10 Ways Men Are Hardwired Funny!

Here's a list of interesting traits that men possess. While these will apply more to some and less to others, this list includes the most common.

1. Men assign very little to milestones or things like birthdays. They'll say happy birthday (if something or someone prompts them) but they'll likely not remember it the following year. "Wow! You don't look 50, happy birthday!" is the equivalent of "No, you don't look fat in that dress." While you may recall the date you first met, chances are he will not. That said, don't worry if he forgets an important date. They do try to remember but don't get upset if they forget!

2. Men always do what they want to do. While this is true of most people, men ultimately always do what it is they desire. If you're waiting around for a guy to get out of a relationship, if he isn't married, the chances are slim that this will ever happen. Breaking ip with a girlfriend is a lot easier than a divorce. So don't wait around!

3. Men love compliments. If you tell him it was a great film, he'll feel like he wrote the plot, chose the cast & directed the entire picture.

4. Men assign very little importance to milestones such as meeting the family. While that's a big step, it's women who assign importance to the milestones versus men.

5. Men will do everything possible to avoid hurting a woman's feelings. They will even lie to avoid this uncomfortable situation. Men absolutely hate nothing more than hurting a woman's feelings.

6. Men compartmentalize. A lot. They have a section in their brain for each: work, finance, family & friends, hobbies & interests, romantic relationships. They keep each separate in their mind. Very compartmentalized.

7. Men can do many things but they only think about one thing at a time. Men may have many different thoughts but they think each thought individually versus women who can do 5 things at one time. If he hasn't responded to your message, it's because he's thinking of something else.

8. Men will mean what they say in most cases. If he says he hates peas, he hates peas. Men are far more literal than women. There are no hidden messages in what men are saying. While they'll occasionally lie to avoid hurting someone's feelings, men generally do mean exactly what they say.

9. Men can't always multitask well. This is due to the way men are wired. They're wired to do their best..at a certain pace & doing one thing at a time.

10. Men are very precise creatures. They can get a message across in very few words & in writing, they focus on the message at hand. Women, on the other hand, will use specific words to get the right feeling across.

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