Are YOU Being Bothered By Dark Energies & Entities? Block Them With This!

Taken from a post in 2015:


Positive Energy Versus Darkness: Protect Yourself From Mimics

There's a common trend where people see, hear, smell or even feel something that "seems like a positive sign." Oftentimes, that's exactly what it is. But occasionally, the "feel good" is a Mimic. I refer to these energies as mimics because that's what they do best.

Mimics are dark entities or energy that sort of becomes a culmination. This energy hovers.. and watches. Like God as we know it can "see all," so do the Mimics and they use what they see to get our attention. Their objective is to gain our trust. The ultimate objective is to lead whomever they can down the wrong path. To get them lost, stuck or confused. The longer someone is lost, stuck or confused, the longer (and harder) it will be to raise the universal vibration for universal unconditional love to take place, including healing.

The ultimate objective of mimics is to.. you guessed it: mimic what someone believes in as being safe. Signs, syncs and even feelings are created by mimics. Mimics can also impersonate great beloved dead aunt Mary. They come in many forms. They'll have you chasing your tail as long as they can.

We think of darkness as what we see in movies or television. A dark shadow, a cold spot on the floor. A whisper with an eery undertone. In reality, mimics can.. mimic. They come in many forms as things, thoughts or even sensations. Because they're magnetic, it's easy to fall for their clever tricks. When someone does some silly "white light protection ritual," this is what they're hoping someone will rely on. They hope souls will rely on ritualistic healings, rituals and even idols. They know that there is only one true protection. But because many do not follow properly, mimics can get the proverbial upper hand.

These energies are brilliant and know things only you'd know, so do make sure to ignore them. Ignoring the mimics is what takes away their power. Pay attention to what they send you and you'll be giving it power. Ignore and take back control and take their power away.

To know the difference: Mimics are super strong and always clear. You won't miss them. True signs or syncs that are attempting to chase you to get you on the right path - the true signs that god places in your path through the universe that he created - mimics hide within these. Mimics will be the more clearly vivid messages that feel really good but ultimately get you stuck. True signs and syncs will lead you down the correct path. When in doubt, listen to your higher power. ♡



This almost sounds like what is happening to me, I can see and hear things ever since I can remember.
I’m trying to find answers and help for what I’m going through, to no avail I haven’t found any yet..


I believe a mimic has been messing with me. How do I get rid of it and protect from further interference if ‘white light’ etc doesn’t work?

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