Signs Of The Karmic Soulmate

We often experience incredibly intense connections with other souls. In this life, we have many soulmates. I'm even one of your many in the sense that I am teaching you something and we are friends. Everyone in your life is a soulmate. There are many different types of soulmates as well. One of the most common types is the Karmic Soulmate.

Karmic Soulmates come in and out of our lives, sometimes many times over. The purpose of the Karmic is to provide us with valuable life lessons, learning experiences, love and even to confuse us. Karmic partners come in many forms. They can be friends, family, co-workers, lovers, the list is endless.

The defining characteristics of the Karmic Soulmate are very similar to those of other types of Soulmates, including those of Twin Flames and even Counterfeit Twin Flames. That said, it's not always easy to diagnose so to speak, and identify the Karmic Soulmate.

There are 2 types of Karmic Soulmates:
1. The Toxic Karmic Soulmate
2. The Eternal Karmic Soulmate

Both versions of Karmic Soulmates will impact your life just as intensly as you impact their lives.

Because Twin Flames endure intense, stressful issues referred to as "Triggers" and must complete much inner work during their journey, the Twin will often irritate the heck out of one another, thus the label of Twin is often confused with Karmic Soulmate. The signs and symptoms of Twin Flame are identical to those of the Karmic Soulmate, however Twins ultimately wind up together in long term, committed romantic relationships while Karmic Soulmate relationships are more prone to ending due to the Karma issues addressed during the union.

Karmic Soulmates engage in a soul contract much the same way as Twins do. However in Karmic relationships, the issues that the partners face are much different. Here is a list of Karmic Soulmate traits that may come in handy.

1. The relationship between the souls is volatile. They often do terrible things to one another, with malice a forethought.
2. Some Karmic relationships are beautiful, peaceful and enjoyable. Karmic partners often report the feeling of being "too good to be true."
3. Like Twins, Karma must be dealt with during union and a soul contract has been created before birth in this lifetime to meet in this life, thus settling any karmic debt.
4. Karmic relationships are often ones that teach us valuable life lessons and prepare us for proper union with our Twin.
5. Karmic relationships present all through the lifetime from birth to death.

The most common feature of the partnership with the Karmic Soulmate is the fact that they provide us with the valuable life lessons we need for soul learning. We often meet the same souls, over and over again in each lifetime.


Vedrani nishad

Karmic soulmate se marriage krni chahiye ya nhi.


Very helpful so thank you to my kind daughter as i questioned her about this.


How do we have good relationship with people with whom soul has negative karmic relations from last birth


This was very informative. Great article. Thank you.


Just a little confused… Some twins don’t bend up together, I have heard various theories

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