Re-post By Request - The Magical Manifestation Journaling Process

Manifestation is an interesting, magical sounding word. It is the act (and the art) of creation. The Higher Power (God) gave us all the ability to manifest. Mastering this gift will empower you to do great things, including create the life and love you have always dreamed of. It's my opinion that if everyone learned to master the art of manifestation, I'd probably be out of a job so far as helping others make their dreams come true. 

I think it's safe to say that we have all heard of the book, 'The Secret.' it not only made headlines but authored in collaboration by Abraham Hicks, it's empowered hundreds of thousands of souls and launched a multitude of internet controversy. Basically, in short, it is said that using the processes of emotion and gratitude -coupled with some sort of physical act intended to "set the heels in motion," will yield your results. Your results can be anything you dream of. Sounds like a magic wand, yes? I agree...

Manifestation is not as simple as it sounds. In truth, it takes practice and takes patience. But, once mastered, it can open doors like no other method. The concept is easy enough but it's the actual art of making things happen that people tend to struggle with. Many of my clients and friends have struggled with grasping the ability to manifest. I discovered a unique trick that makes manifestation simple and fun. 

By using your gift and ability of creation, combined with capturing powerful emotion can really kick-start the manifestation process. I learned this little 2 week trick and on day 2, I received my manifestation. (I had been waiting for my Twin Flame to unite with me in Full Union. After all, it's said that it isn't safe to receive advice or readings from someone who is not a Twin Flame in Full Union themselves, so I had all the more reason to really want to get into union. I was one of the Master Elites on my old psychic network at the time, and I wasn't very happy there. At the time I was not very happy there because I felt that they were charging way too high of a rate at $14.99 / per minute for my guidance and advice, so I really wanted to be able to do Twin Flame and Soulmate sessions in a way that would offer my callers a method through which to more quickly manifest their desires without spending too long on the phone, thus saving them time and money. So, I tested out this manifestation process. It actually worked.

Lucky for me, on day 2, I received my wish! I had completed only 2 days out of the recommended 14 and my Twin reached out to me to reconnect and arrange my physical relocation to be with him! Yes, I was shocked and amazed at how well this really worked. Our Twin Flame Union was already intended and things universally were already in place, so my part here was simply manifesting what was already going to happen, only faster. I liked my results, but my experience was, at that time, still an "isolated case," so to speak. I knew that my twin was already processing through his own shifts and I knew that eventually he would be asking me to relocate to him. I just felt it should occur sooner than later because my lease was coming due soon and because it had been a long enough journey for us.

That said, I decided to really put this to the test. I gave this little secret to a few of my friends. By day 5, every one of my friends I'd shared this secret with had received their wishes too. So then, there was nothing left but to take it to the Shaman for his input. In short, he confirmed that what was actually happening was the manifestation process. That also said, he graced and blessed me while explaining away his opinion of this wonderful miracle, and I was set and ready to pass this secret on to deserving others. He explained that when we speak from the oracle, the oracle being ourselves; that holy fire that resides within us all, and when we add the physical action along with the emotional and mental components that this creates a sort of tuning into our destiny. In other words, what is to happen occurs for us sooner.

Now, I am VERY, VERY CAREFUL regarding with whom I share this secret due to its tendency to be exact, instant and intensely powerful. I have shared this with a select few, and only by request. Like the manifestations that I create and conduct with and for those empathetic souls who truly show need, yes, it truly is "that powerful." I have shared this secret to manifestation with around one-third of my clients, my mother, my Twin Flame (only because he was curious) and the Shaman. If you came across this writing, then this means that you were meant and intended to find it.

Because I do not have physical control over who reads my articles, whether here or as published on other websites such as the OM Times or whatever other site is still publishing my work, I have placed a Bound Owning around this particular page. This means, if you have come across this particular page for any reason, then this means that you are deserving of this knowledge and will not use this power for ill will. That said, let's move on to the actual ritual that manifests.

Again because this ritual does work and works almost instantly, I have additionally placed a second Manifestation Binding on this knowledge. This means that if this power is used for any type of ill will whatsoever, the manifestation will not only not work for you, but it will actually reverse and mirror back at the one with ill will in the form of Karma. That said please do not use this for ill will because I do not engage in removals. Use this for your HIGHER GOOD AND THE HIGHEST GOOD FOR OTHERS.

I would be remiss if I did not post the following disclaimer....


To initiate a breakup or a divorce that is not directly related to you, yourself.

To complete the process of a breakup or divorce that is not related to you.

To cause harm, illness, pain or danger to anyone either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Do not use this power for selfish, personal gain or to manipulate any lottery of any kind or to harm or take something from another for selfish reasons.

Do not use this power for cruelty toward any animal, plant or person.

Do not use this in desperation to connect or to reconnect with a person over whom you have an obsession, your "perceived" Twin Flame or any particular Soulmate for selfish reasons unless with the granted permission of said person. I say this because this power is able to, on occasion create certain shifts especially regarding soul connections. If God and The Universe that He created have not intended for you to reconnect with a certain person at this time, I urge you to wait until the time is right to avoid possible outcome and issues regarding your personal journey. (I used this with my own Twin Flame, however we were already in the Twin Flame Journey To Union. I did not use this with a person over whom I had a random, one-sided obsession over.) If you are (true Twin Flames or intended soulmates) then there is nothing wrong with using a manifestation technique.

Finally, please do not use this to initiate death or early death of another human being, animal or any living thing. Life span is up to God, our Higher Power, and isn't our place to dictate someone else's life (or death.) Please do not play God. Leave those decisions up to God. DO NOT USE THIS TO PLAY KARMA ON OTHERS. Lady karma is a righteous woman and when you point a karmic finger at someone you will still have 4 fingers pointing back at yourself. Only God has the ability to create karma and when you take it into your own hands, bad things can happen to you.

How To Use The Manifestation Journaling Process

First, you will need to purchase -with your own money that you have somehow earned -a personal journal. It doesn't matter what it looks like, so long as it's purchased by YOU and with money that you have earned yourself. If you use money that was gifted to you, even in a roundabout way, this will not work for you. It does not need to be expensive. 

Next, you will need to take your journal home and keep it where you rest (your bedroom, for example) for 8 days and 8 nights. During that time, you will need to personalize your journal. Write your name in it, add photos or stickers, make it "your own." 

On the 8th day, you will begin to write in your journal. Since the Universe does not hear negative words such as "can't, won't, don't, no and not," you will need to always write in the form of the Positive, and always as though it has already happened. For example, if I don't want my boyfriend talking to other women, I can't write "My lover won't talk to other women," because the Universe will only hear, "My lover __ talk to other women," which translates to "My lover talks to other women," and that will be what the Universe thinks I actually want. Instead, write in the form of the positive and as though it has already happened. And, the most important thing, always, always REMEMBER TO GIVE GRATITUDE. My ideal example sentence would be, "I am so thankful and wish to give the Universe and God gratitude that my lover always ignores other women, and I am the one he cares for the most." If you want something to happen specifically, such as a dress going on sale, you'd write something like this: "I am very grateful that the dress I want is on sale from this date to that date and I am able to afford it." 

The key is to always give gratitude, incorporated in each sentence.

The key is to write in the form of the positive without any negative words such as can't, won't, aren't, don't and so on.

The key is to write as though whatever it is that you desire has already happened.

Now that you understand HOW to write, here is WHEN to write.

You MUST write your statement in your journal exactly three times in a row, three times daily. You wouldn't believe how many people get this simple aspect of these instructions wrong. So remember, you will write three sentences exactly identical in a row, three times daily.

It will look something like this: 

3x Identical Sentences at 11am, 3x again at 3pm and another 3x sentences at 9pm.


When you're writing, you will need to capture an emotion that is positive. if you're worried and stressed while writing your identical sentences, the Universe will assume this is what you desire more of. Instead, you'll need to feel exactly as you hope that whatever you're writing will make you feel. A good example that works is to think of Christmas morning. You remember that excitement as a child? That's the emotion you want to have and experience while writing. If you do not have the emotion correct, it won't work for you. If it is time to do your writing and you can't seem to capture the emotion correctly, wait until another time when you're feeling more positive. NEVER WORK DURING A TIME YOU ARE FEELING DESPERATE OR OBSESSIVE OR HOPELESS BECAUSE THIS WILL ONLY CREATE THE WRONG RESULT. Work when you are feeling positive. I will explain.


The joining of your emotion, your physical act of writing and the sequence are the keys to manifestation, but it won't work for you unless you believe that it will. If you don't believe then the Universe will assume you want more of what you're putting out there: disbelief. If you are gracious and empathetic and expect without demanding, then the Universe will certainly deliver. 

YOU CANNOT DO THIS PROCESS IN A STATE OF DESPERATION OR OBSESSION. If you attempt this process during a state of desperation, or if you are in a current state of needing versus being in the moment of allowing with the clear expectation of your desired outcome, this will never work for you.

People can manifest literally anything - so please exercise caution and patience. Do only what you know is right.


This means to begin with manifesting something smaller. We do this first to get your energies high and working in your best favor for your highest possible benefit. Everything - literally everything - is made of energy. This goes back to basic physics. I will give you a basic analogy. Energy is like a rain cloud. In this scenario, the rain cloud represents your energy. As a cloud is made of moisture, as we know and as it travels across the sky, like attracts like and it collects more moisture as it moves along. As it continues moving, eventually it will hold so much moisture that it will rain down. This represents your manifestation coming to fruition.

If you have manifested a small windfall of several weeks of small manifestations, your energies will be up and at a height and you will have seen for yourself that you have this amazing power within you. Hence, your very important secret key of belief, sense of knowing and having any and all doubt removed. When all doubt is removed, your manifestations become more effortless.

One of my clients decided to create her "small windfall" by manifesting free cookies. So, every single day for almost a week she either received free cookies, someone at work gifted her some cookies, she got some free cookies as her chosen bakery treat at Panera Bread, and so on... Next, she moved on to a slightly larger manifestation. The key here is to begin with something that you ALREADY EXPECT AND ANTICIPATE RECEIVING. For example, if you know you are owed a free cookie at the Panera Bread restaurant, go collect it. She didn't know when or how her cookies were coming, she just knew she would be on the receiving end of cookies. She used her skills of visualization in creating mental scenarios to help her process along. If you have a vivid mind and a creative nature, this should come easily to you as well. 

Remember, energy is all around us all the time. It is both positive and negative and you want to attract the positive. 

Similar to the way we saw Reiki helped a 78 year-old man with stage 4 cancer a few months ago adding some valuable months to his life, the expectation and belief is absolutely vital to the manifestation. This is the Law Of Attraction. Like attracts like. You receive what you put out. If you are emitting desperation, the Universe will assume that you want more of that since you spend so much time wallowing in desperation. If you have a firm belief coupled with a clear visualization of your manifestation and possess absolutely zero doubt, then your manifestation will become effortless. 

I know countless people who this has worked for. When it works for you, please let us know! Good luck and remember - if you're a narcissistic or mean-spirited soul, please do not try this as it just won't work for you - if that is you, please go heal yourself and return with a healed heart when you're ready. If you are suffering from an obsession or behaving in a stalking manner, this will not work for you.

If you're kind, empathetic and deserving, this will work for you and with great blessings.




Hi. I’m excited to try this manifestation journal. I have several questions. Why is there a need to wait 8 days after purchasing a journal? You can’t begin once the journal has been purchased? And if not, while you’re waiting for the 8th day to arrive, should you be doing anything with the journal or simply leave it by your nightstand? And does it always have to stay next to your bed or can you keep it somewhere else? And I’m assuming that each day the times you write in the journal don’t have to be exactly the same as the day before? And one more question… Can you write a few manifestation wishes at once or should it be one wish at a time? I have 3 specific wishes for a twin situation and wondered if u can ask for them all at once?
Thanks so much


Hello Helena,
I don’t know if you’re going to see this comment but I thought I’ll try. There’s someone in my life I’m fairly certain is my Twin Flame, I read all your articles about it here and everything fits, even little signs like birthday dates. He’s in a relationship and we are close friends. He knows how I feel about him so I believe we are in our process to our union. In my journal, I decided to thank the universe for the love from my Twin Flame. Of course, I want to bring him closer and I expect we will be and I visualise and sense him, but I don’t use his name in my journal, I just write Twin Flame. If for any reason I am wrong when I’m reading our relationship – I wouldn’t want to coerce anyone into anything. I was wondering if this is a good use of the journal?


Thank you so much for sharing. It is a blessing to come by here.


Thank you for posting this article!
I have a question. I had a dream where I met a man with blond hair and he was wearing a suit. I was with my friends and he was with his friends. I heard my voice dreamily and lovingly say Jeremy. Ive been hearing and seeing this name everywhere now. Is this the name of my romantic soulmate? I will try manifesting him if he is.


Wow. I can’t believe how magical the universe is in sense that I came across this page! Just this week I’ve decided to manifest my twin reaching out to me by remaining positive and repeating that he intends to contact me so we can start working together on coming into union. And then I randomly found this! I’ll give it s try😊

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