamiliar to kitchens or moms. However, the concept of being able to offer your family something chewy that mirrored the fresh-from-the-oven feel even though room temperature and packaged, was a very appealing new craze. The only difference between Keebler Soft Batch and regular, packaged cookies? The oil content was slightly higher. Interesting, yes?

Why Are We Afraid To Realize Value?

We always want the easier path, to have someone hold our hand. We don't want to do any of the real work that teaches us valuable Life Lessons along the way. We want the easy way. As a chronic dieter and health nut, I am always looking for the ideal: all the flavor and none of the calories. One of my favorite candy bars happens to be Butterfinger. But they're full of fat and calories. I am not the only person who adores them; many love them, but we don't love the calories. So Slim Fast came out with "Peanut Butter Crunch Time: Only 100 Calories."Actually, these tiny, 100 calorie candy bars in a box of 6 priced at $6.97 have more calories per weight versus a Butterfinger candy bar at $1.79 in the convenience store. If I just bought a king sized Butterfinger for $1.79, I'd basically have 5.2 Slim Fast Peanut Butter Crunch Time bars. Yeah, really. But dieters don't like to estimate calories or crunch the numbers. They want everything measured out for them. But if I ate 4 Slim Fast bars at 100 calories each totaling 400 calories, I could have had 3/4 of a Butterfinger bar and likely saved calories as well as money. There are 514 calories in a Butterfinger king sized bar, and a lot more chocolate, too. But as a dieter, I want someone to hold my hand. I want it to be easy. 

Demonstrating Value

As a consumer, we do not place value on things like we should. Everyone has this same mindset, whether we realize this, or not. For example, I am contracted through several psychic websites. One site sets my price point at $8.99 per minute. I actually receive MORE calls through that website. Why? I am here on Keen for only $1.99 per minute -and I actually make a point of telling them. But they prefer to call me on the other site and pay $8.99 per minute. Why? I am giving the exact same advice, it's still me. I am still Helena. It is the same. But why would they call me there versus here? Marketing. The other website offers an intro offer of a certain package deal of minutes such as 100 minutes for $100. I offer this same deal to my private clients on my private site. But why do they choose to go through the other site? Because my original price point is higher at $8.99 versus here at $1.99 so their mind tricked into thinking they're getting a better savings. Yeah, it is common sense. But when clients are stuck in a panicked state, the other site takes advantage of them in that state and sells them that package because they think they're actually saving around $900. Crazy, huh?

There are advisors on many other sites I have seen charging up to $25.00 per minute! And clients really think their advice is valuable, so they listen and take it. That said, I am considering raising my rates here so that people will begin actually taking my advice they pay for. Win, win? We shall see... (just kidding!)


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