The Original Soulmate Template

There are many signs in soul mate connections and relationships. Here's the list of the most common qualities of the soulmate connection.

1. You feel as though you've met the person before, or that you've known them a long time.

2. The soulmate often comes in and out of your life many times over, with gaps of many weeks, months or even years.

3. When reconnecting with them, you can easily "pick up where you left off."

4. Some soulmates enjoy telepathic communication.

5. Because you've shared previous lifetimes together, a Soul Contract exists to connect during this lifetime.

6. Someone who is your friend in this life may have been your relative in a previous lifetime. We keep meeting the same souls which is called our Soul Family -however, you don't have to be related by blood.

7. Distinct energy exists between soulmates that defines the relationship or connection, however, not all souls recognize each other.

8. Sometimes, soulmates experience sensations of Deja Vu with each other and regard to locations and events.

9. Soulmates occasionally run from each other due to intese energy and regret regarding the previous lifetime.

10. Soulmates who were blood relatives in previous lives often have similar physical appearance in their current lifetime.

11. There is a sensation of unconditional love between soulmates, even if their relationship is not a positive one, regardless of the reasons for any negativity.

12. Tantra (intense sexual chemistry and energy) often exists in soulmate connections.

13. Soulmates often share identical dates of birth or undeniably unique Numerology due to the connection, especially if they were blood relatives in a previous lifetime. This serves as a sign from the universe to remind both souls of the importance of the Soul Contract.

14. Soulmates often share a unique energy exchange. The Chakra can connect easily and keep them connected even after the relationship ends.

15. Soulmates can "feel each other" as far as thought, emotions and feelings. This is a form of the telepathy that exists in soulmate connections.

16. Soulmates often mirror one another and also, simultaneously, they compliment one another. They often share many common points, interests and ideas.

17. While physically distant, soulmates often have a desire to stay in contact. Again, they go in and out of each other's lives many times over in some cases.

18. Soulmates often have the ability to complete each other's thoughts or sentences. While Twin Flames can also show this trait, it's far less common in Twin Flames versus soulmates due to the fact that Twins were one in the same person in past lives, and soulmates knew one another in past lives.

19. Many soulmate relationships that are romantic in nature are painful or rocky. This is due to karma (karmic partners) and the life lessons that soulmates are intended to teach us.

20. Many soulmates absorb one another's energy: feelings, emotions and even physical reactions. This often occurs due to the Chakra connection.

21. Sometimes they can "see through each other's eyes." This is a great form of telepathy.

22. Soulmates often have a difficult time moving forward after a breakup. This goes back to the life lessons and karma.

23. Soulmates have strong intuitive abilities regarding one another, and can often meet in lucid dreaming, astral projection and through soul energy.

24. Soulmates have a unique way of healing each other. Reiki and metaphysical healing energy comes naturally and effortlessly between some soulmates.

25. Soulmates may feel as though they have "dreamed of the person," long before meeting. This is due to preparation for the Soul Contract.

26. Soulmates have the tendency to become very attached to one another. This is due to the energy exchange and the soulmate Heart Pull.

27. Soulmates can engage in touching one another when not in physical presence. These are called "ghost taps" or energy taps.

Everyone in our lives, regardless of how distant the connection may appear, is a soulmate. Each person we meet is a soulmate. Who is your Soul Family? Do you know that life is short? A mere blink of an eye compared to eternity. Let the ones you love know it! ♡
...for we are all soulmates for each other.

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