How I Learned To Listen To The Shaman

I was blathering on in a ramble while speaking with the shaman 4 years ago, this date. I was rambling on, all about Twin Flames. I went on for several minutes all about how Twin Flame love would be the most incredible experience, and how someday all the twin flames would unite. What an incredible love that will be!

As my ramble dwindled, he turned to me and finally spoke. His words were, "What makes you think you're not a whole being?" Shocked, I stepped back and thought a moment in silence. He then spoke again. He said, "Twin flame divided and split into two, only to become one again. So much work to travel to the beginning."

Shocked, I responded with the only thing I could come up with. After all, he was an elder, very wise and knew..well, everything. I responded by saying, "Yes, it's a journey of the soul. Both travel as separate beings to reach one another at the end of the journey."

He laughed quietly under his breath..while I was one of the so-called "master elites" on the psychic website through which I was contracted, suddenly, I felt like the karate kid waxing on and off.
Here was this wise man spewing forth gems and I was too stupid to understand any of it. I also felt like I was 4 years-old again.
He said, "Two to become one has nothing to do with romance or what you call love. Love comes in many forms and may be the end result, but romantic love is only one of the products of the journey, the result of some of the efforts. The true point here the true product is your mission. What good you will do, and what good will come from your efforts. Romance is just the fun, impractical and nonsensical afterthought. The true mission is your mission. Everyone's mission. Unconditional love. And you don't create unconditional love by "showing others how to love," this is not kindergarten. You need not paint childlike pictures for the amusement of others. The true path is the one of honesty and unconditional, universal love and healing for fellow man, not some romantic afterthought. If you become stuck in the ideas of a child, you shall certainly stagnate forever and never recover."
When I heard this, I realized I had become "caught" in the passion and had forgotten all about the mission. But what is the mission?

Now, let's look at the mission as the true goal. Now I see more clearly and focusing on the mission becomes divine in its self. So what is this "mission" then? The "divine mission" is to be WHOLE WITHIN YOURSELF. To live one's own life well. 

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