Is Telepathy All In Your Head?

True twins can communicate telepathically. They do so through the Energy Exchange. In addition, anyone can learn the ability to use telepathy. And, you can use telepathy with absolutely anyone: your friends, family, soul mates, co-workers and even your twin!

The use of telepathy is easy to get carried away with because of the ease of use. Once you have mastered the ability you'll often find yourself combining the ability with manifestation, thus creating and opening many doors.

When you become engaged in telepathy with others, strange and curious things transpire. Tantra (intimate, sexual energy exchange) can even present it's self - and not always with the person you intended to exchange with! Fun? Absolutely! Kinda scary? Yes, that too!

Now there are many in this world who suffer from very unfortunate and sad mental illness that makes them believe that they're communicating with others when they're not. I'm not referring to these people or these cases. Sadly, I once had a client who believed that she was telepathic and was experiencing communication with her "twin flame." Apparently during a meeting at work, she had "willed him" to scratch the left or right side of his head and when he eventually did, she took that as confirmation. Apparently, she had collected a list of "telepathic confirmations," and in actuality, she was very incorrect. Her "twin" not only was taken aback when she went to him to confirm these events verbally, but he explained to her that he was uninterested -because he's gay. And, he explained that he not only was gay and not secretly pining away for her as she had believed for many months, but he was also in a very happy relationship with another man. I'm not referring to cases such as these or referencing those who suffer from mental illness but I'm referring to true twin flames who experience telepathy.

So, how do you truly know if you are experiencing actual telepathy?

Here is a check list of sorts for telepathy between twin flames & soul mates:

1. Your telepathic connection is intense. Not only are you communicating, but you sometimes will receive a sort of "flash" of visions or emotions of events that do not belong to you. These flashes as I call them are part of the energy exchange.

2. You may see visually what your connection is presently seeing. For example: if I'm at home I may get a flash of my twin's surroundings at the time.

3. You may, during conversation, feel as though you've "already had this discussion" even tho this may be the first time that you've discussed that subject.

4. If telepathy is going on between twins it's common for both to experience flashes of deja vu during times when telepathy is taking place. The flashes, as I refer to them, mainly occur when you're expressly engaged in direct telepathy. This occurs in both simultaneously so it can feel like an unnerving experience. Don't let this scare you! It's natural. After all, you and your twin were once the same person in a previous life and in a pre-cognitive experience.

5. Don't be surprised if your twin approaches you regarding the exchange. It's an intense experience so it can cause one or both to react. Don't worry if your twin approaches you. The main point of focus is to make sure that you do jot make them feel badly or crazy for their experience. I advise my clients to use these words, specifically: "I understand." Always begin with letting your twin know that you understand them. Nothing compares to the feeling of being understood. Give your twin that gift. Next, it's prudent to just listen. They may not have the right words to express what they're feeling about this sometimes frightening experience. Just knowing that you understand them is all they need to hear. And be a good listener. Next, validate their experience. Sharing your own experience with your twin helps them feel "not so crazy" and feel secure.

If you have been experiencing telepathy with your twin but are unsure whether you should seek verbal validation from them regarding the status of the telepathic connection, it's prudent to approach the subject gingerly. Carefully. A good opening line would be: "Have you ever heard of how human beings are all kind of connected..and some can actually communicate without using words? I read something online about it. Sounds interesting, yes?" That's a non-confrontational opener that allows for conversation to flow. If your twin continues the conversation, then move on to discuss the subject of telepathy. If they poo poo the subject you can simply agree, laugh about it and change the subject.

This way, you are not putting yourself "out there" so much and not compromising the connection or even your twins opinions at that point. This opener allows you to shift to humor (always a good idea) and allows for more time in case your twin is not ready to openly discuss the subject.

I also like that opener because it affords the opportunity to shift the conversation to the general subject of twin flames as well, without any issues. If you decide to try these techniques do let me know how they worked for you!

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