We all endure struggle and stress at some point during our lives. Here are some helpful methods that only take 2 minutes a day to restore harmony, balance and peace within.

1. VISUALIZE. All living things possess an energy field referred to as the aura. The chakra are the invisible energy cords that stem from our bodies. While your aura and chakra don't "get dirty" or need a bath in the same way the human body does, visualizing the clear, protective light around your aura and chakra can help prevent energy attacks through a form of visualization manifestation. This form of meditation is easy and fun.

2. GET CENTERED. We've all heard of being balanced, but being centered goes hand-in-hand with balance. Visualize yourself in your happiest location, and feel the peace become you. You become the reflection of the peace you feel. Taking a stroll through a serene location such as a park can help you become more balanced.

3. EXERCISE THE PHYSICAL BODY. Medical professionals sing the praises of exercise, but just thinking about it after a long day can sound like hard work. You don't have to spend 30 minutes on the stair master to reap the benefits of moderate exercise. Take a few minutes, maybe just 5, for a quick run or some jumping jacks. This helps shed off negative energy and boost the positive. The more positive energy you emit, the more you'll receive back.

4. BURN. using sage, a scent cone or cleansing smoke will help banish negative energy. Say aloud, "Negative energy is banished, returned to the earth and made anew to return as positive." A candle of white, especially in the heart of the home, will also help invite the positive. These won't block energy, but they will invite the positive which can always overpower the negative.

5. BOX IT UP. Sensitive people can feel energy shifts and can also sense when energy is around. They can sense the difference between positive and negative. Get an energy box, or make one yourself. Go around your property collecting the negative, and seal the box. Remove the box from your property once you've completed the task.

Extra Tip: You can also combine your efforts. If you plan on practicing a white light ritual, you can use that same candle to burn as an energy medium during your visualization and manifestation. This is perfectly safe to do, as the only time you'll not want to reuse candles is during spell work. You don't have to choose just one! You can additionally use more than one, or even all of the methods described above.

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