The Truth About Channeling & How To Conduct Safe Practices


The darkness is very tricky. It comes in many forms. It is clever. It can show up as your loved one passed on, a beloved lost pet or even archangel Michael. The scariest part is, it can feel really GOOD to hear or see these "messages."

The first thing I learned at the monastery was that angels are not fortune tellers. I remember how it was described to me: the priest said, verbatim, "The darkness is very tricky. It sees all just as God sees all. If you are standing on top of a building you will see the streets below. A car accident being up there, you'll see everything and everyone very clearly. You'll have a birds eye view of that accident. This is how the darkness sees everything so clearly and can describe in great detail things that only you would know. The darkness then can disguise and pretend to be anything from your dead great aunt Mary to archangel Michael. The darkness knows everything and will present in a way that draws you in. It comforts you so you'll trust it. As soon as you do, good things will start to happen..because it wants you to trust it. It's tricking you into trusting it so you'll trust deeply and believe it's something its not."

Yes, the darkness can make things happen that look like God is responding to your prayers. It will comfort and reassure you carefully. It knows you trust it.

As it is gaining your trust, it is slowly getting in. Assuming that you're protected just because you pray or because you perform some "white light protection" is actually the opposite of protection. Protection rituals are what it hopes you'll rely on because guess what invented those useless rituals? Yeah.

The best protection you can possibly have is to have the gift of discernment and to know the difference between the reality and fantasy. Angels don't deliver personal messages, universal messages, nor are they fortune tellers who will tell your future. Angels are God's Army. Only God communicates. Big difference.

It's especially dangerous to engage in things like rituals if you have little knowledge of what you're doing. There's a reason I have a policy for candle rituals that includes a full application process.

If you've been dabbling in the dark arts, this is even more dangerous. When people come to me saying that they channel messages all the time (and Seroquel isn't working) that's when it is particularly dangerous.

That all said, please keep your prayers direct and specific (safely.) Speak directly to God and don't engage in idolatry. Statues, images, candles and such should be specific to God and not used as a medium in the practice of idolatrous behaviors. I hope you will take careful consideration in your practices.

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