Mirroring Parallels: Signs & Synchronicity


If you've ever seen that TV show called 'How I Met Your Mother,' then you have heard of the infamous Olive Factor. In the show, one of the guys whose name I can't recall, used to think his dates went extra well when the girl liked olives...or maybe it was that she didn't like them.. Anyway, one partner hated olives, but the other would eat them from the salads at the restaurant because this meant that no food was wasted. This is a perfect example of Mirroring.

When you look at your reflection in the mirror and wave to yourself, your right hand becomes your left. What seems opposite is actually complimentary in the mirror.

Another example of Syncs would be parallels. We think of parallels as traveling the same road at the same time. While parallels seem to exist in both soul mates as well as twin flames, these parallels are often going hand-in-hand with synchronized irony. These are referred to as Syncs. An example of a parallel sync would be when both partners happen to love the olives (as a common point) and both reach for the olives at exactly the same time (creating the sync.) While this is pretty self-explanatory, it's fun to spot the syncs. In twin unions, there are many different syncs.

Apart from Syncs and Mirroring, we also share Signs. An example of a sign would be seeing your initials in a license tag along with your twin's that include something like your life path numbers. The signs will be all around us if you look carefully. It's important to remember that there's something called the Confirmation Bias. This means that if you're looking for something, you will indeed find it.

An example of the Confirmation Bias would be my experience in CA. My false twin lived in CA. When I was with him there, I saw the gray Toyota make and model he drove over and over. When I left CA for CO, I still saw orange Toyotas everywhere, same year and had CA license plates! I realized these "syncs" were actually signs that were chasing me yo get me on the right path. When I finally got on the right path and connected with my real twin, I stopped seeing the Toyotas. My twin had a toyota too - also gray - but his wife drove it. Now that my twin is divorced and gave that orange Toyota to his ex wife, now I can clearly see the sync as well as the sign. And it all makes sense now.

The signs and syncs you see are appearing for good reason. They're showing you a certain path. Intuitively you will know the path you need to follow. So, when the syncs and signs are abundant this means look at the signs - and follow them.

Because twin is 2 halves of 1 soul, it is common for twins to experience simultaneous signs. While my counterfeit twin/soul mate was also seeing the same gray Toyotas he drove, my real twin was busy buying his ex wife the orange Toyota she now owns. This is only an example but it shows the synchronization.

Are the signs and syncs following you?

If so, these signs are showing you the path to your divine mission because the universe would like everyone to get going on their mission as soon as possible. So, follow your signs! The universe is waiting! ♡

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